my SCOOP – disastrous !! venting….

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      Sujith Raj

      1)pot limit 5 card draw – $11 – no of players – 3580 – placed – 626
      — (had QQQxx against chipleader’s K7K7x , I draw 2, he draws 1 and “obviously” hits and betters to KK777 – done and out) (raised-reraised pot)

      2)PLO – $55 – 6 max – got through a $5.50 satellite – no of players – 3300 – placed – 1592
      — (out to a maniac player who plays plo like hold ’em, was waiting for my opportunity and oh yeah got one)

      me UTG , him UTG+2 , i call with Q78T against his AKK2 (raised pot)
      flop – 89T rainbow, i min bet, he raises pot as i wanted, took 10secs to think whether he wud have 9TJQ,AKJQ etc, but then again the ass was raising with 9732 n such shitty hands, i reraise him he puts me all in.

      wow, i have 2 pair and an openender against his just KK right, but poker fking stars doesnt disappoint as always, turn is a 9 , river – some fk i dont even care
      kk99 wins over TT88 – final board 89T9(smfk)

      3) 7 card stud hi/lo – $22 – got through a $5.50 satellite – no of players – 2012 – placed 759

      there was nice rape in the ass in this tourney A234 spades as starters towards midway in tounery – i couldnt even win a split pot.

      as tuff fish – search youtube – puts it – lets see how i get beat this time is what i think before playing there. it finds means n ways to bad beat u.

      there are plenty more, plo hi/lo , razz etc where they didnt even use lube !

      its simple – u just cant win or place final table in a tourney if the cards doesnt fall for u (thts provided u are using common sense, logic behind ur reasoning and little bit of imagination).

      fk shud have taken screenshots as my mind told me to from first scoop tourney, but i’d rather use my hands to pull hair out than to press alt + printscreen

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      Rajat Agarwal

      I hear you brother… played a couple myself and well best if I forget the bad beats….I think these are soo many donks playing some of the low limit events tht variance is too high to show any profit in such a small sample size but well we have to play scoop 😉

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      Sujith Raj

      they say….keep playing your best ! the more you play against donks, the more u get the money in at the best spots, u will win on the long run.
      what is this long run fk??? are we gonna play endless number of games till we die to see long run is still 2KM more ? (no offense intended to players who have already won big cashes,$1000+, in tourneys.) . The only truth that prevails is – the more u play against these donks the more u get sucked out. And what do u get ? oh yeah a nice -EV graph and tonnes of Sklansky bucks which aint worth the tissue I use in my restroom.

      by the way, u tend to remember bad beats more logic/conspiracy/setup – aint good enough. from what I have seen, for every 20 hands they suck out on me, I am bad beat-ing them 2 or max 3. may be because i dont chase my gutshots and other 20-25% after flop hands etc often.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      As I mentioned MTT`s are comparatively higher variance and to show profits you will need to pack in volume. It takes 14-16 hours for some bigger tournaments and you make one mistake and you are out of the tournament.I guess Bankroll Management is very important so that one can play a natural game and is your not too pressurized by a loosing streak.
      Having said this I will also advise analyzing loopholes in your game. Hand histories on a replayer shown to a pro will go a long way in improving any mistakes you might inadvertently be making. Try taking a shot at smaller fields SNG`s. Community coach Martin “a1ias” will be more then happy to help you here!

      Good Luck!

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