Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012

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      Neil Kapoor

      Anyone planning on going down for the Macau Poker Cup?

      Debating a short trip since i have a day of work anyways in Hong Kong.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Confirmed players are Sangeeth Mohan, Amit VArma and Abhishek Goindi. Pretty sure will have a few more joining them for the trip.

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      44 players remain in day 1 of MPCC Event 1: HKD $8.8K NLHE. ]

      Amit Jain is still alive in 14th place with 37.1K chips.

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      Arpit Jain

      MACAU, CHINA, September 9, 2012 – The HKD $8,800 NLH event at PokerStars Macau had a total of 161 players enter the opening tournament for the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC) — easily surpassing the HKD $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.
      .” said Lorie Lagrosas, PokerStars Macau Live Operations Manager. “50% more people were here today (Saturday) than Friday. I fully expect the numbers to grow as we approach the MPCC Main Event on Wednesday.
      Hong Kong’s Ray Chiu leads the remaining 44 player field who will return to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Sunday’s Day 2 final. The top 19 players will be in the money for their share of the HKD $1,249,360 prize pool with the eventual winner receiving HKD $306,100.
      Chiu played the second of two Day 1 flights and bagged up 91,700 chips. Singapore’s Jacky Wang (85,400), Hong Kong’s Tony Chang (75,600), Czech Republic’s Roman Babela (71,700), and 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (62,900) round out the Top Four stacks.

      End of Day 1 Chip Leaders
      Ray Chiu (Hong Kong) — 91,700
      Jacky Wang (Singapore ) — 85,400
      Tony Chang (Hong Kong) — 75,600
      Roman Babela (Czech Republic) — 71,700
      Shaq Lin (Chinese Taipei) — 62,900
      Chuanbin Yao (China) — 62,000
      Edward Ho (Hong Kong) — 58,800
      Hao Tian Feng (Australia) — 56,400
      Justin Chan (Hong Kong) — 49,300
      Xia Ming Huang (China) — 47,600

      Other notables advancing to Day 2 include 2010 Macau Millions winner Justin Chan (49,300), 2009 Aussie Millions High Rollers champion David Steicke (43,700), Jeanette “Jay” Tan (35,700), 2011 MPCC champion Raiden Kan (21,300), Kenny Shih (13,700) and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin (21,900).

      Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu, 2010 MPCC winner Julian Hasse, 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Ken Wong, Nick Wong, and Abhishek Goindi entered Event 1 but didn’t survive through the end of the day.
      Day 2 of Event 1 begins at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. The evening will also see the start of Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack which begins at 6pm.

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      Arpit Jain

      [FLOAT-LEFT][/FLOAT-LEFT]MACAU, CHINA, September 10, 2012 – David Steicke beat out the 161-player field in the opening HKD $8,800 NLH event at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC). The Hong Kong resident was awarded HKD $306,100 for his victory after two days of play.

      Sunday saw 44 players return to the PokerStars Macau tournament room at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for the Day 2 final where the top 19 runners would cash for a piece of the HKD $1,249,360 prize pool.
      Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin, 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin, and Day 1 chip leader Ray Chiu were amongst the day’s starters who hit the rail early.

      After the money bubble burst, reigning MPCC champion Raiden Kan and Jennette “Jay” Tan busted soon afterwards finishing in 14th and 19th place respectively.

      Roman Babela from the Czech Republic started the day with the fourth largest chip stack and quickly took over the lead. He held 25% of the chips in play by the time the final table begun.

      Babela had a couple of Asia’s young guns standing in his way but 2010 Macau Millions champion Justin Chan (8th) and Jacky Wang (5th) both came up short.

      No. 14 APOY ranked Tony Chang placed 3rd to improve to No. 6. Chang’s elimination created a heads up battle between Babela and Steicke.

      The match looked like it was over after both players moved their chips in with Babela’s AQ dominating Steicke who held AJ.
      However, the 49-year old found a jack to win the hand which severely crippled Babela.
      Shortly after, Babela decided to push with 9d4d and was called by A9.

      The board ran 9h-Ks-8d-2h-2s giving both players a pair of nines but the Ace kicker sent the Event 1 trophy to Steicke — adding to his already-impressive poker resume that includes more than HKD $20,000,000 in winnings.

      Normally a man of many words, the player commonly associated with high roller events simply said, “.”

