Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon (June 9-18, 2012)

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      The PokerStars Macau poker room is proud to host the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) which is the premiere poker tournament series in Asia, established in Macau since May, 2008. The MPC signature tournament is the Red Dragon event and the HKD $11,000 buy-in tournament boasts a whopping HKD $3,000,000 Guarantee beginning 2011. The event attracts the worldÂ’s top players where they are assured of a deep-value slow structure with a start bank of 15,000 chips running over three days. The MPC also carries a wide variety of exciting tournaments that have each developed their own strong following including the Charity Event that benefits local charities such as Caritas de Macau and the Macau Child Development Association.

      All numbered tournaments are Official Asia Player of the Year events.
      3% of cash tournament prize pools (except Event 1) held to offset tournament staffing costs.
      5% of Event 1 prize pool goes to ACOP: Platinum Series Playoffs (7 October).
      Red Dragon winner receives HKD $100,000 entry to ACOP Main Event taken from prize pool.
      Guarantees are not applicable during Typhoon Level 8 or higher.
      All events subject to DICJ approval.

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      PokerStars Macau is hosting the highly projected Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon from June 9-18 featuring the HKD $3,000,000 Guaranteed Red Dragon main event at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

      Today, Danny McDonagh, PokerStars’ Director of Live Poker Operations for the Asia-Pacific, stated that the proposed special events following the June Macau Poker Cup will not take place as previously announced.

      .” said McDonagh. “.”


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      Indian Players in Macau

      Representing India at the MPC Red Dragon in Macau will be a team of Indian poker players which is expected to include familiar names like Team Pros Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan, Himanshu Laul and Amit Varma, MPC runner-up Abhishek Goindi, and tournament pros Jasven Saigal, Amit Jain, Lawrence Sanjay, Vineet Bailur, Manjeet Asrani, Sameer Rattonsey and Rajeev Raut among others.

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      PokerGuru Team Pro Amit Varma ended Day 1 of Event 1: ACOP Platinum Series $500,000 Guarantee, HKD $5,500 buyin as the chip leader.
      Out of the original 142 entrants only 16 players remain in fray for the title.
      Varma bags 111,000 chips at the end of the day.
      All players are in the money.

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      Event 1 and Event 2 wrap up

      Event 1: ACOP Platinum Series was won by Hong Kong’s Tony Chang who bested a field of 142 players and collected HKD $177,500 for his victory. In total, 16 players cashed for their share of the record prize pool. The win moves Chang into 10th place on the APOY rankings. PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma finished 3rd and cashed HKD $78,100 for his efforts. Varma moves to 11th place on the APOY rankings.

      Event 1 ACOP Platinum Series Winner Tony Chang3. Amit Varma (India) — $78,100
      4. Julian Hasse (Germany) — $63,900
      5. Allen Lu (China) — $49,700
      6. Chao Li (China) — $42,600
      7. Jun Chen (China) — $35,500
      8. Guofu Chen (China) — $28,400
      9. Chen Chin Wu (Chinese Taipei) — $21,300
      10. Xiong Fei Tang (China) — $17,600

      For Official Side Event Results please CLICK HERE

      For 2012 Asia Player of the Year rankings please CLICK HERE

      Event 2: Charity Event was won by Aussie Andrew Scott who outlasted a 66-player field winning HKD $42,200 plus a HKD $11,000 Red Dragon entry. The long running charity tournament raised HKD $33,000 for local Macau charities such as Caritas de Macau and the MCDA.

      Event 2 Charity Event winner Andrew Scott[/I]

      Event 2: Charity Event – Final Table Results

      1. Andrew Scott (Australia) — $53,400
      2. Jimmy Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) — $38,000
      3. AJ Brock (USA) — $29,000
      4. Sparrow Cheung (Hong Kong) — $19,100
      5. King-chung Wang (Chinese Taipei) — $12,700
      6. Min Soon Lim (Singapore) — $11,400
      7. Sau Chin Ng (Hong Kong) — $10,222.

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      Poker Guru

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      Event 3 and 4 report!

      PokerStars Macau saw 202 entrants take seat to take down Event 3: Deepstack of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon which nearly matched the 208 players from the first 2 events combined.

