PokerGuru June Jeopardy – 2nd Edition of IPL Playoffs

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      On popular demand PokerGuru is hosting the 2nd edition of the PokerGuru IPL Playoffs! CSK led by donkab0mber and punter5466 won the 1st Edition of the PokerGuru IPL Playoffs. Here is a chance for other teams to bring home the playoff title or will it be CSK once again?

      Come celebrate the spirit of the IPL on the felt in this exclusive and innovative IPL Playoff tournament on 888 Poker. In true 20-20 style the format of this game will be turbo. So join your favourite IPL Team and enjoy the IPL at the tables!

      An exciting surprise will be announced for the finals!

      Members can join any of the 10 IPL teams in this IPL Playoff on 12th June (6 PM). Top 2 teams will qualify for the final playoffs on 15th June (10PM).

      All members will need a 888 Account to play in this tournament. Members who do not have an account can get one by clicking here. To download directly click here.


      : 12th June, 6PM
      : 15th June, 10PM
      : $ 0.88

      To locate the tournament chose ALL GAMES>>Tournaments>>Restricted
      (Refer ScreenShot)


      IPL Playoffs: $100 to the top finishers and $100 will be distributed between the top 2 qualifying teams.
      IPL Finals: $10 Bankroll to each member of the winning team.

      How to Reach the Finals:

      1. Each team must have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 players.

      2. Points will be awarded considering the total no. of players, no. of players in each team and the performance of each player in a team. The top 2 teams with all its original members will only be able to register for the Finals.

      Some Suggestions:

      1. This tournament rewards both individual and team performance. Always identify a fellow team member by the team color on the table and avoid eliminating him/her. This is one format where such an act is not counted as collusion.

      2. Remember there is NO LATE REGISTRATION. So ensure the team you join has atleast 2 players so that you donÂ’t get left out from the action. Players have the option of changing teams before the tournament start time.

      3. The structure of this format is turbo hence the action will be fast. The game strategy is quite different from conventional formats and players need to be more aggressive to survive the blind structure. The tournaments have a 5 min blind level with 1500 starting chips.

      Good luck everyone!

      If you have any queries, please post it over here.

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      Get ready for the playoffs today at 6pm. Join your favorite IPL team now.

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      PokerGuru Congratulates shre1511 for single handedly taking team Punjab to victory both Kolkata & Punjab qualify for the final which will take place place on 15th of June on 888 Poker. Kolkata has been pretty consistent it will be a must watch battle where Kolkata has 7 players and Punjab has only 2 players.

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      PokerGuru IPL Final is now live both Kolkata & Punjab team members can now register for the tournament. it will be a must watch battle with kolkata having the odds.

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      PokerGuru congratulates team Kolkata Knight Riders for winning the IPL Playoffs. Thankyou all members for participating wish u good luck for the PokerGuru June Jeopardy $200 freeroll at 888 Poker on 19th June.

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