      Event 1: $8,800 NLH – Final Table Results
      David Steicke (Hong Kong) — $306,100
      Roman Babeka (Czech Republic) — $206,100
      Tony Chang (Hong Kong) — $131,200
      Andrew Lam (Hong Kong) — $106,200
      Jacky Wang (Singapore) — $84,300
      Yue Hin Lam (Hong Kong) — $68,700
      Thomas Ward (New Zealand) — $56,200
      Justin Chan (Hong Kong) — $43,700
      Haotian Feng (Australia) — $37,500
      Joao da Silva (Macau) — $31,460

      The Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack tournament also took place on Sunday and attracted 179 players for the 2-day event where 22 players will make the money for their share of the HKD $234,400 prize pool. The winner from Monday’s Day 2 final will be awarded the HKD $57,428 top prize.
      Late Sunday night, there are still 27 players remaining including Shaq Lin, Sparrow Cheung, and Jay Tan who could all make it to Day 2 in back-to-back events.
      The next event is the HKD $5,000 KO Bounty which takes place on Monday at 8pm local time. The 2-day tournament comes with a HKD $500,000 guarantee.

      (all figures in HKD)
      Fri, Sep 7 @ 8:00 PM — $8,800 NLH ($1,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1A (Day 1B re-entry allowed)
      Sat, Sep 8 @ 6:00 PM — $8,800 NLH ($1,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1B (2-day event)
      Sun, Sep 9 @ 6:00 PM — $1,500 Deepstack ($150,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Mon, Sep 10 @ 8:00 PM — $5,000 KO Bounty ($500,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Tue, Sep 11 @ 3:10 PM — $1,000 Charity Event ($50,000 Added Prizes)
      Tue, Sep 11 @ 6:00 PM — $1,000 3x Turbo Rebuy Main Event Satellite (5 Seat Guarantee)
      Wed, Sep 12 @ 3:10 PM — $20,000 MAIN EVENT ($4,500,000 Guarantee) – Day 1A
      Wed, Sep 12 @ 7:00 PM — $4,000 NLH
      Thu, Sep 13 @ 3:10 PM — $20,000 MAIN EVENT ($4,500,000 Guarantee) – Day 1B
      Thu, Sep 13 @ 7:00 PM — $4,000 Turbo
      Fri, , Sep 14 @ 6:00 PM — $3,000 NLH ($300,000 Guarantee)
      Fri, , Sep 14 @ 6:00 PM — $10,000 NLH (2-day event)
      Sat, Sep 15 @ 3:10 PM — $6,000 NLH ($600,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Sat, Sep 15 @ 6:00 PM — $50,000 High Rollers (2-day event)
      Sat, Sep 15 @ 9:00 PM — $11,000 ACOP Main Event Satellite ($100,000 Seat Guarantee)
      Sun, Sep 16 @ 3:10 PM — $2,500 KO Bounty ($250,000 Guarantee)
      Sun, Sep 16 @ 5:00 PM — $1,000 Ladies Event

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      Arpit Jain

      Hong Kong players take the first two events at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012

      MACAU, CHINA, September 10, 2012 – The weather in Hong Kong reads HOT and that’s exactly how it’s been so far at the
      Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC).

      One day after HK resident David Steicke captured the opening $8,800 NLH event, Hazel Chui — who’s also from HK — won Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack. Chui was awarded HKD $57,428 after toppling the 179 player field in the 2-day event.

      Sunday night’s Day 1 ended once the field was whittled down to 22 runners who made it into the money for a piece of the HKD $234,400 prize pool.

      Amongst those returning to the PokerStars Macau tournament room at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex were 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin, Jennette “Jay” Tan, and Sparrow Cheung who were making Day 2 appearances in back-to-back tournaments.

      Tan and Cheung weren’t able to maintain their Day 1 form as they fell in 12th and 22nd place respectively.

      Lin, however, earned his first APOY points this season by reaching the final table which now ties him with Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin on the All-time list for FTs at 16 each.

      Shaq looked poised to win the side event when only 3 players remained. The Taiwanese poker pro had more chips than countryman Fu Bang Huang and Chui combined.

      However, the last female standing would proceed to become the last person standing.

      Chui got a much-needed double-up through Shaq but Huang would be the one to bust the reigning APOY and entered heads up play with a 5-to-1 chip lead.

      Things turned around during the duel and Huang found himself short stacked where he’d slide his remaining stack with Qs-9h. Chui made the call with Ac-2d.

      The board, which ran 6s-Kc-8d-Tc-3d, missed for both players but the Ace high was enough for victory. The former-model was playing her first ever tournament that had more than 100 players.

      .” said a giddy Chui. “I have already booked a trip to Japan so now I have more shopping dollars!”

      Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack – Final Table Results

      Hazel Chui (Hong Kong) — $57,400
      Fu Bang Huang (Chinese Taipei) — $38,700
      Shaq Lin (Chinese Taipei) — $23,400
      Jack Lee (Australia) — $18,800
      Sam Ath Lor (Combodia) — $15,200
      Chien Wei Huang (Chinese Taipei) — $12,900
      David Goldberg (Australia) — $10,500
      Cheok Wa Lei (Macau) — $8,200
      Fan Fang (China) — $5,900
      Fu Man Tin (Hong Kong) — $5,000

      Monday also marked Day 1 of Event 3: $5,000 KO Bounty which had 115 players including the first MPCC appearance for No. 1 APOY ranked Nicky Jin.