      After a runner-up finish for Andrew Scott in the 2008 APPT Macau Main Event, the Aussie claimed Event 2 on Sunday. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa also found some redemption on Tuesday night. Best known for his runner-up finish in the Red Dragon last August, the Japanese player outlasted the 202-player field on his way to capturing Event 3.

      Tsuchikawa entered heads up play against Macau’s Howard Stribbell who had dominated the final table all evening. Stribbell looked well in control with a 3-to-1 chip lead when the final two players started but that quickly changed.

      Tsuchikawa doubled up in the first hand to take the chip advantage and then the very next hand saw Stribbell move all-in pre-flop with Ks-Tc only to be snap-called by his opponent who held As-7h.

      The Macau local missed on the board of 8c-Jc-5s-Ad-9s and Tsuchikawa’s pair of aces won him the event along with the HKD $63,500 first prize. In total, 25 players cashed for a piece of the HKD $179,008 prize pool. From India, Jasven Saigal placed 15th to encash HKD 4000 where as ShivaKumar Sachidanandan placed 22nd and pocketed HKD 2600.

      Tsuchikawa’s first Macau win moves him into 31st place on the Asia Player of the Year rankings(APOY) where the eventual winner will receive a 1-year sponsorship via PokerStars Macau.

      Event 3: Deepstack Final Table Results

      Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) — $63,500
      Howard Stribbell (Macau) — $43,600
      Weiqiang Feng (China) — $26,500
      Chi Hou Fan (Macau) — $19,800
      Dan Sing (New Zealand) — $15,900
      Katsuhiro Muto (Japan) — $13,200
      Jurg Niederberger (Hong Kong) — $10,600
      Jacky Wang (Singapore) — $7,900
      Pei Ti Tu (Chinese Taipei) — $6,600
      Song Qing Wang (China) — $5,619

      Tuesday night also marked the beginning of Day 1 (of 2) for Event 4: $3,000 NLH which attracted a healthy field of 152 players. 19 players will be in the money to win their share of the HKD $390,000 prize pool with the winner receiving HKD $97,500. Sameer Rattonsey and Shivakumar Sachidanandan are also alive in the tournament.

      The next tournament is Event 5: $5,000 KO Bounty on Wednesday at 8:10 PM HKT. The 2-day event comes with a HKD $500,000 guarantee.

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      Event 4 is crushed by Defending Red Dragon Champion China’s Nicky Tao Jin.

      Nicky Tao Jin

      Defending Red Dragon Champion China’s Nicky Tao Jin wins Event 4. His background as a professional online poker player has clearly made the successful jump to the live poker arena. He had won the Red Dragon in February and with this wins he looks good for heading into Thursday’s Day 1A of the Red Dragon main event.

      Jin arrived in the new PokerStars Macau tournament area at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex and dominated the 152-player field in Event 4: $3,000 NLH on his way to capturing his second title of the year. The win adds another HKD $97,500 to his season’s earnings which already total more than HKD 1.2 million.

      Jin was in total control with a monster stack of chips throughout shorthanded play on the final table.

      In the final hand, Germany’s Jan Zeuschner and Jin saw a flop of 9♠-J♠-♥h. The two opponents got all their chips into the middle and Zeuschner’s top pair with 5♥-J♥ was badly trailing Jin as the defending Red Dragon champion turned over J♣-3♣ for two pair. There was no miracle for Zeuschner as the turn and river ran K♠-4♦ respectively to make it a perfect 2 titles in 2 final tables this year.

      The victory now gives Jin a 960 point lead over India’s Abhishek Goindi for the Asia Player of the Year(APOY) race.

      Since his Red Dragon win, Jin has become an official poker coach for and the confident pro declared, “I think I pretty much locked up the APOY after this win.”

      As he rushed off to take his seat in Event 5: $5,000 KO Bounty he added, “I’m playing tomorrow in Day 1A. I hope to defend my Red Dragon title and even think I can final table this (Event 5) event.”

      Event 4 saw two more money finishes from Indian players as Sameer Rattonsey placed 19th and cashed HKD 5000. ShivaKumar Sachidanandan was able to secure 13th position to walk away with HKD 8000.

      Amazingly, Jin is amongst the chip leaders with 50 remaining in the 142-player field of Event 5. PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan made to Day 2 of Event 5 with a stack of 107K chips.

