PokerGuru September Splash $100 freeroll on 888 Poker

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      Poker Guru

      Join the PokerGuru September Splash $100 freeroll on 888 Poker exclusively for all PokerGuru Members!

      When: 21st September (Wednesday), 10PM

      Where: 888 Poker

      Prizepool: $100

      How to enter

      Step 1

      If you donÂ’t have an account at 888 Poker yet, click here to directly download the software and open an account.

      Step 2

      Make sure you have an account at PokerGuru (click here to register) as tournament is restricted to PokerGuru Members only.

      Step 3

      Find the tournament by clicking on Tournaments >> Restricted>> Scroll down to 21st September to find the
      PokerGuru $100 Freeroll.
      (Refer Screenshot)

      Good luck everyone!

      If you have any queries, please post over here.

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      hi im new here and i would like to play if thats okay?

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      Poker Guru

      Welcome to the community!

      Sure all members are welcome to join the promotions. Just follow the instructions above and let us know in case you need any clarifications!

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      Suraj Putta

      quick Qs : i already had an account on 888 poker .. i have given my details here at pokerguru while registering … when wud i be able to see this tournament and register for it ??
      thanks in advance

    • #31174

      @putaa only accounts tracked through PokerGuru are eligible to play the tournament is visible you can find the tournament by clicking on Tournaments >> Restricted>> Scroll down to 21st September to find the PokerGuru $100 Freeroll.

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      Suraj Putta

      i can see the tournament but am not able to register for it as it says its a private tournament… how n when wud be totally affiliated wit pokerguru so that i would be able to play this tournament…. how will the accounts be tracked through PokerGuru as there is not marketing bonus code or anything other such code to differentiate us ffrom the normal accounts??

    • #31177

      all you have to do is download the 888 software through this link and than you would be able to register.

    • #31196
      Myron Pereira

      still cant register danish 🙁
      my username is whatistilt

    • #31201

      I am not able to register. I already have an account on 888poker.
      My username is 19raz0r91

    • #31202

      Members need to have a tracked 888 Account created via PokerGuru to register for the FREEROLL.

    • #31203

      As I am already a member of 888poker and I didn’t register through pokerguru, so can i still play pokerguru freeroll on 888poker?

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      Poker Guru

      Unfortunately not as the entire registration process is automatic and limited only for tracked user accounts.

    • #31208
      Harsh Raj

      I am a member of pokerguru as well as 888poker . But still I am not able to register for tonight’s freeroll.
      hat should I do? Please help!!!!!!

    • #31209

      I guess harsh your problem is solved since i can see you registered!

    • #31211

      I also want to play the freeroll…..cant u track my 888poker account now manually..?

    • #31212

      If not now, atleast track my 888poker account for later tournaments…!!

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      Poker Guru

      @lakshya: The registration process is automatic for all restricted PokerGuru Tournaments. We suggest all members to follow the instructions on the forum thread while creating new accounts to join our promotions. Members with separate or previous accounts can create new accounts by following the instructions here to join this and all future promotions.

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      Ok fine. I have downloaded the software from the link and created a new account on 888poker with username ‘awesum91’ . Now am i elligible to play in pokerguru tournaments?

    • #31215
      Poker Guru

      You should be able to register for tonight`s freeroll now. Good Luck 🙂

    • #31217

      Hey i am already registered on 888poker. i just registered on pokerguru and gave them my screen name for 888poker. i am still not able to register for this tournament what should i do?

    • #31218

      It still says I’m not elligible to register..!!

    • #31219

    • #31220

      what do you mean by tracked 888 account. how do i get it tracked? i have registered my screen name with poker guru, i still cant enter the tournament.

    • #31226
      Poker Guru

      @checkraise: You must follow the download link to 888 Poker via PokerGuru to be able to register for the tournament. IN case of separate accounts you may create a new account via PokerGuru link and enter the tournament. Good Luck!

      *Click here for Link to 888

    • #31227

      thanks…finally i am able to register..!!

    • #31228
      Poker Guru

      Good Luck!

    • #31229
      jainam shah

      I have a poker account screen name cyanidecorpo how can i get it tracked by you guys so that i can play those tournaments.

    • #31230
      jainam shah

      thank you

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      Poker Guru

      @cyanide: kindly refer to the posts above. You will need to follow the link at pokerguru to download 888 to get it tracked. YOu will then be able to join tonight`s and all future PokerGuru promotions at 888!

      *Click here for Link to 888

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      but what if we are already having an account??
      and get me registered
      my username is bluffsain

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      Poker Guru

      Sorry mate. Only members who have tracked accounts can register.

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      Saumil Krishnani

      hi my 888 account id is indianavatar…i am tracked, also downloaded the software from your link…still i am not able to register…please help

    • #31232

      hmm i think there shouldn’t be any problem in registering if you have downloaded the software from this link

    • #31233
      Saumil Krishnani

      i will try to download with this link & try…thank you

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      Poker Guru

      Congratulations “huntish” for winning the September Splash $100 freeroll on 888 Poker and everyone else who made in the money, Guys don’t forget to play our another September Splash freeroll on 28th September at 888 Poker!

    • #31235
      david fraser

      its not letting me enter even though i am registered with this site?????

    • #31239

      Hi I am unable to access 888 poker for the last two days, every time I try to open the app it is giving me an error message, ” unable to connect please try again or contact member support “, also the website is not opening, Is anyone else facing the same problem, is the site been blocked by the ISP ?

    • #24654
      Rajat Agarwal

      888 is working fine on my PC. I think it could be an ISP problem.

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