      The tournament will play down to the 13 players who will cash for a piece of the prize pool of more than HKD $390,000 plus another HKD $115,000 in KO bonuses.

      The next event is Event 4: $1,000 Charity Event which takes place on Tuesday at 3.10pm local time. The tournament supports local charities and there are HKD $50,000 worth of added prizes including a HKD $20,000 MPCC Main Event entry.

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      Hazel chu looks ****ABLE go Goindi gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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      Poker Guru

      Sumit Sapra is deep in MPCC event 3 with just 13 players remaining in Day 2.

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      Poker Guru

      Sumit Sapra is now on the Final Table at Event 3.

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      Poker Guru

      Sumit Sapra finishes 7th!

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      Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan finishes 7th in Event 4: charity event at MPCC. Amit Jain, Abhishek Goindi and Jasven Saigal still in the hunt on the final table.

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      Jasven Saigal has been eliminated in 4th place. Amit Jain is still left in the fray with 3 players remaining!

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      Its heads-up between Amit Jain and Toma for the title in MPCC Event 4!

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      Amit Jain finishes 2nd with prizemoney chop between 1st and 2nd!

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      Poker Guru

      Follow the complete live coverage of the MPCC Main Event here >

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      Poker Guru

      85 players registered for the main event so far!

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      Saigal Straightens Out Hong

      Level: 4 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25

      Several big stacks are beginning to emerge as fortunes wax and wane here at the Grand Waldo. India’s Samay Parikh has climbed up to the 55,000 mark with some well-timed aggression and it looks like this has been at the expense of tablemate David Steicke, who has dropped down to around 30,000 or so. Another player whose stack is looking rather robust is Hong Kong’s Hoi Ting Lee who is sitting on around 50,000.
      Another Indian player who is still hanging in there but whose stack is looking far from healthy is Jasvin Saigal, though he has just gained a bit of a reprieve at the expense of Ryan Hong. While we missed the pre-flop action, it looks like Saigal has chosen to defend his big blind with 6c7c against a late position raise from Hong, who is getting frisky with 9cTs.
      This pays off dividends for Saigal when the flop comes down 8h5h9s to give the Indian player the nuts, and he ships his short-stack all-in for a bet of around 5,000. Hong calls with his top pair and can just sigh and pay Saigal off when the cards go on their backs. Hong drops down to what he started with three levels ago and Saigal climbs to 10,000 so he is not out of the woods yet.

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      Arpit Jain

      MPCC day 1a game reaches its fifth level. Amit Varma is now at 22,500 in chips which is just a little bit over the starting stack. Best of Luck Amit

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      Blinds are 250/500 and Amit Varma is short stack with 5000 chips.

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      Poker Guru

      Amit Varma has made it to Day 2 of the MPCC Main Event and currently has 30 big blinds.

      Team PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan, Abhishek Goindi, Amit Jain and Sameer Rattonsey will play in the main event tomorrow.

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      best of luck to them….

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      Amit Varma’s stack – 22950 chips

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      Arpit Jain

      [FLOAT-LEFT][/FLOAT-LEFT]Wednesday marked the launch of the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 main event which had 89 players for Day 1A for the HKD $20,000 buy-in tournament that comes with a HKD $4,500,000 guarantee.

      PokerStars Macau hosted their welcome party the previous evening and many players decided to take the day for recovery as they switched to Day 1B.

      Edmund Lee clearly had a fresh mind as the Hong Kong native leads the surviving 40 players with 119,175 chips. China’s Aimin Zhang is not far behind with 101,500 and his countrymen Rui Chen (82,975) and Lei Zhang (76,350) round out the Top Four stacks.

      Other notables who will be returning to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Friday’s Day 2 include 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (60,500), Sparrow Cheung (73,925), and 2010 Macau Millions champion Justin Chan who squeezed through with 7,800. Amit Varma too has made it to Day 2 with 22,950 chips.

      Johnny Chan highlighted the modest-sized field but hit the rail along with David Steicke, Winfred Yu, Jacky Wang, and Red Dragon winner Victor Chen who also failed to make it until the end of the day. Team India`s Jasven Saigal and Samay Parikh also failed to make it to Day 2.

