Playing nuts early in live tournament

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      With a starting stack of 7500 in a live tournament – 2nd Blind level – 50/100

      UTG1 limps … I raise UTG+2 with JJ to 375 … SB calls, UTG1 calls…

      Flop is 4 4 9 rainbow … checked to me … I bet 800 … SB check-raises 2200 … UTG1 folds … i call

      Turn is J … SB bets 3050 …

      What would be the right move ?

      1. Should I flat there and hope that SB shoves into me on the river ?

      2. Should I raise to get as much in the pot as I can when I have the best hand ? How much should I raise ?

      3. If I flat, do I take the chance that SB would simply check-fold considering I have called 2 streets ?

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      just put it in after betting 3050 his not left with much

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      After the flop play, 1/3 of your stack is already in. when he leads out on the turn for 3050 , just get it in. there is just no other move here. He’s never folding anything there when he gets ~1:6 on the call after you shove.

      It couldn’t be easier to play nuts early in a tournament . 😉

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      guys … why would anyone risk their tournament life at such an early stage ??

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      Well thats a very debatable question. he could be doing this with a ton of hands that you beat. You are only behind against 44, which could be in his range preflop, but given the way the action is gone postflop, I doubt he does this with the stone cold nuts.

      Get it in on the turn.

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      Laveena, get it in. I am not even gonna try and speculate abt what he might have (probably overpair), but the main thing is that he isn’t putting this much in if he didn’t want to get all-in. Additionally if he’s bluffing he will most probably shut down anyway if you call the turn bet. Also the river may bring scare cards that may stop him from putting all his chips in.

      In general, people just do all kinds of stupid things, so asking why they would is kinda pointless. Also I have to point out that there is nothing wrong with risking tourney life per se, and if I was villain I’d be happy to get it in if I had A4, 99 etc as played.

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      well… i meant why would villain risk his tourney life when someone showing so much strength… and btw … with approx 4 -5k left behind him, i did in fact min raise him (giving him 5:1 pot odds in addition to showing weakness by leaving behind my 3 – 4k) and he loooooong tank-folded … leaving me feeling i could’ve in some other way extracted better value for my hand…

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      Folding there is just bad.

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      Hmm…that’s a surprising result. To be honest, I didn’t realize he had 5000 chips behind. U said starting stack was 7500 and he’s already bet almost 6k here. With him having 5k behind after betting the 3050 its different. I guess you can flat here. Min-raising looks incredibly strong here, though to be honest anything you do other than fold looks really strong here, so either he has a hand or spazzes out or we are never getting his chips anyway.

      Two things I do want to say:
      1) Just because you failed to extract all his chips doesn’t automatically mean you made a mistake. Its very likely he just didn’t have the kind of hand needed to get all in here.
      2) You are showing a lot of strength, but actually the only really strong hand in your range here is JJ. I mean you never have a 4 here and very rarely 99 and anyone who could read hands would put your range as being heavily weighted towards JJ or a really strong overplayed AA/KK.

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      Simon Mint

      JJ is as good as the nuts here. I’m putting villain on something like AK.
      No matter what you do on the turn would signify a lot of strength.
      When you raise him on the turn you are ending the hand right there. There’s no way he’s gonna call unless he got a 4 or he is bluff catching.
      Just flat call the bet and give him a chance to bluff the river.
      Of course if he has a 4 (highly unlikely) you are giving him a chance to catch his 1 outer but then thats Poker. We gotta take some kind of risk to maximize the return.

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      Thnx prabhat. Both of us had taken down a couple of small pots each in the 1st level, hence the difference in stack sizes. I aimed at getting max his chips in the pot when he is most likely to … after being invested so heavily on that street !! The goal behind giving him 5:1 odds was if he had 66 / 77 kinda hand, he would draw for his full house … or he check-folding the river anyways with A high !!

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