One table or many tables. (Ring games)

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      jeezuz bhai

      hey guys..

      I’ve always been a single table player. Sometimes 2 tables, but never more than that. I’ve never been inclined to play in 6 or more tables at a time. I know that some players do that.

      Is this really more profitable.

      eg: playing 4 tables of .50/1 NL vs playing one table 2/4 NL.

      Please share ur thoughts and experiences. thx.

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      @jeezuz: Multi Tabling is something which comes with experience. Poker Pro`s multi table to pack in more volume to counter variance and is a profitable strategy if one is a good player. Players also use several Online Utilities which give them key stats during game play which are very useful when playing on several tables at once.

      As far as moving up in stakes in concerned you must factor in your bankroll along with a much tougher field at higher stakes. The smaller stakes games tend to be a lot softer.

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      @jeezuz it all depends upon you, what kind of a player you are, I would suggest you keep on increasing a table when u feel you can manage doing it.

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