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      Hey guys, this is my first time on pokerguru. I currently live in USA and i wanted to move to Chandigarh, India. I had some questions though.

      1. Is online poker legal in Chandigarh, India? There are conflicting articles. Some articles say it’s legal except for in Maharashtra State and others say it’s illegal and strictly enforced.

      2. Is it Safe? Which sector is the safest?

      3. I speak English, Fijian Hindi (if that matters) and some Punjabi. How hard would it be for me to get around? What % of residents in Chandigarh speak English?

      4. How hard is it to deposit / withdraw?

      5. How is the internet infrastructure? Is the internet stable and reliable? How often do power outages occur?

      Thanks for all your help.

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      1. Nope Online Poker is not Illegal or strictly enforced anywhere in India.

      2. Chandigarh is a safe place. Well unless u are unlucky enough to get a place next to a serial killer 😛 Ok Kiddin…for the serial killer bit. I have friends in Chandigarh and they are all praises on safety.

      3. Well Punjabi is generally the most popular language and most ppl speak Hindi. English for a bit maybe a problem but you should manage with some Hindi/Punjabi.

      4. Well refer deposit/withdraw threads on the forum.

      5. Internet is fast, get a good 3g connection. I suggest AIRTEL 3g. Power outages do happen but not a very big concern.

      Well welcome to the community and hope I could help!

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      Thank you techdemo for your quick reply. Are you confident about legality of online poker in Chandigarh, India?

      Articles like this somewhat scare me. I don’t have Indian Passport so i’m technically a foreigner. Are there backup internet connections in Chandigarh. I want to have a main connection and a backup just incase main internet goes out. Is that possible there? How’s the cost of living? Apartments, Utilities, Food? Also, what is the minimum wage in Chandigarh? Say i’m looking to employ 10 people (males, ages 18-22, basic english/hindi, and basic multipication/division). What would a monthly salary be for say 160 hours of work? Thanks again. I appreciate it.

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      Hey sorry for bumping in…
      I work in New Delhi and go to chandigarh from time to time because of official trips and carry an Vodafone 3G connection which works perfectly fine there..cost of living shud be not much in chandigarh…in delhi/NCR u can easily get an appartment for 15-20K and same shud be in chandigarh..So if u r earning any-ware around 50K/month u can easily survive..
      online poker is perfectly legal in India.. do u really think that pokerstars would even allow players from india to play on their network if not legal in India? Dont worry of legality in case of POKER
      Sorry i dont know answers to your wage rate question… 🙁

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