      Event 4: $3,000 NLH Final Table Results

      Nicky Jin (China) — $97,500
      Jan Zeuschner (Germany) — $65,700
      Xing Jin (China) — $41,800
      Longchu Lu (China) — $33,800
      Jia Juen Tse (Hong Kong) — $26,900
      Akira Ohyama (Japan) — $21,900
      Eng Hwee Soh (Singapore) — $17,900
      Hossein Shabannezhad (Malaysia) — $13,900
      Jeonyeob Song (Korea) — $11,900
      Roy Wan (Hong Kong) — $9,788

      For all the side event results CLICK HERE.

      To Know the 2012 PokerStars Asia Player of the Year standings CLICK HERE.

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      The Indian players are making their presence felt in Red Dragon Macau as 5 Indian players cashed in Event 5 -HKD $ 5K Knockout Bounty Event.
      Amit Jain finished 9th and took away HKD 14,300.
      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan places 10th and pockets HKD 11,730.
      Manjeet Asrani was the 11th place finsher and he cashed HKD 9,600.
      Vineet Bailur bags HKD 9,600 for his 13th place.
      Madhav Gupta was the 14th place finisher and got HKD 7,200.

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      Poker Guru
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      Indian Players update Day 1A MPC
      Level 1-3

      Action was folded to Ichinose in the cut off and he raised to 225. Only Sivakumar Sachidanandan called this time, and they went to a flop of K♦Q♣2♥. Ichinose bet 275,000, but Sachidanandan raised to 800. Ichinose folded.

      Craig Cockburn opened from under the gun, making it 375 to go. It was folded to Maddy Gupta in the big blind and he raised to 1,100. Cockburn called, taking them to a Q♥K♠8♠ flop. They both checked.

      The 4♦ didn’t look much like an action card, but that’s precisely what it turned out to be. Madhav bet 1,275, Cockburn raised to 4,075 and after a brief pause, Madhav announced that he was all in, tossing a single 25 chip into the middle to indicate his intentions.

      Cockburn couldn’t fold quick enough, giving the pot to Madhav.

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      Level 4 – 7 update for Day 1A

      Nicky Jin in cutoff opens to 400 and picks up two callers: Kavin Shah on the button and Jun Cheng in the big blind. The three of them saw a flop of 3♠A♥3♠ and after Cheng checked, Jin bet 625. Shah called and Cheng folded. The J♦ turned and this time a bet of 1,150 was enough to win it for Jin.

      On the flop of 6♥T♠9♦., Abhishek Goindi bets 2,575 from small blind and is called by Donats Larionovs in big blind and Yujie Sun in small blind.A 3♦ dealt on the turn made Goindi pause for a bit before announcing that he was all in for about 19,000. A plainly irritated Larionovs folded, but Sun called for his whole stack. Sun tabled Q♦Q♣ for an over-pair. But Goindi had flopped a set with his 6♠6♣ and the K♣ river was meaningless as Goindi takes down a big pot.

      Julian Hasse just took a very small pot, when Sanjay Lawrence with 43K chips limped pre-flop from under the gun. Action was folded to Hasse as he checked the big blind. A flop of 2♠6♥J♥, which Hasse checked. Sanjay bet 1,200 and Hasse called. They checked both the Q♥ turn and the Q♣ river.Sanjay’s 7♥7♣ lost to Hasse’s J♠5♠.

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      Maddy Gupta gotten by Ohyama

      Akira Ohyama just doubled up, profiting from a gutsy play by Madhav “Maddy” Gupta that so very nearly succeeded. Maddy opened from early position and Nicky Jin flat called in the cut off. That prompted a three bet from Ohyama, making it 7,600 from the button. It was folded through the blinds to Maddy, who then four bet, making it 16,300.

      Jin folded, but Ohyama went deep into the tank. He asked Maddy for a count of his remaining stack – it was slightly more than 18,000 extra, which just about covered Ohyama. But Ohyama made a pained move all in, which in turn forced Maddy to ask for a count.

      “I was so sure he had aces,” said Ohyama to Nicky Jin, also at the table. Ohyama was clearly delighted that this all in move hadn’t been snapped off.

      But Maddy couldn’t fold, even if it was going to leave him with only about 4,000 chips. He called.

