Online poker coaching for Micro/low/mid stakes people.

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      Sharad Rao

      Hello friends, I’m looking to coach some of the low/mid stake guys who are looking to work very hard on their game.
      If you want to work on any of the aspects mentioned below or struggle at any of them, leave me a pm and we could work on it.

      -HandHistory reviews with the replayer
      -Watching me play online and i answer your questions on the lines i take
      -How to effectively mass multi-table
      -How to take advantage of Table Regulars “REGS”
      -Go over a recorded footage of yours
      -How to use PokerTracker/Tableninja/HRC/ICMizer
      -Studying Push Fold and how to solve calling ranges in different spots.
      -Differences between buy-in levels
      -When to ignore Independent Chip Model
      -How to approach Variance.
      -Correct mindset required for today’s online games.

      If you are one of the those quitters this might not be for you coz what i tell you would require a good amount of homework and there isn’t a shortcut to success and mediocrity won’t get us anywhere. If you think you have that quality, everything should be smooth
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      I’m looking for very few passionate poker players.

      I’m currently backed by Pocarr and have the privilege to work with the best poker and mental coaches in the world.

      I tend to spend a bit of time youtubing and on social media and was looking to channel my energies into something productive
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      *We could work at an hourly rate if/or on a profit chop basis (min 1,5k games). Discounted rate for bulk sessions.
      *If you refer someone hard working to me 5% of my share is yours
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      Skype: Sharad.Rao2

      Play as Keenyle on stars and sharadrao on 888 network.

      Thanks for looking 🙂

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