PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll Report

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      Poker Guru

      PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll

      The Diwali special PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll saw 115 members fight it out for the $500 cash prize+two seats for the forthcoming Aces Unlimited Tournament (Event 1).

      The turbo freeroll played out fast and we reached the final table in a little over 2 hours. Noteworthy of mention here are pearljuhi and kcdesi both of whom played really well and just missed the final table finishing 11th and 10th respectively. After some swingy 3 way action between previous freeroll seat winner: pratik.modi, varnit and Vodhi123 we were heads up between pratik.modi and Vodhi123 when varnit shoved A5o against A8 of vodhi123 which didnÂ’t hold and he was sent out 3rd.

      3.5 hours after it all began we had a winner. Congratulations both pratik.modi and Vodhi123 for winning seats to the 1st Event of Aces Unlimited. We hope to catch you both in Goa. Final results were:

      1. $150+ Aces Unlimited Event 1 Seat **pratik.modi
      2. $100+ Aces Unlimited Event 1 Seat **Vodhi123
      3. $50 **varnit
      4. $37.5 **soumyakant
      5. $30 **saurabh55
      6. $25 **nikumiku14
      7. $20 **ashutoshnaik
      8. $15 **VyomZC
      9. $12.5 **theflunk
      10. 10 **kcdesi
      11. $ 5 **pearljuhi
      12. $ 5 **tac_222
      13. $ 5 **pantsonfire
      14. $ 5 **jitenders
      15. $ 5 **seagull94
      16. $ 5 **KAKA_666
      17. $ 5 **pokerprinc1
      18. $ 5 **siddmonu
      19. $ 5 **lakhina
      20. $ 5 **danishshaikh

      Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

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      Michal Strba

      well …congrats to pratik …and vodhi …they played really well …but they have to admit they both were really lucky …great game …all the best for goa…

      take care
      — Varnit

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      Congrats to Pratik and Vodhi!!

      Varnit to you too. Sucks that you bubbled tho. You still got half the buyin planning to give aces unlimited a shot?

      Its funny me and vodhi started at the same table and then met again at the final table. I had a nice stack when just before the final table took a stab and then blinds just ate it up. Had to go allin, cards just werent falling for me at the final table.

      Great Game tho.


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      Michal Strba


      thanks …i know it sucks but nothing to crib about …would love to give goa a try but as i am new to poker…i am happy atleast i got to see the final table online…but playing at goa at a real table its not for everyone…i need to learn a lot before that…this indeed was a great experience…

      absolutely a great game… 🙂

      cheers !!


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      Yeah thats true. Especially tourney’s India has got some pros man. Its tough to make it to the final table unless you play your A game.

      I have played cash games over there. I have made money. It really depends on how you play personally. I am considering but I dont like rebuy tourney’s. So lets see maybe IPC.

      I will see you at today’s tourney hope its as good as yesterday’s.

      Have a good one. Btw Happy New Year!

      Vyom (Daniel is my penn name :P)

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      Michal Strba

      happy new year …nov 7th ..are u serious??…its not even dec….

      Vyom …i thought it was the other way around……

      it sure depends on how u play…

      well…good luck for todays tourney ..


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      Congratulations to all our winners.

      Special note to pratik.modi and vodhi123 in winning the seats to our 5K Rebuy Event.

      For all others, look forward to seeing you in Goa as well.

      The brief schedule is as below:

      18th Nov. – 5K Rebuy + Addon (Freezeout)
      19th Nov. – 10K+2K Bounty (Freezeout)
      20th Nov. – 15K (Shootout)
      21st Nov. – 20K Freezeout (Main Event)

      Register here:

      For full details and structure of our tournament, visit –

      Good luck to all and look forward to seeing you all at the tables.


      Aces Unlimited

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      Varnit to you too. Sucks so that you can bubbled tho. you still managed to get half your own buyin planning in order to give aces unlimited a good shot?

      Its funny me AS WELL AS vodhi started up at the same table next met again on the final table. my partner and i had a good nice stack When prior to your final table took an stab next blinds just ate That up. Had to be able to zip allin, GREETING CARD merely werent falling pertaining to me at the final table.


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