      Maddy: A♦7♦
      Ohyama: T♦T♣

      Ohyama admitted that he very nearly folded and Maddy said he thought his opponent would pass anything up to jacks in that situation. In the end, though, Ohyama’s move was good as the board ran J♣4♠5♦9♦8♠ and offered no help to Maddy.

      He was out soon after.

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      Westmorland leads Day 1A; David Goldberg takes down HKD 5K KO Bounty

      Born in America and residing in Thailand – Jordan Westmorland leads the remaining 28 players from Day 1A in the Macau Poker Cup main event. Thursday night saw 110 players enter the PokerStars Macau tournament area at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Day 1A of the Red Dragon event.

      Amongst those beneficiaries was PokerStars Qualifier Jordan Westmorland who has more than US $400,000 in online poker winnings. He leads the remaining 28 players at the end of Day 1A with an astonishing 269,000 chips.

      Abhishek Goindi (109,200) the only Indian to head towards Day2 from Day 1A was 2nd in chips at the end. Korea’s Chang Rak Choi (90,100) and China’s Fan Qi (83,600) round out the top four stacks.

      The day, however, must have been bitter for defending champion Nicky Jin who hit the rail after a hot start to the evening. Jin was the only player with a major Asian title to bust as former Red Dragon winners Victor Chen (36,200) and Patrick Lee (31,500) both advanced to Sunday’s Day 2 along with 2010 Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC) winner Julian Hasse (77,500).

      “The top ranked players, the region’s major tournament champions, and the four Team PokerStars Pros in Asia have confirmed their attendance for the Red Dragon. Our team is confident we’ll break last June’s (Red Dragon) mark of 447 players.” said Lorie Lagrosas, PokerStars Macau Operations Manager. “This is the first time the main event has had three Day 1s and the weekend’s 1B and 1C were always going to be much busier. With so many of the big names choosing the latter two flights it means there’s a good chance for really exciting tables over the next couple of days.”

      For Red Dragon – End of Day 1A Chip Counts click on this link.

      [FLOAT-RIGHT][/FLOAT-RIGHT] Thursday also crowned the winner for Event 5: $5,000 KO Bounty which saw Aussie David Goldberg takes the side event for a first prize of HKD $119,500 plus another HKD $14,000 in knock out bounties.

      16 players cashed amongst the 142-player field for a piece of the $447,830 prize pool which also awarded an additional HKD $142,000 in elimination bonuses.

      Amongst those who cashed was 2011 MPCC winner Raiden Kan who finished in 3rd place. Since the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) ranking system began in 2009, Kan — the top ranked player from Malaysia for 3 consecutive years — has now amassed 15 final tables in Official APOY events which puts him in a 3-way tie on the all-time list for Most Final Tables with Shaq Lin (2011 Asia Player of the Year) and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin.

      The day, however, belonged to Goldberg who was making his second trip to Macau in as many Macau Poker Cups. By the time heads up play began against China’s Xiao Jia, the 31-year old business man had a gripping 9-to-1 chip advantage.

      It was only a matter of minutes before Jia moved all-in with Ah-8c and was called by Goldberg’s suited JT of hearts.

      The board ran Kh-8d-2c-7h-3h giving the South African-born Goldberg a flush for his first title on the Asian poker circuit. The win moves him into No. 11 on the APOY rankings.

      “PokerStars Macau is hosting great tournaments and I had a great experience from the last MPC that made me want to play the tournament again.” said Goldberg. He confirmed his plans to play the main event and added, “I promised I would give my winning prize to my wife and we will go for holiday.”

      Event 5: KO Bounty Final Table Results

      David Goldberg (Australia) — $119,500
      Xiao Jia (China) — $81,200
      Raiden Kan (Malaysia) — $52,600
      Sam Pak Shing Wu (Hong Kong) — $43,000
      Simon Avrutis (Australia) — $33,400
      Ion Sang Song (Macau) — $28,700
      Shanshan Zhao (China) — $23,900
      Aaron Hung Chang Lin (Chinese Taipei) — $19,100
      Amit Jain (India) — $14,300
      Sangeeth Mohan (India) — $11,730

      For Official Side Event Results please CLICK HERE

      For 2012 Asia Player of the Year rankings please CLICK HERE

      Notables expected in the Day 1B field include Team PokerStars Pros Raymond Wu, Celina Lin, and Vivian Im.

