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      Need your suggestion, I am playing mainly Cash games under 5c/10c NL on FT ($35) & VC($15).

      I am able to win moderately however my losses keep my bankroll almost same ( it nullify my win actually) so I am not able to increase my BR.

      I play 2-3 hrs daily

      What would be your suggestion so that I can increase my BR?

      When to standup from the table? When to move to next level?

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      Nehal Kapadi

      Your playn at stakes ur bankroll cant take….!
      you should always buyin with 5 % of your bankroll not more than that..!
      To play at 5c/10c u should hve a bankroll of 100$
      search bankroll management on google or youtube…that will help you better!!

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      Jan Hlobil

      There are various ways to build your bankroll, but as Nehalkuul mentioned, Bankroll Management is the most crucial factor in safely growing your bankroll. Other then that there are some ‘easy’ ways to increase your bankroll, through poker/casino and free bet bonuses, of which the requirements have become harder to meet these days and don’t even start with them if you don’t have a Neteller account, as it involves numerous deposits and withdrawals.
      The best way though is to improve your game, learn to multitable and put in the hours at the limits drawn by bankroll management rules. With your total starting capital of $50 I would recommend the following:

      – Play no higher than $0.02/$0.04 until you reach $100
      – Start with one table at $0.01/$0.02 and add more tables once you feel comfortable with the gameplay
      – Stop playing when you drop 2 buy-ins to prevent any loses due to tilt

      By playing 2-3 hours a day and at a winrate of 5 Big Bets per 100 hands, which is not hard to accomplish on the micro stakes as most players think they’re playing bingo, you will earn approx $1.20 a day when playing two tables of $0.02/$0.04. Add two more tables and you can almost double your earnings.
      Once you’ve reached a $100 bankroll it’s time to try out the games at $0.05/$0.10, and the best way to do this is to play three tables of $0.02/$0.04 and one table of $0.05/$0.10. Once you go below $100 bankroll you just drop down in limits until you’ve reached the required bankroll again.
      Starting out with $200 makes a significant difference time-wise, you’ll have to grind almost two months on the micro stakes to reach this bankroll from just $50, but experience wise it’s probably best to start with a small bankroll and try to build it up. I started myself by playing freerolls and collecting a few $ in the process, which I grinded out on the micro stakes and gradually moved up to $2/4 and $3/6 games in the course of a year, and there are many online poker players who share similar stories, so I’m sure you could do this too!!

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      Excellent suggestion Jan, i guess thats what I was looking for…

      I buy-in on $2 table on FT and win $6 playing Rush poker, ideally i should stop there however to win more i enter into a big pot and loose( $ 3 or more) in a single hand.

      Now I would be more cautious…

      Thanks once again

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      Never Tilt…Thats Key….
      even i m saying this…i tilt most of the times.. >:(

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      Jan Hlobil

      yah tilt can really kill your bankroll, and when you’re playing underrolled ($50 for $0.02/$0.04 games is 12.5 buy-ins, if you’re playing poker for a living it’s recommended to keep 50+ buy-ins to ensure you never go broke) you should practice a stop-loss: quit your session when you lose x buy-ins. This can really save your bankroll, just start playing again after relaxing for a bit 🙂

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      1 table SIT n Go’s are a great way to boost bankroll
      you have like $35, just play 10 sit n go’s at a time
      play tight, read some strategy and it really increase your bankroll
      i was able to make $200 from $50 i about a couple of weeks of course i played a lot

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      agree… Single table Table SNG are best way to build Bankroll…
      If planing to Multitable…. Super turbo -short handed SNG are best way to win…
      keep Bankroll management always in mind….always play with 100 buy-in behind… and accordingly up/down ur stakes

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