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      Poker Guru

      It’s festival time and we at PokerGuru are celebrating this by hosting a special freeroll tournament: The PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka, held on Saturday 6 November at 10 pm IST on 888 Poker. We’re giving away a $500 cash prize pool along with TWO seats to Aces Unlimited Event 1 (Buy-in Rs. 5,000), all up for grabs exclusively for PokerGuru members! Did I mention the tournament has FREE ENTRY?

      How to enter
      If you don’t have an account at 888 Poker yet, click here to go to the 888 Poker Website. Only players originating from will be able to enter the freeroll!
      Bonus: Enter your e-mail address and claim a free $8 cash credit to test out the games and software!

      When you’ve registered your account go to the lobby and click on ‘Tournaments’ and then on ‘Restricted’ to find the PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll. If you’re having issues with the download version of the software, try the Instant Play feature, no download required! PokerGuru members who have participated in previous freerolls at 888 Poker can directly register for this freeroll.

      Good luck all 🙂
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      i cudnt find it on 888 poker…

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      Rajat Agarwal

      The Tournament will be live and visible on 888 within 48 Hours.

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      Sourav Roy

      @aces unlimited & pokerguru–could u pls change the time cs 10pm is 2 lt.because the 888poker portal is nt opening frm my i hav 2 play it frm a cyber cafe.could u pls change the time???

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      Ranajit pal

      same problm here….pls change the time if u could…….

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      vishal gupta

      i am also havng the same prblm like Roy and ronymsit………

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      Hey Guys,
      We changed the start time to 10pm since many people had given us the feedback that they would prefer a later start time, so they are able to do something in the evening.They felt by starting the torunament at 6 they were pretty much handcuffed to do anything else that evening. Ofcourse if majority of people feel that it should be 6 pm we can change it back but we would need more people to post their preffered start time in order for us to make the change, starting a poll in this thread for this purpose.
      PS: The freeroll tournament this time has 1500 starting chips with 10 min levels, so we hope to be done in under 4 hrs.

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      Sourav Roy

      thnks adi…psl strt the poll..and we will go wht most of the players wnt

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      vishal gupta

      @all the members–guys if u dnt hav any serious issues 2 plat at 6pm ist…pls vote on 6pm ist.or either i will nt able 2 play……bt if u got a lot of work or any other serious matter then u can have yr choice…..

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      Nice! Thanks a lot for holding one last freeroll. I had to leave the last one half way. And I knew you would hold one more freeroll as you had 2 seats left to give away. 🙂

      I am more comfortable with 10 as well. But well whatever works for everyone.

      Thanks a lot!

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      Luv Gupta

      Thanks pokerguru and Aces Unlimited for organising one more freeroll
      I Would prefer playing anytime rather it is a day or night, evening or morning, because i play poker whole day, everyday
      And, if some people have some issues with timings, u can choose whatever majority of people’s opinion. I am there at any time

      And one more thing i already have an account on 888poker, so m i eligible to play the freeroll, and if we have to put our usernames on the forum, please specify that and when will the registrations will begins….

      Thanks a lot…. 8) 😮


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      Yand Zack


    • #28990


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      Rohan Dhawan

      6pm is good for me…..

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      lets hope for the 6

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      Rajat Agarwal

      The Tournament will be live and visible on 888 within 48 Hours.

      All members can now register for the tournament on 888. It is live and visible.

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      Sourav Roy

      so wht time???

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Saurav for now the time of the tournament remains unchanged at 10pm IST. We are still running the poll and welcome everyone`s opinion. Based on that we can take a view on changing the time but as of now the preferences are divided so lets wait for more people to vote.

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      Sourav Roy

      am agree with u rajat………..let c wht evrybdy says…….

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      10 pm should be fine, Diwali weekend so would have lots of work in evening….

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      10pm is by far the better for the majority .. they have work and need to travel home, eat, etc before settling down to play ..

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      Keeping in mind possible commitments during diwali weekend we are going to keep this freeroll at 10 pm tomorrow night, in order to give maximum people an opportunity to free up before it starts. Our next freeroll, however, will be held at 6pm.

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      I can’t register for the diwali dhamaka freeroll, even though im a pokerguru member. whats up???

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      Sourav Roy

      @aditya-bt yr pls says majority of the people wnt it will b on 6pm… whts matter???

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      it was very close roy and we would have changed it if it was clear majority leaning towards 6pm. Our next freeroll will definitely be at 6pm.

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      Sourav Roy

      so i think i will nt able 2 play this freeroll… prblm….gdluck

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      am not able to register for the free roll…tournament…..

      why is that??

      can anyone help me!!!

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      though i m registered here… i am not able to register this tournament using the id i have given here for

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      my id in 888 poker is varsha13 but i cannot register in pokerguru diwali dhamaka freeroll.. pls help urgently as i want to plat

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      it says u r nt eligible for registering……….i thnk its free……….how cn i register there???????

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      i’m not able to register in freeroll diwali dhamaka…plz help me out fast…

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      My ID : saini786

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      Avik datta

      i m not able to see the Room…where is it??

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      Jan Hlobil

      The PokerGuru Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll was restricted to players who have downloaded the software from PokerGuru. Players who already had an 888 Poker account prior to visiting were not able to register, who we will try to include in the next PokerGuru tournaments.

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      varun soneja

      lets give it a go! 🙂

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      varun soneja


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      Congratulations to all our winners.

      Special note to pratik.modi and vodhi123 in winning the seats to our 5K Rebuy Event.

      For all others, look forward to seeing you in Goa as well.

      The brief schedule is as below:

      18th Nov. – 5K Rebuy + Addon (Freezeout)
      19th Nov. – 10K+2K Bounty (Freezeout)
      20th Nov. – 15K (Shootout)
      21st Nov. – 20K Freezeout (Main Event)

      Register here:

      For full details and structure of our tournament, visit –

      Good luck to all and look forward to seeing you all at the tables.


      Aces Unlimited

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