Need advice on this hand..what went wrong here!! is LUCK to be blamed or otherwise??

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      Vivek Raju

      Finished 6th out of 4555 players for $131.20 won. Was a real lengthy tourney almost ran 9 hours finished early morning around 5. Was the third in chip stack at the Final Table. This was the hand that had me finish 6th.

      Hero Hand: 89H
      Villain: AJ

      Hero min raise :60k
      Villain re-raise : 210000k

      Hero calls and the FLOP: 7, 10, J (HERO FLOPPED THE STRAIGHT)

      Hero All in: 1.4 Million (27,400 left)
      Villain goes All in: 1.33 Million Apx

      TURN CARD : J
      RIVER CARD : J

      Villains wins the hand with 4 of a kind J’s, pfff wat a hand, had to settle with 6th. This is becoming a routine loosing to some crazy hands after all that sweating.

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      luck…nothing else……u cant blame urself fr it…move on & ship another one…well played btw

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      Vivek Raju

      thanks pal..

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      Arjun Parmar

      need more info about ur hand… like position, chips left, what was the blind level, if u had any read on the opponents etc… well as far as the hand goes thats a sick beat n it only happens when ur opponent gets lucky… cant do much there forget it n move on mate… cheers 🙂

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      Arjun Parmar

      the info is needed if u want advice on the “Otherwise” part of the hand 🙂

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      You were behind preflop :p and u got lucky on the flop.. and then justice got served lol..

      Anyways, u cnt do nything abt the hand.. it was standard preflop allin.. results dont matter bro..

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      Vivek Raju

      Thanks for all your replies guys 🙂

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