Moving to India very soon – What I need to know about online and live poker?

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      Vijay Singh

      Hey guys,

      My name is Vijay and I am from Canada. I am going to be moving to India in the very near future for job purposes. I am a keen poker player both online and live but don’t really know anything about poker legislation in India.

      I tried to find out as much as I could on the twoplustwo forum and when doing so somebody recommended me to join Pokerguru, so I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the forum as I will be an active member in the months to come once I move over.

      Just touching on online poker, I am aware its very much a “grey area” but you can still play with no qualms right?

      Live poker is where I need some guidance – its it illegal or legal? Is it legal in some places and illegal in others (if so which places?)

      Any feedback would be most appreciated, thanks guys.


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      Poker Guru

      Hi Vijay,

      Welcome to the community!

      Well most of what you have heard is true. There is no specific legislation here for online/live poker. Live tournaments at least the official ones take place onboard Casino’s which are on ships in Goa. These Casino`s are licensed and legal hence no worries on this front.There are live tournaments every month and you can check the schedule on the tournament database page.

      In case of any further questions feel free to post them here!

      Team PokerGuru

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      Hey Vijay,

      Like Admin said, live poker is “technically” illegal almost everywhere. However, completely legal tournies and cash games are held on offshore casinos in Goa with increasing regularity and are becoming very popular.

      Otherwise, there are always underground home games in most cities(least the metros). U just gotta find the right guys. Also in Bangalore where u are headed, the scene is pretty good. There’s a couple of clubs itself one of them being very popular in Bangalore. Cash games from regular Goa stakes to nosebleed stakes are held there. Also there’s loads of home games in bangalore fosho

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      Jake Witcher

      Hi Vijay, may i recomend when when you get to India that you come to one of the poker tournament series organised in Goa. the IPS or IPC would be a good starting place (amoungst others) and just come along and see what its like for yourself, speak to the players like Donkabomber who are very friendly and will help you find out whatever you need to know.

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      Thnx Jake 😀 And its a very friendly community anyway so feel free to shoot watever questions u may hav

      oh and here’s one for starters

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      Hi Vijay

      Home games happen in virtually every city. You would need to a friend to introduce you to the group normally. Not sure which city you would be in so am making a generalised statement. Going by the law, then home games are illegal and so are games at clubs. But then they run at both places I am told and you get a variety of stakes to choose from.

      Live games are held at legit Casinos in Goa – Casino Royale / Casino Pride / Casino Carnival have Card Rooms where poker is played and you get a choice of tables (stakes) to choose from. House rules prevail.

      Live tournaments are also held in all these casinos periodically. Virtually every month you would get a tournament with a variety of buy-ins to choose from in these tourneys. These are legal tournaments and also professionally conducted and very much international in standards.

      Warm Regards

      Bharat Agarwalla

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      can connect you with some games that happen at different venues in bangalore, drop me a message with your mail id / number once you are here

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