Poker is Legal in West Bengal

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      Hello friends,

      I just found out that the exemption of poker from the West Bengal Prize Competition and Gambling Act, 1957, clearly indicates that conducting poker games in West Bengal, even for cash would be permitted. However, a word of caution here even in West Bengal under Section 12 of The West Bengal Prize Competition and Gambling Act, 1957, requires permission from the Police Commissioner of Kolkata or the Judicial Magistrate of the concerned district for any ‘game of skill’ to be held in a public place. Additionally, since poker is considered to be a legitimate form of gaming, it may be necessary to have appropriate ‘entertainment’ or ‘amusement’ license from the appropriate authorities as per the Bengal Amusements Act, 1922. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation issues entertainment licenses for games like pool-tables, video games etc. While neither poker nor rummy is mentioned in the list of games for which entertainment license is granted, it is still assumed that such a license would be required for carrying out any kind of poker game where cash is collected from participants. However, in any case if permission for hosting poker tournaments is rejected by any Court, there is a strong ground to challenge the same in Higher Courts.

      Thus, in short we the poker enthusiasts in Kolkata can have a chance to play the game officially in West Bengal.

      For further details follow the link :

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      vishal nayak

      Great news for poker enthusiasts in Kolkata

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Well a lot of silver linings here but definitely a starting point for legalizing Poker in India.

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      Wow!! Is this true? :O

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      Well its a conditional legality as mentioned in the article. But its a BIG step in tht direction.

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