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      Hey friends,

      All of you must be aware of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)’s event 58 the USD 10,000 main event world championship where 6865 turned up to get the biggest glory of poker. From a prizepool of US $ 64,531,000, 693 places were to be paid. We are so close to the month of November so I thought to give you all an update on the final table players (The November 9), who meet in November 6th to battle it out for the title. Let us now have a quick view on the final nine.

      Seat 1: Matt Giannetti (Las Vegas, NV) – 24,750,000 chips
      Seat 2: Badih Bounahra (Belize City, Belize) – 19,700,000 chips
      Seat 3: Eoghan O’Dea (Dublin, Ireland) – 33,925,000 chips
      Seat 4: Phil Collins (Las Vegas, NV) – 23,875,000 chips
      Seat 5: Anton Makiievskyi (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) – 13,825,000 chips
      Seat 6: Sam Holden (Sussex, UK) – 12,375,000 chips
      Seat 7: Pius Heinz (Cologne, Germany) – 16,425,000 chips
      Seat 8: Ben Lamb (Tulsa, OK) – 20,875,000 chips
      Seat 9: Martin Staszko (Trinec, Czech Republic) – 40,175,000 chips

      Currently Martin Staszko from Czech Republic is the chip leader with 40,175,000 chips and Eoghan O’Dea of Ireland is in 2nd place with 33,925,000 chips. The November nine was set during the 36th level of play where the blinds were 250,000/500,000 and with an ante of 50,000. John Hewitt was the final table bubble as Eoghan O’Dea turned a broadway straight to eliminate Hewitt. He cashes US $ 607,882 for his efforts. ESPN will be covering the the table live so do follow your television screens to view the action live.

      For more information on the November Nine Players visit:

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      Poker Guru

      The November Nine re-convene tomorrow for the Grand Finale to this years biggest Poker Event!

      Who will be this years WSOP Champion?

      A surprise gift for one lucky member who makes the right pick!

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      Sanat kaikini

      Ben lamb

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      Eoghan O’Dea

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      Simon Mint

      Matt Giannetti

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      Already 5 eliminations on the Final Table:

      5 Phil Collins 2,269,599
      6 Eoghan O’Dea 1,720,831
      7 Bob Bounahra 1,314,097
      8 Anton Makiievskyi 1,010,015
      9 Sam Holden 782,115

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      For the live stream from the WSOP Final Table visit

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      3 players remain at the WSOP Main Event Final Table. Play will resume on Tuesday. Follow the live streaming at the link above.

      Chip counts of the remaining players:
      1 Pius Heinz 107,800,000
      2 Ben Lamb 55,400,000
      3 Martin Staszko 42,700,000

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      Sanat kaikini

      Ben Lamb is out. lost a huge in the 1st hand of the day.two left now.

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      Heinz with more than 2:1 Chip LEad

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      Sanat kaikini

      Pius Heinz wins the 2011 WSOP main event.

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      The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event is now down to final three players, and the final will resume on Tuesday, at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

      It took about 10.5 hours to set the stage for Tuesday’s finale where it will be Pius Heinz, Ben Lamb, and Martin Staszko fighting for the title.

      The 26-year-old poker pro from Las Vegas Matt Giannetti, became the sixth player to exit from the WSOP Main Event Championship final table on Sunday — following Great BritainÂ’s Sam Holden (9th place), Anton Makiievskyi (8th place), Bob Bounahra (7th place), Eoghan OÂ’Dea (6th place) and Phil Collins (5th place).

      Final Three, WSOP Main Event 2011:

      Player Chips
      1 Pius Heinz 107,800,000
      2 Ben Lamb 55,400,000
      3 Martin Staszko 42,700,000


      1. ? $8.711.956
      2. ? $5.430.928
      3. ? $4.019.635
      4. Matt Giannetti – $3,012,700
      5. Phil Collins
      – $2,269,599
      6. Eoghan O’Dea – $1,720,831
      7. Bob Bounahra – $1,314,097
      8. Anton Makiievskyi – $1,010,015
      9. Sam Holden
      – $782,115

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