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      Arjun Parmar

      hey guys.

      i was just wondering to what would be a good setup for playing online poker?

      i.e. pc or laptop, how many screens etc.

      cheers 🙂

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      sunny sen


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      Amit kishor

      Really good setup for online playing

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      This is Team Member Priyadarshi Rajnish`s setup!

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      sunny sen

      This is Team Member Priyadarshi Rajnish`s setup!


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      yes thats Gaint 32-36 inch screen is a must… since its best place to watch for others when u r on FT or running good on cash table.. 😛
      other wise two 21 inch screen is standard if ur planing to play 4+4 tables….if u are using a HUD… try not to play more than 4 tables on 21 inch screen since data is not visible once u r playing 8-10 tables on same screen in Tile format..

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      Personally, the lot of 2 monitors and a small refrigerator below the desk would already be nice. A comfortable chair would also be nice to have just to be able to sit through lengthy hours of playing just like that.

      The setup posted above with the lot of screens looks really nasty but one that you could actually make do without. Good luck with what you want done on your own here.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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