      The Red Dragon –Day 1B begins Friday at 8:10 PM HKT. The main event comes with a HKD $3.000,000 guarantee.

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      Day 1B update
      Samoh rakes in a pot

      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan opened to 2,500 from early position and both blinds called. It was Gordon Huntley in the small blind, the Scottish player who recently won in Sydney on the ANZPT. The three of them saw a flop of Q♠7♥T♦ and after both blinds checked, Samoh bet 3,500. Only Huntley called.
      The turn was 5♠ and Huntley checked. Samoh bet 6,500 and this time it was good. Huntley folded and Samoh raked that one.

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      [FLOAT-RIGHT][/FLOAT-RIGHT] Day 1B of the Red Dragon attracted 148 players that brings the total player count to 258 (Day 1A of 110 entrants, Day 1B of 148 entrants) for the Macau Poker Cup’s main event. Hopefully last year June’s record for 447 players in the HKD $3,000,000 guaranteed event will be crushed this time as Day1C is still in fray.

      Leading the surviving 41 players from Day 1B is Hong Kong’s Tomaz Yip with 183,500 chips. Although he is trailing to Day 1A chip leader Jordan Westmorland who has 269,000 chips. China’s Xujun Huang (120,100), Korea’s Chul Woo Park (119,700), Russia’s Vladimir Volov (104,200), UK’s Rickie Vedhara (101,300) and Taiwan’s chin Feng Lee (101,100) are the other Day 1B survivors over the 100K mark.

      Other notables advancing to Sunday’s Day 2 include Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin (38,300) and Vivian Im (17,900); former Red Dragon winners Wing Cheong Chong (75,600) and Kenny Leong (21,000); recent ANZPT Sydney champion Gordon Huntley (15,000) and PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan (34,800). Unfortunately only Indian player moved to Day2 from Day1B and that is Sangeeth.

      For the End of Day 1B Chip Counts CLICK HERE.

      The Day 1B chips are bagged but it’s a quick turnaround for the PokerStars Macau room as they’ll soon be setting up the tournament area for Red Dragon –Day 1C which starts Saturday at 2:10 PM local time.

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      Total no.s for MPC: Red Dragon June edition

      Numbers are in for today and there are 133 players in the mix. Added to yesterday’s 148 and Thursday’s 110, that makes a total of 391 chasing the Red Dragon of the Macau Poker Cup.

      We will have a full break-down of the prize pool as it is calculated. Suffice to say, the HK $3m guarantee has been breached.
      There were 391 players, paying HK $11,000 apiece, generating a prize pool of $3,838,212, after deductions.

      The top 44 players will be paid and the winner will receive HK $854,000.

      Full Payout( in HKD )

      1 – 854,000
      2 – 589,100
      3 – 351,200
      4 – 278,300
      5 – 220,700
      6 – 180,400
      7 – 140,100
      8 – 103,600
      9 – 84,400

      10 – 66,712
      11-13 – 55,700
      14-16 – 46,100
      17-20 – 36,500
      21-25 – 26,900
      26-30 – 23,000
      31-44 – 19,200

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      Day 1C completed

      [FLOAT-RIGHT][/FLOAT-RIGHT] After three calendar days and 31 (and a half) levels of play, “day one” of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event is now finished. The third and final flight has just concluded in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex in Macau, and we can all now look forward to day two proper tomorrow.

      Joining Jordan Westmorland and Tomaz Yip as overnight leaders is Richard Hu, from China, who bagged up 183,000 chips tonight, the most from the 133 players on day 1C. Westmorland will lead overall going into day two, but you can only beat what is put in front of you, and Hu was irrepressible today. Danny Lai finished with 144,000 after he had been wrecking ball for most of the day. The next biggest stack was that of Darian Tan, who finished with 131,100.

      Out of the original 133 entrants of Day1c only 35 move to Day 2.The combining total is(28 from Day1A,41 survived day 1B and 35 from Day 1C) 104 and these 104 will play down till the final table in Day 2, But only 44 players will be lucky enough to finish in the money.

      From India, Kunal Jain (81,700 chips), Jasven Saigal (48,400 chips) and Akash Malik (18,900 chips) move to Day 2. So, they will be joining Abhishek Goindi and PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan in Day2.