      Day 1B is assured of a large number of notables as confirmations include MPCC champions Devan Tang (2009), Julian Hasse (2010) and Raiden Kan (2011); Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin, Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu and Vivian Im; and, No. 1 APOY ranked Nicky Jin, 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Ken Wong, recent 2012 APPT Melbourne winner Sam Razavi, Team PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan, MPCC runner-up Abhishek Goindi, Amit Jain and Sameer Rattonsey.

      The MPCC main event – day 1B begins Thursday at 3:10pm local time. For live updates on the MPCC main event visit the PokerStars blog.

      Team India has been turning on the heat in the side events. The latest side events saw Aussie David Zhao claim Event 3: $5,000 KO Bounty for HKD $101,500 while Japan’s Toma Tsugunari won Event 4: Charity Event for HKD $59,250 which included an entry into the Main Event and featured 4 Indians on the final table.

      Event 3 had 115 players where 13 players cashed for a piece of the HKD $390,425 prize pool along with another HKD $115,000 awarded in bounties. The China-born Zhao had 9 bounties in his victory.

      Event 4 had 87 players and 161 rebuys creating a pool of HKD $224,309 in money and entry prizes. Toma, a former tax accountant turned poker pro, won a coin flip in the final hand when his made a straight against India’s Bharathan Balasubramanian’s pocket sixes. The board ran . The event raised HKD $43,500 for local charities.

      Event 3: $5,000 KO Bounty – Final Table Results

      1. David Zhao (Australia) — $101,500

      2. Bharathan Balasubramanian (India) — $66,400

      3. Hongyi Sun (China) — $44,900

      4. Artem Lobus (Russia) — $37,100

      5. Huimin Huang (Hong Kong) — $29,300

      6. Mansour Khorramshahi (Thailand) — $25,400

      7. Sumit Sapra (India) — $21,500

      8. Xiaodong Xia (China) — $17,600

      9. Andrew Lam (Hong Kong) — $13,700

      10. Roman Babela (Czech Republic) — $9,625

      Event 4: Charity Event – Final Table Results

      1. Toma Tsugunari (Japan) — $59,250

      2. Amit Roshanlal Jain (India) — $49,250

      3. Farboud Feridoun (USA) — $26,900

      4. Jasven Saigal (India) — $20,400

      5. Philip Chow (Hong Kong) — $16,900

      6. Paphawin Laodee (Thailand) — $15,200

      7. Sangeeth Mohan (India) — $13,000

      8. Abhishek Goindi (India) — $11,200

      9. Chai Hong Leong (Malaysia) — $7,000

      10. Chuanbin Yao (China) — $5,209

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      Poker Guru

      Sameer Rattonsey is heads-up for the title in MPCC Event 6: $4K NLHE. Prizemoney chop has been agreed by both players!

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      Poker Guru

      Congratulations Sameer Rattonsey for winning the MPCC Event 6!

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      Poker Guru

      The official numbers and prize pool is now in. With 89 players on Day 1a and 181 players partaking in today’s action, a 270 player field has created a HK$4,818,960 prize pool. All the players are fighting it out for a HK$1,108,500 first-place prize, while it is the top 31 players who are guaranteed a HK$36,100 min-cash. The final table payouts can be seen below.

      2012 MPCC Main Event Final Table Payouts
      1st – HK$1,108,500
      2nd – HK$759,000
      3rd – HK$458,000
      4th – HK$361,500
      5th – HK$289,160
      6th – HK$241,000
      7th – HK$193,000
      8th – HK$144,500
      9th – HK$120,500

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      Poker Guru

      Team Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan is out of the main event. He announced his bust out hand on facebook ““.

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      Recent update of Samohh: Mohan did not fair too much better, getting all the chips in on the turn holding top two pair against an opponents pocket Aces only to see an Ace bink the river to send him railward.

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      Poker Guru

      Other Indian casualties in the main event include MPCC Event 6 champion Sameer Rattonsey, Abhishek Goindi and Sumit Sapra. Both the Amit Jain`s are still alive!

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      Arpit Jain

      [FLOAT-LEFT][/FLOAT-LEFT] 181 players entered the PokerStars Macau tournament area at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Day 1B of the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 bringing the Main Event total to 270 runners.

      .” said Danny McDonagh, PokerStars Director of Live Operations for the Asia-Pacific. “The MPCC crosses over the same schedule as WCOOP which has more players than any other poker series in the world. Seeing some people playing both at the same time says a lot about the importance of MPCC in Asia.”

      The HKD $20,000 buy-in tournament which had 89 players in the first of two Day 1 flights, has a prize pool of more than $4,800,000 for the top 31 players. The MPCC champion will be crowned on Sunday and receive the first place prize of HKD $1,108,500 which includes an entry to the ACOP Main Event in November.China’s Yanqin Huang ended Thursday night with 112,925 chips and managed to edge out Germany’s Sebastian Benz (112,625) for the Day 1B chip lead. Hong Kong’s Edmund Lee had the best result from day 1A and his 119,175 chips is good enough for the overall chip lead entering Day 2 which will start with 123 competitors.

