PokerGuru to give out INR 12 Lacs as PGT Season 2 POY

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      All in-the-money players at each of the 6 featured PGT Season 2 Events will be awarded PGT Leadeboard points and the top 10 players on the leaderboard will be invited for an exclusive INR 12 Lacs Freeroll immediately following the Season Finale in December where they will get to battle it out for a record INR 12 Lacs (Highest POY reward of India) in addition to the bragging rights of becoming the 1st ever PokerGuru Champion. The PGT Champion will also be offered an online staking deal along with a chance to join the PokerGuru Pro Team.

      PGT Season 2 Schedule:

      February 9th-12th

      March 15th- 18th

      May 10th-13th

      July 26th- 29th

      October 25th-28th

      December 13th-16th

      “We are confident that tournament regulars will find this POY appealing and we hope to see some new players too joining the Tournament scene with the Tournament space now getting more attractive even for cash game players. I feel that following our announcement, other organizers will also make their respective POY`s more attractive which will eventually benefit the players” commented Ramandeep Gujral, one of the Directors and Team Mentor at PokerGuru on the PGT Season 2 POY announcement.

      The POY Freeroll will be structured to favor players with more points as the starting stacks for the players in the Freeroll will be decided by Leaderboard points which will add up to a huge advantage for the top 1 or 2 players on the leaderboard. More details on this will be announced as the Season progresses.

      POY Payouts for the Freeroll:

      1. 4.2 Lacs
      2. 2 Lacs
      3. 1.6 Lacs
      4. 1.25 Lac
      5. 95k
      6. 70k
      7. 50k
      8. 35k
      9. 25k
      10. 20k

      *All figures in INR

      PGT Season 2 will begin from Feb 9th-12th at Casino Royale (Goa) so don`t miss this chance to add some points towards your leaderboard tally. To register for this event visit

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      PGT Season 2 Leaderboard Point System Explained

      The race for the PGT Season 2 – INR 12 Lacs POY has just begun and leading the lot is Team Mentor – Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal. The Team Mentors have decided to exclude themselves from the POY Race. In a statement Intervention clarified “Rohit, Raman and I will not be eligible for the POY freeroll so as to avoid conflict of interests. We feel organizers should not be competing in their own tourny series POY (after all they decide the structure, schedule, buyins, points system etc). Hopefully we will be starting this trend and more organizers will follow.”

      Top 10 Leaderboard Standings after PGT February Edition:

      Name / Points
      1. Aditya Agarwal 620
      2. Vinay Suchede 411
      3. Husain Lakdawala 398
      4. Naresh Veerawalli 393
      5. Kunal Chandra 327
      6. Kishore Marimganti 290
      7. Amit Varma 242
      8. Young Jin Kim 237
      9. Raj Ajmani 231
      10. Sumit Malik 205

      For the complete rankings visit the PokerGuru Tour page.

      PGT Leaderboard Point System Explained:

      All in-the-money finishers at each of the featured events from the 6 PGT Season 2 Tournament Series will be awarded tournament points.

      The formula used to determine the total points awarded to a player (in the money) for any given tournament is:
      Points = 10 * [sqrt(n)/sqrt(k)] * [1+log(b+0.25)]
      n is the number of entrants
      k is the place of finish (k=1 for the first-place finisher, and so on)
      b is the average buy-in amount in INR (excluding entry fee). For re-buys and re-entry tournaments, Average Buy-in = Total prizepool/no. of participants
      (Formula Courtesy PokerStars Tournament Ranking System)

      Top 10 players on the PGT Season 2 Leaderboard at the end of the Season will be invited for an exclusive INR 12 Lacs Freeroll . The points on the leaderboard will decide the starting stack of each player with the leader getting a distinct chip advantage. In addition to this, the PGT Player of the Year will be invited to join the PokerGuru pro Team along with an online staking deal.

      The next PGT Season 2 Event will be held at Casino Royale (Goa) from 15th-18th March. For details and registration visit the PokerGuru Tour page. Incase of any clarifications email us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9332320067

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      The race for a top 10 place in the PGT Season 2 – INR 12 Lacs ‘Player of the Year’ Leaderboard is getting hotter with Delhi based Karan Jain currently leading the way with 824 points, thanks to his 3 consecutive final table finishes at the PGT March Edition. The race is still wide open with 4 events still left in the season and promises to be a cracker of a contest with some of the country`s best players in the reckoning for the top spot on the leaderboard.

      Here is a look at the points tally for the top 10 players on the PGT Season 2 Leaderboard:

      Name/ Points

      1. Karan Jain 824

      2. Aditya Agarwal* 620

      3. Laveena Belani 518

      4. Prabhat Mukherjea 503

      5. Dhaval Mudgal 492

      6. Aditya Sushant 460

      7. Dushyant Shekhawat 458

      8. Rajnish Kumar 455

      9. Lawrence Melwin 435

      10. Vinay Suchede 411

      *Not Eligible for the PGT Season 2 POY

      For the complete PGT Season 2 Leaderboard ranking visit the PokerGuru Tour Page!

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      Goa based Husain Lakda has climbed on top of the PGT Season 2 leaderboard and though he is on the no. 2 spot behind team mentor Raman Gujral, the non eligibility of the team mentors effectively puts him in the lead. A place in the top 10 on the leaderboard is still up for grabs with 3 events left in the season.

      Lets have a look at the top 20 players and their points tally after the PGT May edition:

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      Consistency pays and no one knows this better then Mumbai`s Jasven Saigal. Jasven a tournament regular has been a regular top finisher at PGT events and with his 8th place finish in the PGT 12K bounty event in July, he has jumped 3 places to take the lead in the race for the PGT Season 2 INR 12 Lacs leaderboard. The race is however still open as hot on his heels are PGT May champion Husain Lakda followed by Delhi`s Karan Jain and Kolkata`s Prabhat Mukherjea.

      Here is a look at the points tally of the top 20 players after the PGT July series:

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      For the complete list visit:

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