PokerStars Launches Time Tourneys

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      PokerStars is launching a new tournament format today called Time Tourneys. A Time Tourney lasts
      for a set amount of time, and when the time is up, finishing positions and prizes are awarded based on
      the sizes of the remaining players’ stacks. So the guy with the most chips gets 1st place money, the guy
      with the next most chips gets 2nd place money, etc.

      Continuous Bubble
      : In a traditional tournament, correct strategy can deviate dramatically from cash game play because of the value of your survival. This is particularly true when you are near payout jumps, especially the “bubble” that separates players who will win something from those who will not and the final table, where every player eliminated means a significant pay increase for every other player still in the tournament.

      In a Time Tourney, such “bubble” situations will arise depending on your stack size and those of
      other players, not the stage of the tournament. You must constantly keep an eye on the chip positions
      to determine your risk and reward in any given hand you play. Will winning this pot catapault you
      into a top 3 position and dramatically increase your prize? Will losing it knock you out of the money
      entirely? The closer you get to the end of the tournament, the more this will matter, as there will be
      fewer opportunites to change your position.

      Risk Aversion: Just like at a final table, you can make money in a Time Tourney simply because of
      what other players are doing. When you have a large stack, you should keep an eye on how the other
      large stacks are playing. If any of them seem to be taking a lot of risks, then it would behoove you to play conservatively and hope that the more reckless players lose big pots and move you up the pay scale.

      Desperation: As the end of the tournament approaches, players who are not in the money have little to lose and a lot of incentive to gamble. Expect the action to get crazy, and be prepared to gamble it up if you yourself are short. If your stack on the last hand of the tournament does not put you in the money, it will generally be incorrect for you to fold regardless of your holding. Be aware of this when you are short but also when you have chips, because it should affect how your short-stacked opponents will play.

      You won’t be able to autopilot a Time Tourney, especially not at first. This can make it a lot of fun and
      a great learning experience, because you will constantly find yourself thinking through new situations,
      which is what poker is all about!

      Here’s more from PokerStars about how Time Tourneys work:

      Tournaments last for a set amount of time (min: 15 minutes, max: 180 minutes)

      When the running time expires, finishing positions and prizes are awarded based on stack

      Available around the clock across a huge range of buy-ins, starting from only $1.

      You can find Time Tourneys in the PokerStars software by going to the ‘Tourney’ tab and looking for
      tournaments marked with a stopwatch icon. You can also search for them by entering ‘Time’ into the
      Tourney Filter.

      Deposit Bonus: Get a free $5.50 Time Tourney Ticket!

      PokerStars wants everyone to try Time Tourneys, which is why we are giving you a free tournament
      ticket worth $5.50!

      Members who do not have an account at PokerStars get one here. To download directly click here.

      New Major Saturday Time Tourney

      The launch of Time Tourneys is also being celebrated with a new addition to the Saturday Line-Up.
      The Saturday Countdown is a two-hour Time Tourney with a $22 buy-in that runs every from October 15, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000.

      *The free ticket must be used before October 21 or it will expire. Players are only eligible
      for one free ticket.

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