making transition from NL Holdem sitngos to cash games Pot Limit/Fixed Limit Omaha

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      Hi My name is abhishek kedia i started playing real money online poker about 3 months ago and started with 14$ and now have a bankroll of over 200$ divided between 888poker and pokerstars. I was trying to make the transition from the multitable sitngos that have been the cause of my rise to pot limit and fixed limit omaha. Until now i have had only losing sessions where i have consistently been losing money what should i do. Help!

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      You have been doing pretty good Abhishek you seem to be good grinder, so is it something that you have started playing Omaha and thats the reason of your down swings. if thats the matter than i suggest you should start playing the MTTs from which u made your bankroll and skip Omaha for some time 🙂

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      Sujith Raj

      buddy, if you are so keen to try plo or fixed variant, y not try those 50-50 sit n gos until u get a hold of starting hands, texture of flop, board nature and have a nice BR as buffer.

      personal experience:
      omaha is high variance – BR is just too important in this game- never ever take chances in cash games unless ur br can absorb say min 10-15 buyin downswings.

      all the best !

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      Rajat Agarwal

      I agree with Soojy007 on tht one. Omaha is def higher variance and BR is paramount. How long have you been playing Omaha?

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      ive been playing since about 1 month

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      Poker Guru

      Hi Abhishek,

      You say in your post that you have had several losing sessions playing Omaha. How is your current form at the tables?

      I suggest starting at lower stakes and move up after building a bankroll. $200 is a limited bankroll and you have to be careful.

      Good Luck!

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      mohit sharma

      I see some hope i’m still grinding and looking to build my bankroll to $200 wish me luck!

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      Good Luck Mohit 🙂

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      Mohit keep playing the longer duration low stakes MTTs on pokerstars like the 50c 45 plrs, 50c 90plrs follow strict bankroll mgmt. the rule is have 40 buy ins at your stakes. Aim at really deep finishes and getting through 6-7 hr grinds per session. Im just a 20 year old kid who threw in some pocket and had some serious luck but Jai Bharat Mata ki..

Viewing 8 reply threads
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