      Korea’s Sunny Jung (107,850), two other Chinese players, Zhu Lin (110,775) and Aimin Zhang (101,500) and 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Kenny Wong (106,950) are the other big stacks over the 100k mark.

      Other notables that advanced to day 2 with a healthy amount of chips include Team PokerStars Pros Raymond Wu (72,300) and Bryan Huang (59,050); Denmark’s Jeppe Drivsholm (75,900) and Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung (73,925); and, 2011 APOY Shaq Lin (60,500) and Malaysia’s Victor Chong (57,950) who looks to improve upon his 2011 runner-up finish. India`s Amit Jain (64,340) and Amit Roshanlal Jain (37,000) will be joining fellow countryman Amit Varma (22,950) at day 2 of the MPCC main event.

      Reigning MPCC winner Raiden Kan’s hopes of repeating last year’s feat fell short as he hit the rail during Thursday’s play. Other eliminations included Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin and Vivian Im, 2010 champion Devan Tang, No. 1 Asia Player of the Year ranked Nicky Jin, 2012 APPT Melbourne champion Sam Razavi, MPC Red Dragon runner-up Abhishek Goindi, Team PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan and Sameer Rattonsey.

      Chip leaders entering Day 2:
      Edmund Lee (Hong Kong ) — 119,175
      Yanqin Huang (China) — 112,925
      Sebastian Benz (Germany) — 112,625
      Lin Zhu (China) — 110,775
      Sunny Jung (Korea) — 107,850
      Kenny Wong (Hong Kong) — 106,950
      Aimin Zhang (China) — 101,500
      Xijie Sun (China) — 96,225
      Satrya Teja (Indonesia) — 96025
      Rui Chen (China) — 82,975

      Sameer Rattonsey Wins Event 6
      Event 6: $4,000 NLH had 98 players and the event was won by India’s Sameer Rattonsey.

      As the last two remaining players, Rattonsey and Japan’s Hirotoshi Nakabo agreed to split the top two payouts at HKD $77,000 each and were soon all-in afterwards for the title.

      The board ran giving both players two pairs but the jack kicker sent Rattonsey to the winner’s circle. The 1-day event paid HKD $342,216 in prize money for the top ten players which included Bryan Huang who placed 8th.

      Event 6: $4,000 NLH – Final Table Results

      Sameer Rattonsey (India) — $77,000
      Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) — $77,000
      Yeon Kyeong Yu (Korea) — $41,100
      Yustinus Karib (Australia) — $34,200
      Akira Ohyama (Japan) — $27,400
      Sameer Guliani (India) — $24,000
      Sam Ath Lor (Combodia) — $20,500
      Bryan Huang (Singapore) — $17,100
      Vai Cheong Leong (Macau) — $13,700
      Huimin Huang (Hong Kong) — $10,216

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      End of Day2 Chip counts

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      Poker Guru

      Jasven Saigal is on the final table of the MPCC Event 9: HKD $10K Freezeout. Day 2 resumes tomorrow and Jasven is 3rd in chips.

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      Arpit Jain

      [FLOAT-LEFT][/FLOAT-LEFT] 123 players began Friday’s Day 2 with hopes of advancing to the day 3 money round at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 Main Event that will award the top 31 competitors a piece of the prize money in excess of HKD $4,800,000.

      The winner won’t be determined until Sunday at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex where the last standing player will be awarded just over HKD $1,100,000. After the Day 2 dust settled, only 45 runners remained in the PokerStars Macau HKD $20,000 buy-in tournament. Aussie Ryan Hong started the day in 20th place but soared to the top as he ended the day with a commanding 430,300 chips.

      Three players from China; Rui Chen (264,200), Jin Wenlong (255,900), Lei Zhang (239,700) hold the next biggest chip stacks with Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung (217,100), Lisi Wei (208,800), another Chinese native, and reigning Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (205,100) close behind. Team India too has three players still in the fray; Amit Roshanlal Jain (74,000), Amit Varma (68,000) and Amit Jain (49,900).

      Chip Leaders entering Day 3
      Ryan Hong (Australia) — 430,300
      Rui Chen (China) — 264,200
      Jin Wenlong (China) — 255,900
      Lei Zhang (China) — 239,700
      Sparrow Cheung (Hong Kong ) — 217,100
      Lisi Wei (China) — 208,800
      Shaq Lin (Chinese Taipei) — 205,100
      Hon Cheung Kwong (Hong Kong) — 153,100
      Ying Kit Chan (Hong Kong) — 142,800
      Andy Asihwardji (Canada) — 135,600

      Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 takes place from Sept. 7-16

      Despite holding more than 160,000 chips than his nearest competitor, Hong is not showing signs of overconfidence. “With 45 players left it’s pretty much its own tournament” said Hong. The 25-year old law student added “We’re not even in the money yet. The Day 3 draw will be really important.”

