Mixed reactions II.

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      This hand was at royale APT sat.
      I did get some quite interesting comments about how this hand was played. What do you think?


      everybody fold to button.
      BU raise 875 (loose player)
      SB (me) QQ, raise 3700 (I have about 15K stack here, I cover both BB and BU.)
      BB allin 7100 (pretty tight)
      BU folds

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      ahh just call cant fold qq there and u have already invested a lot so just call.

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      you have to call… as Danish mentioned you have to put 3400 more in almost 13000 pot… QQ is a very good hand there…

      But ..i think as you mentioned Button is a loose player….BB may think you are making a move here and re-stealing… he could pretty much shove any suited Ace here having a tight image and get you off your hand…. in which case we are pretty good 🙂

      so what did BB had??

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      BB is a tight player, but I was thinking of him re-stealing. Because i did my best to make my bet look like a steal..
      anyway he had AA and doubled up.. GG A.

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