      For the complete chip counts heading towards Day2 click here.

      For Day2 seating draws click here!

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      65 remain

      65 players remain in the MPC Red Dragon and Abhishek Goindi sits with 175,000 chips.

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      Abhishek Goindi has just knocked out Raiden Kan with a pretty standard ace-king versus pocket jacks encounter. Kan was down to about 95,000 after tangling on the bubble with Qi Fan. But when you add them to Goindi’s stack, he moves up to about 400,000, which is close to the chip lead.

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      Hope he takes it down!!

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      Sanat kaikini

      Brutal way to go out .

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      Hu better, Goindi gutted
      Richard Hu was somehow down to his last 130,000-odd but, true to his yo-yo style, has now doubled it back up again. He was in the big blind as Abhishek Goindi opened from the button. Hu called.

      I’m not sure how all the money went in subsequently, but I can see how come it did. Hu had K♦8♣ and Goindi A♣4♠. The flop has brought something for both of them: A♥8♦K♣. The turn and river were J♦Q♣, which meant Hu’s two pair was good.

      Goindi has been riding a roller-coaster of his own this afternoon, but is now at a low ebb. He has about 55,000 after doubling Hu back up to about 270,000.

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      Cockburn finishes the job on Goindi
      After a raise to 16,000 from middle position, Craig Cockburn announced that he was all in from the button, covering just about everyone else at the table. Abhishek Goindi then asked for an all in triangle too (they use a triangle out here to denote the all in player) as he under-called from the big blind. The original raiser got out the way.

      “Sick set-up,” muttered someone on the rail as Cockburn tabled A♦Q♠ to Goindi’s K♥K♣.

      It got sicker. The flop came 7♦9♦6♦ to give Cockburn any diamond, in addition to his ace, in his bid to eliminate Goindi. The 4♣ turn was safe, but the 4♦ river was a killer.

      Goindi, who needed to finish in the top four to take over the lead in the race for Asia Player of the Year, departs in 22nd instead.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      ah Damn..WP Goindi

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      [FLOAT-RIGHT][/FLOAT-RIGHT] After 13 hours of play we are left with only 9 players and one of them will take home the Red Dragon and HK $854,000. We wrap up Day 2 with Qi Ming Fan being leading with 1,669,000 chips.

      Below are the chip counts of the remaining 9 players.

      Seat 1 – Celina Lin – 477,000
      Seat 2 – Zhengwei Ni – 304,000
      Seat 3 – Jordan Westmorland – 256,000
      Seat 4 – Qi Ming Fan – 1,669,000
      Seat 5 – Chang Rak Choi – 1,450,000
      Seat 6 – Richard Hu – 305,000
      Seat 7 – Yu Liang – 82,000
      Seat 8 – Daniel Sing – 380,000
      Seat 9 – Chul Woo Park – 902,000

      Looking back on today, the main stories centre on Celina Lin and Jordan Westmorland, but there are admirable sub-plots involving Daniel Sing, Richard Hu and Yu Liang as well. Abhishek Goinidi finished 22nd and took home HKD 26,900 in prize.

      Day 3 and the final day will start at 2.00 PM local time.
      The payouts so far are as follows:

      10 – Brice Renaud – HK $66,712
      11 – Rickie Vedhara- HK $55,700
      12 – Martin Gait- HK $55,700
      13 – Vivian Im- HK $55,700
      14 – Shao-hung Lee, – HK $46,100
      15 – Aaron Lim- HK $46,100
      16 – Simon Merritt- HK $46,100
      17 – Qinglei Wang- HK $36,500
      18 – Yee Lap Lai- HK $36,500
      19 – Ashish Gupta- HK $36,500
      20 – Craig Cockburn- HK $36,500
      21 – Ling Kay Yip- HK $26,900
      22 – Abhishek Goindi- HK $26,900
      23 – Lai Koon Lim- HK $26,900
      24 – Darian Tan- HK $26,900
      25 – Chi Ho Kevin Tse- HK $26,900
      26 – Haihong Li- HK $23,000
      27 – Emi Hibuse- HK $23,000
      28 – Hsu Fang Cho- HK $23,000
      29 – Hui Wen- HK $23,000
      30 – Boyao Li- HK $23,000
      31 – Tsugunari Toma- HK $19,200
      32 – Shihui Yu- HK $19,200
      33 – Xujun Huang- HK 19,200
      34 – Scott Calcagno- HK $19,200
      35 – Raiden Kan- HK $19,200
      36 – Chin Feng Lee- HK $19,200
      37 – Meshern Govender- HK $19,200
      38 – Jeffrey Rossiter- HK $19,200
      39 – Yuan Ji Dai, China- HK $19,200
      40 – Hirotoshi Nakabo- HK $19,200
      41 – Wang Ping Yuan- HK $19,200
      42 – Takuo Serita- HK $19,200
      43 – Kwok Man Lau- HK $19,200
      44 – Yi Liu- HK $19,200