      Other notables advancing to day 3 include day 1A chip leader Edmund Lee (80,400), Sunny Jung (124,500), Taiwan Celebrity Alex Niu (91,800), No. 3 APOY ranked Yosuke Sekita (87,800), and 2011 MPCC runner-up Victor Chong (50,400).

      Failing to survive through Friday night were the two remaining Team PokerStars Pros, Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu, 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Ken Wong, and 2010 Macau Millions winner Justin Chan.

      Event 7 Winner Brian Lovett

      In side event action, American poker pro Brian Lovett won Event 7 after beating 64 players to collect the HKD $73,800 first prize. 7 players cashed in the HKD $4,000 Turbo event which had a HKD $223,488 prize pool. Singapore’s Jacky Wang made his season-leading 5th final table appearance.

      The final hand was a classic coin flip between Lovett’s and Taiwanese Shao Hung Lee’s pocket sixes .

      The board ran which gave Lovett a pair of tens to secure the win.

      Event 7: $4,000 Turbo – Final Table Results

      Brian Lovett (USA) — $73,800
      Shao Hung Lee (Chinese Taipei) — $46,900
      Jacky Wang (Singapore) — $31,300
      Tsugunari Toma (Japan) — $24,600
      Edmund Lee (Hong Kong ) — $17,900
      Peter Wang (Chinese Taipei) — $15,600
      Sok Meng Hun (Combodia) — $13,388

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      Poker Guru

      22 players remain in the MPCC Main event!

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      Poker Guru

      Amit R Jain and Amit Varma are still in contention for the title with 17 players remaining in the MPCC Main Event.

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      Poker Guru

      Amit R Jain has busted in 15th place for HKD $60,200! Amit Varma is still alive in the tournament.

    • #33897

      Amit R Jain has just been knocked out. He will take home HK$ 60,200 for his 15th place finish. Amit Varma is now the lone Indian battling it out in this MPCC Main Event.

    • #33898

      Amit Varma has also been busted out at 13th place.

    • #33906

      2012 MPCC Final Table Lineup

      Seat 1: Ryan Hong – 425,000
      Seat 2: Sunny Jung – 888,000
      Seat 3: Kevin Kung – 469,000
      Seat 4: Yosuke Sekiya – 624,000
      Seat 5: Jessica Ngu – 461,000
      Seat 6: Lisi Wei – 713,000
      Seat 7: Robert Streatfeild – 159,000
      Seat 8: Rui Chen – 1,325,000
      Seat 9: Jin Wenlong – 184,000

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      Arpit Jain

      [FLOAT-LEFT][/FLOAT-LEFT]Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 Main Event began with 45 of the original 270 players who all had hopes of surviving Saturday’s match that would play down to 9.

      .” said Danny McDonagh at the start of the day. The PokerStars Director of Live Operations for Asia-Pacific predicted a flurry of early eliminations.

      It was a storm.The field at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex never even reached the dinner break as 36 players hit the rail by the midway point of the day’s 5th level. Korea’s Sunny Jung dominated most of Day 3 but it was China’s Rui Chen who ended the day as chip leader with 1,325,000. The humble businessman, who qualified to the main event for just HKD $1,100 through a PokerStars Macau satellite, estimated his chances for victory on Sunday at “10% chance” until he changed his response to “1 in 9” upon realizing the correct number of remaining players.


      Seat 1: Ryan Hong (Australia) — 425,000

      Seat 2: Sunny Jung (Korea) — 888,000

      Seat 3: Kevin Kung (USA) — 469,000

      Seat 4: Yosuke Sekiya (Japan) — 624,000

      Seat 5: Jessica Ngu (Australia) — 461,000

      Seat 6: Lisi Wei (China) — 713,000

      Seat 7: Robert Streatfeild (Australia) — 159,000

      Seat 8: Rui “DC” Chen (China) — 1,325,000

      Seat 9: Jin Wenlong (China) — 184,000

      10 players hit the rail within the opening hour of Day 3. Those early casualties included Taiwanese celebrity Alex Niu, Carlos Chang, and Jeppe Drivsholm before Tai Tan busted in 32nd place to break the money bubble at the hands of Jung.

      With players now jockeying for their share of the HKD $4,800,000 prize pool, the tournament chips moved around even faster than before.

      Jung was shining bright and held the outright chip lead amongst the hail of KOs that kept reporters sprinting between the poker action and their laptops for live updates.

