Poker pro sentenced to 14 years in prison

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      David Saab, 30, had huge problems with his economy when he decided to play poker for a living back in 2005. It only took 3 years before he had made hundreds of thousands dollars from poker and lived a luxurious life at different casinos around the globe. The biggest cash in his poker career came at the 2008 Asia Poker Tour when he took home the Main Event for $280,000.

      But everything came to an end in January this year when he was arrested by the police for importing cocaine. Saab, together with 2 companions, had tried to smuggle 14.6 kilos of cocaine to Melbourne, Australia. According to the judge, David Saab was the master mind and he would have made some serious cash if they hadn’t been caught. Saad, who was born in South Korea but been living in Australia for many years, therefore got a 14-year sentence, while his 2 companions got away with “only” 8 years each.

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