Playing small pairs at late levels

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      Hi ,
      In early stages , i would set min with <66 . How would you play these hands at these levels??
      Villian played 20/9 (100 hands)

      Poker Stars $2.00+$0.20 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t125/t250 Blinds + t30 - 9 players - View hand 2255790
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      UTG: t14724 M = 22.83
      UTG+1: t9035 M = 14.01
      UTG+2: t16775 M = 26.01
      MP1: t2247 M = 3.48
      MP2: t11915 M = 18.47
      CO: t14569 M = 22.59
      Hero (BTN): t7321 M = 11.35
      SB: t8837 M = 13.70
      BB: t8223 M = 12.75

      Pre Flop: (t645) Hero is BTN with 3 3
      , UTG+2 raises to t625, , Hero ??

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      i would have just called

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      I would fold pre with your stack

      if one of the blinds shove you’re folding anyways and even if you just call a huge % of the time there’s going to be overpairs on the board and you’ll fold to a c-bet

      two good times to play that pair is early stages and when you have 7-8bbs and it’s folded to you to ship it…

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      under 30bbs eff here, think u need to have atleast 40bbs eff to set mine here, just fold pre.

      There are some pairs I would call here (88-JJ, wont be 3b getting em in pre without reads), would fold 22-77 pre

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