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      i really need help in bankroll management and i mean specific help…not like the 2% rule help….

      lets say i deposit $100 on pokerstar. now i have 3 questions…….

      1. what should be the highest buy-in in tournament and sng for me?

      2. what should be the ring games limit for me?

      3 and the most important question is in tournaments i retain good stack for quite a long time but whenever i get a bad beat or or my stack gets really low i get restless and i generally get busted out after that…how to overcome from that

      thanks for reading……do reply 🙂

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      Nehal Kapadi

      umm..for tournaments and sngs with a 100$ bankroll ,i would recomend to stick to 1$ buy ins max(not including the rake ofcrse).
      I would say 50BIs for stt and 100 BIs for mtt just bec the variance is much more in mtts. With 100$ you could mix 0.50$ 45/90 players on stars.
      2% is always good enough and safe. You should have a limit to your sessions if loosing,ie if am running very bad or bust out of 6-8 tourneys ,i would end my session and come back later.
      For ring games am not sure , .01/.02 blinds is appropriate or maybe .02/.05.
      And for your 3rd point ,that happens a lot to everyone. Just dont get restless and wait till you can put all your money in with a good hand.
      Even if you are short- stacked, unless you are the shortest stack you can afford to wait – let the pressure of the rising blinds tell on the shortest stack first.

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      thanks a lot man….and i will try the reply to the third point…:)

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      Some solid advise there by Nehal.

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      Nehal Kapadi

      I’m glad I could help 🙂

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