Medium PP facing 2 all-in’s after 3-bet

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      Poker Stars $3.00+$0.30 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t40/t80 Blinds – 9 players

      CO: t4420 55.25 BBs
      BTN: t6480 81 BBs
      Hero (SB): t14364 179.55 BBs
      BB: t4706 58.83 BBs
      UTG: t2180 27.25 BBs
      UTG+1: t9850 123.12 BBs
      UTG+2: t11338 141.72 BBs
      MP1: t8057 100.71 BBs
      MP2: t6220 77.75 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t120) Hero is SB with 9 9
      , MP1 raises to t240, MP2 calls t240, , Hero raises to t1024, BB raises to t4706 all in, MP1 raises to t8057 all in,

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      just call.. dont 3b.. below 30bb just jam..

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      yes dont 3bet…..and never go all in here…i hate this 99 hand…

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      if the ante’s have kicked in and ur in a good position then shove (u want to steal the pot with this type of hands)
      when 30BB or less fold (if ur in small blind or big blind or dealer then shove…its all about the position ur in with these type of hands)

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      Vignesh G

      i see a fold here…… tournament players will be giving better advice here..but lemme chuck out my thoughts…
      1. could have flat called pre…with stacks this deep, a set mine would have given u more value than a fold from the initial raiser…..the reason am against 3 betting here is, it makes more sense if its folded around to u and u think it will be tough to play OOP if u missed it..but u have to take into account that MP2 has flat calling makes sense as ur odds(implied) improves with more players in the pot…
      2. 3 bet size could have been a bit smaller..not sure abt this though..jus my two cents…
      3. so obvio its a snap fold..u could be dominated by one of them or at best flipping which u don wanna do this deep atm..

      regarding similar situation in turbos, after antes, or when 30bb lesser, TBH i dunno….intervention or other tourney pros may guide better..all the best

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      Why are you 3-betting here? You even know why 3-betting is bad and include it in your post…

      Easy fold now obviously.

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