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      I just wanted to some tips for building a bankroll on micro stakes.

      I’m looking for tips with regards to starting bankroll, table selection, no of hours to put in and almost anything else of importance.

      I’m hoping to make $1-$2k a month.

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      Hi rajmortha,

      Will you be playing SNG’s or cashgames? No matter what type of game, the key is volume in microstakes. To make 1-2k / month you will need to put in a lot of hours/day unless you run good and move up in stakes fast.

      My advice is, don’t worry to much about profit. Definitely don’t move up in stakes unless you know for sure that you beat the current limit. Find a type of game that you enjoy and set a goal for volume.

      If you can be more specific about what you will be playing and what your starting bankroll is, i might be able to be more detailed in my advice.

      Take care!

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      Nothing more than 4-5NL in terms of stakes.

      That would be mean about $200 in Bankroll.

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      Cash games

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      With a $200 bankroll i think you should grind the 5 NL tables until you got about $300. Then take shots at 10NL and if it turns out well just keep grinding until BR is about $500 to $600. You can then take shots at NL25.

      If you ever run bad or play bad you got to move down. Rebuild and do it all over again until you show profit. At the very small stakes i wouldn’t worry to much about table selecting. Just watch out for other players that are taking the same route as you. The rest are there for gambling and there money is to be taken. Be patient. Don’t ever tilt. Tilt is the factor that will keep you from moving up in stakes.

      As i said in my last post, micros are all about volume. So try to put in as many hands as possible. Multi-tabling will help you with volume, but don’t play more tables then you can handle. You need to be able to spot players on tilt or those that are giving away there money.

      Thats my two cents. GL and take care!

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      i would sugest a way…. which is quick and i have tried successfully 3-4 times….
      Play cash tables on Rush poker at FTP… for micro stakes… and play Super super tight their…. try to play only TOP 5 hands…. u will end up playing more than 1000 hands in an hour… but its the easiest way of making money…if u r new and dont know much about table Image and hand history…. because every hand u will be dealt with new opponent…Playing Super tight is key at rush poker…
      Risk 10$ to start and maximum 30$ loss in a day.. if u will play 2hrs daily… u can easily move from 0.01/0.02 to 0.50/1 … in week time… Dont go for 1$/2$ on rush poker because as u move up the limit players are less… and start recognizing tight image..

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