      The field continued to shrink at a rapid pace, losing Day 1A chip leader Edmund Lee (17th), last year’s runner-up Victor Chong (20th), and reigning Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (21st). Team India`s Amit Roshanlal Jain`s dream run at the MPCC came crashing down when he busted in 15th place taking home HKD $60,200 leaving Amit Varma as the lone Indian in contention for the coveted title. However Amit Varma was eliminated soon afterwards going out in 13th place for a HKD $72,300 payday.

      There would be no slowdown in anticipation of the final table with 11 players left as Chen’s pocket Aces dealt a double elimination to end the day. Jung has 888,000 chips while overnight chip leader Ryan Hong and Yosuke Sekiya have 425,000 and 624,000 respectively.

      Sekiya’s season tying fifth final table moves him into No. 2 on the APOY rankings and a second place finish or better will move the Japanese player into the top spot that’s currently occupied by Nicky Jin.

      Two female players are on the final table; Jessica Ngu (461,000) and Lisi Wei (713,000). The Macau Poker Cup series has awarded the Red Dragon title to a woman 3 times – Kitty Kuo, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin (twice) but the Championship’s main event has always had a male winner.

      In the side events, Hong Kong’s Haifeng Xue won Event 8: $3,000 NLH while Swiss Roger Flueckiger took down Event: 9: $10,000 NLH.

      Xue beat a 156 players and won the top prize of just over HKD $100,000. Event 8 had a prize pool of HKD $408,564 and paid the top 19 players. Nick Wong’s 4th place finish and Dan Sing’s runner-up finish moves them up to No. 10 and 11 respectively on the APOY rankings.

      Flueckiger won the HKD $188,500 top prize in Event 9 which had 64 players. The prize pool was HKD $571,136 and paid 7 players. No. 1 ranked Nicky Jin bubbled in 8th place and has failed to add APOY points during the MPCC.

      Event 8: $3,000 NLH – Final Table Results

      Haifeng Xue (Hong Kong) — $100,100

      Dan Sing (New Zealand) — $67,400

      Bang Yen Yang (Chinese Taipei) — $42,900

      Nick Wong (Hong Kong) — $34,700

      Yung Bing Chu (Chinese Taipei) — $27,600

      Allen Lu (China) — $22,500

      Hsu Fang Cho (China) — $18,400

      Selim Oulmekki (China) — $14,300

      Ryoichi Saito (Japan) — $12,300

      Chen Chin Wu (Chinese Taipei) — $10,164

      Event 9: $10,000 NLH Results

      Roger Flueckiger (Switzerland ) — $188,500

      Daniel Chan (Hong Kong) — $119,900

      Ken Wong (Hong Kong) — $80,000

      Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) — $62,800

      Liang Yu (China) — $45,700

      Sameer Chaturvedi (India) — $40,000

      Yan Cai (China) — $34,236

    • #33914
      Fred Leung

      Just wanted to congratulate Team PokerGuru. While I know everyone’s always seeking the title, the results from the India players are remarkable considering how small a % of the field they make up.

      Thanks for your support and hope to see you guys at the ACOP!

      – Fred

    • #33918
      Aditya Sushant

      *Team India not Team PokerGuru

    • #33938
      sunny sen

      *Team India not Team PokerGuru


    • #25719

      PokerStars Macau held yet another successful poker festival as the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 hosted 13 cash tournaments through September 7-16. Those events totaled 1,476 players who competed for more than HKD $10,000,000 in prize money.

      PokerStars Macau qualifier Rui Chen took center stage as he beat a 270-player field to capture the Main Event title. The HKD $20,000 buy-in event was held in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex and paid the Top 31 players for a share of the HKD $4,818,960 prize pool.

      The businessman from China had qualified in a live satellite for just HKD $1,100 and turned that into an amazing grand prize of HKD $1,108,500.

      Rui “DC” Chen

      Earlier this year, Asia’s popular Macau Poker Cup series had awarded two Red Dragon main event trophies to Nicky Jin and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin who are both from China. Chen’s victory in the MPC Championship event makes it a perfect sweep of title events for China in 2012.

      “The past few years had seen a huge development (for poker) in China.” said Chen through an interpreter. The 37-year old added, “Poker is suited for the Chinese because we are particularly good at mind games.”

      Nearly overshadowing Chen’s success was Main Event runner-up Yosuke Sekiya who overtook the No. 1 position from Jin in the Asia Player of the Year race. Jin remained idle throughout his MPCC and drops to No. 2 while Chen enters the APOY rankings at No. 8.