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      Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin Claims Her 2nd Red Dragon Title

      With the poker player fields at PokerStars Macau tournaments growing annually at a torrid pace, many have questioned whether one of these past champions winning a second main event on the Asian poker circuit was impossible, improbable, or inevitable. On Monday night, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin provided the answer as she captured her second Red Dragon title in the 16th edition of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon series.

      Lin beat the 391-player field at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex and won the lionÂ’s share of the HKD $3,838,212 (US $495,000) prize pool,taking home the HKD $854,000 (US $110,000) top prize.

      “I always wanted to be the first female champion,” said the 29-year old referencing her first Red Dragon title in 2009. “But I thought it was impossible to win it twice.”

      The final table exploded into action as overnight chip leader, Ming Fan, dominated the first two hours which was all it took before heads up play began.

      Fan personally knocked out 5 players while Lin eliminated 1 opponent to only be down 4-to-1 in chips heading into the head-to-head battle.

      The 4-to-1 ratio became a re-occurring theme as Lin managed to tie or lead the heads up match four times before Fan regained the 4x advantage at each critical all-in juncture.

      There was a large and vocal group cheering for Lin, including fellow Team PokerStars member Bryan Huang, and the 29-year old recognized them afterwards. “The support from my friends really pushed me that much more to refocus each of those times the cards fell the wrong way. It was tough having the advantage for the win so many times and starting from scratch over and over again. They were really huge for me.

      After 6 grueling hours of dueling for the Red Dragon trophy — which was sitting right in front of them on the green felt — the last hand of the night finally came. As PokerStars blogger Howard Swains described it: “…it was a limped pot pre-flop and the two of them went to a K♥3♦6♣ flop. There was no action there either, but the 4♦ turn suddenly meant it went nuts.

      Ming Fan checked, Lin bet 200,000 and Fan moved all in. Lin called!

      The stacks were almost equal – so close in fact that we weren’t sure who had whom covered – but before that was decided, we saw the hands.

      Lin had 6♦4♠ and was ahead of Fan’s Q♦5♦, but he had plenty of outs to both the flush and the straight.

      After a long pause, the dealer finally burned and turned the Q♠. The rail erupted and the tournament officials set about counting the chips. It was down to (tournament director) Hill to announce: “Celina has him covered” and the roof was suddenly lifted from the room

      ….Celina Lin is Red Dragon champion. For the SECOND TIME!”

      Asked about her next goal, Lin responded, “APOY. Nothing beats having your name etched on one of those golden steps.”

      Lin’s victory moves her to No. 4 on the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) rankings and she now owns the all-time record for final tables (16) in Official APOY tournaments. Ming Fan enters the Top Ten at No. 7 with his runner-up finish.

      Nicky Jin failed to defend his Red Dragon title but did make two final tables — including a win in Event 4 — to retain his No. 1 spot on the leaderboard.

      Japan’s Yosuke Sekiya temporarily dropped to No. 4 before moving back to No. 3 with his season-leading fourth final table in Event 9 where he finished 6th.


      Celina Lin (China) — $854,000

      Ming Fan (China) — $589,100

      Chul Woo Park (Korea) — $351,200

      Chang Rak Choi (Korea) — $278,300

      Richard Hu (China) — $220,700

      Dan Sing (New Zealand) — $180,400

      Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) — $140,100

      Yu Liang (China) — $103,600

      Zhengwei Ni (China) — $84,400

      Read the complete live coverage report on

    • #25392

      Congratulations Kavin Shah for finishing 19th (HKD 9,800) in Event 7 and Amit Varma for coming 14th (HKD 3,200) in Event 9.

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