"Phil Ivey" borrowed money from Full Tilt Poker at least eighteen times!

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      SubjectPoker.com has published a very interesting article earlier today titled “FTP’s Financial Relationship with Two Pros”. The article reveals, for example, that from June 2009 until April 2011, Phil Ivey borrowed money from Full Tilt Poker at least eighteen times, totaling at least $10,715,000

      SubjectPoker claims to have “access to Ivey’s and David Benyamine’s account history on Full Tilt’s internal systems”.

      The article goes off to say that Ivey has paid a large sum of the loan back, but still owes $6,215,000 to the site.

      SubjectPoker adds that It is of course possible that Ivey repaid some or all of this debt off of the site, but Tiltware’s reference to a “large sum that he owes the site” and Ivey’s historical pattern of repaying through his account suggest that he did indeed owe the site money as recently as June 1st.

      The website also tells that David Benyamine borrowed and owed money to Full Tilt Poker, and some of the money was paid back directly from his salary, which would be about $ 500,000 a year.

      Like Poker-King.com says, If Full Tilt Poker isn’t saved by the mysterious European investors, we can expect a flood of similar information to make its way to the public over the coming months.

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      Hmm not unusual for stake holders to borrow money from their company but well no news like bad news 😉

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