      Rui “DC” Chen (China) — $1,108,500
      Yosuke Sekiya (Japan) — $759,000
      Robert Jin (China) — $458,000
      Sunny Jung (Korea) — $361,500
      Kevin Kung (USA) — $289,160
      Jessica Ngu (Australia) — $241,000
      Lisi Wei (China) — $193,000
      Ryan Hong (Australia) — $144,500
      Robert Streatfeild (Australia) — $120,500

      After the total player numbers were confirmed as the second largest for the MPCC Main Event, Danny McDonagh had said, “I’m very pleased with the final number. The MPCC crosses over the same schedule as WCOOP which has more players than any other poker series in the world.”

      The PokerStars Director of Live Operations for the Asia-Pacific added, “Seeing some people playing both at the same time says a lot about the importance of MPCC in Asia.”

      The Main Event was represented by 30 countries and had seen the departure of big names over it’s 4-days of action. Those included 2-time World Champion Johnny Chan, 2012 APPT Melbourne winner Sam Razavi, 2011 APOY Shaq Lin, 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Ken Wong, and Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu, Vivian Im, and Celina Lin.

      Sunday’s final table looked like it might be a walk in the park for Chen who was the overnight chip leader. As players continued to hit the rail, Chen’s mountain of chips continued to grow until the field was reduced to 3 players. Sekiya took over the chip lead only to give it back to Chen several times over. That trend continued even after China’s Robert Jin was eliminated in 3rd place.

      Chen had dominated Sekiya twice during heads up play with dominating hands that looked poised to throw the knock out punch to finish the evening. However, the Japanese player survived both times and forced his Chinese counterpart to grind back.

      Chen was never fazed as he described his mindset in the post game interview. “I was confident and always thought I’d win.”

      The third time was the charm as Joshua Bell described it on

      The final hand of the event saw Yosuke Sekiya all in holding K♠J♣ against Rui Chen’s K♣Q♣. Sekiya’s rail was up and about just as they had been every time Sekiya was all in, but with a board running out 2♦T♠6♥4♠8♦, it was all over for Sekiya …

      For a recap from the live updates of MPCC 2012 please visit PokerStars blog.

      Sunday was also a busy day for side events.

      Russia’s Alexander Neklyudov won HKD $156,000 in Event 10: $6,000 NLH after beating the 113-player field in the 2-day event.

      The HKD $50,000 High Rollers event went to Canadian Wesley Pantling who beat 2011 APPT Macau runner-up Jimmy Pang. Pantling collected HKD $474,100 for his victory.

      Japan’s Tsuyoshi Ishibashi won his second tournament of the year after taking down Event 12: $2,500 KO Bounty. Ishibashi won HKD $53,000 after outlasting 124 other opponents. Hong Kong’s Tony Chang placed 4th in Event 12 and his two final tables during the MPCC moved him from No. 14 to No. 4 on the APOY rankings.

      Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im won HKD $7,900 for her victory in the HKD $1,000 buy-in Ladies Event.

      ACOP takes place from October 26 – November 11

      The next event at PokerStars Macau is the highly anticipated launch of the 2012 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) from October 26 to November 11.

      The ACOP is an Official Event of the APPT and features the HKD $100,000 (US $13,000) buy-in Main Event which comes with the largest guaranteed prize pool in Asia of HKD $10,000,000 (US $1,300,000).

      The 17-day poker extravaganza will conclude the 2012 Asia Player of the Year race where 18 tournaments remain to determine the best player on the Asian poker circuit.

      Players can qualify for free to ACOP at

      2012 ACOP Title Events

      (all figures in HKD)

      Oct 26 — $10,000 Deepstack Championship ($1,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1A (Day 1B re-entry allowed)
      Oct 27 — $10,000 Deepstack Championship ($1,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1B (3-day event)
      Nov 1 — $8,000 Six-Handed Championship ($400,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Nov 2 — $2,000 Rebuy Championship ($300,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Nov 3 — $25,000 ACOP Warm-Up ($5,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1A (3-day event)
      Nov 4 — $25,000 ACOP Warm-Up ($5,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1B (3-day event)
      Nov 4 — $8,000 Turbo Championship ($500,000 Guarantee)
      Nov 7 — $100,000 ACOP MAIN EVENT ($10,000,000 Guarantee)
      Nov 8 — $10,000 KO Big Bounty (2-day event) ($2,000 cash for each elimination)
      Nov 9 — $15,000 NLH ($1,000,000 Guarantee) (3-day event)
      Nov 10 — $250,000 High Rollers Event (2-day event)
      Nov 10 — $8,000 NLH ($500,000 Guarantee) (2-day event)
      Nov 10 — $4,000 Ladies Asia Championship

      For the complete 2012 ACOP Schedule, please visit
      For the Official 2012 Asia Player of the Year Standings please click here.

      For official side events results click here.

      Photographs: Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars Macau

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