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      sunny sen

      New here, and super glad to see poker sort of catching up in india. Hope to have a good time with you folks here.
      And of course an excellent site

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      Poker Guru

      Welcome to the PokerGuru Community!

      Where are you from Sunny?

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      Hey Noob welcome to pokerguru tell us more about yourself ….:)

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      sunny sen

      Hey Noob welcome to pokerguru tell us more about yourself ….:)

      Hey Noob welcome to pokerguru tell us more about yourself ….:)

      Am from Calcutta and primarily a Heads up NL cash player, playing exclusively HU cash for almost 15 months now upto 1/2nl across all sites, but getting more and more irritated with Full tilt due to their withdrawal issues. I occasionally play the big buyin MTTs, time permitting, but usually get bored with MTTs. pretty quickly.

      Heres my winning till April of this year, Im currently coming out of a 30 buyin downswing 🙂 after some super tilty and super swingy sessions versus hyper aggro euro donks.

      Uploaded with

      Uploaded with

      I was staked and coached for a bit last year by a couple of HU beasts(TcfromUB on PS and isura on leggopoker and two-plus-two), but currently play on my own dime and trying to move upto mid-stakes by end of this year. I have done some coaching for HU (upto 50nl) and some micro-stakes 6max

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      Sujith Raj

      saw ur graphs and PTR , wow….. just wow.

      tonnes of respect bro !

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      Very impressive! Keep killing it mate.

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      ooops crazy stats man……keep the good work :!

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      suraj chaddi

      lol…i dont even know wher to star….iam completely new to this…..

      can any one explain me which website shd i start to play to earn real money….??

Viewing 7 reply threads
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