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      Hi guyz….I’m here to discuss with u guyz wats ur online poker scene…As for me i hav 50$ in FTp and PS….I wanted to know certain things from Aditya as he is the only recognised online player 4m India….How did u build ur bankroll???How did u start and how long did it take to reach this level???..Which all games did u play??Wats ur multitabling strategy??…..I’d like to hear all the tips 4m you in bankroll management and other things as well….

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      I was lucky enough to win a tournament early on my poker career and get a big bankroll boost,. This is true in most cases, people start moveing up in stakes when they win a tournament, till then its just about giving urself shots at playing as many big tournaments as u can while still maintaining a BR. I would suggest to grind low stake cash/sngs (atleast hv 20buyins for w/e game u decide to grind on regular basis, so wud hv to be 2.5$ buyin for 50$ BR) and try and play 2-3 tournaments a week, if u can recover ur tournament buyins from grinding, eventually u will be able to do good in a tournament and will get tht bankroll boost.

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