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      Hi to all the pokernuts out there,

      Moved to Mumbai,India (to be with my wife – a Goan lady) and loving it. I was surprised to find such enthusiasm for the game of “holdem” and the availability of home games.

      I am surprised at the opposition to establish the game throughout India. The level of external monies which would be generated via tourism etc is colossal given the popularity of the game globally. At present India is one of the very few countries not cashing in on “poker players”. Establish a genuine infrastructure for poker players who love to travel, holiday and party would be economic sense; like smokers poker players need their fix I mean endulge in their passion for the game. 😛 ::) ::) Therefore they are more likely to choose a holiday destination where they can get a game thus the Indian economy is losing out on potential revenues and applicable taxes ..

      Also the lack of tornaments/games means that Indian players will find it harder to gain much needed experiences to develop their game.

      What do guys think ?

      PS . looking forward to visiting Goa soon ;D ;D

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      Welcome to India.

      Poker is a growing phenomenon in India, an is catching like wild fire, but, because of government limitations, things are kept low.

      There are tournaments in Mumbai and other parts of India, on a daily basis, but, just held underground, and you have to be in the circuit to be in the game.

      Till the government relaxes the laws, it will remain the same, and till then the only place to play is Goa.

      We are having our tournament in Goa from 18th-21st November, you mush check it out, and Pokerguru is currently running promotions for the same. Check out the homepage with the advert of Aces Unlimited and the freeroll on Victor Chandler


      Aces Unlimited

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