Preflop spot vs aggro american in Big 109

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      oker Stars $100+$9 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t200/t400 Blinds + t50 – 9 players – View hand 1874947
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      zackmorris99 (CO): t14745 M = 14.04
      LoveWrecked (BTN): t24162 M = 23.01
      ballallday12 (SB): t3163 M = 3.01
      Hero (BB): t13003 M = 12.38
      murzik36 (UTG): t7263 M = 6.92
      prosto1979 (UTG+1): t7591 M = 7.23
      Furunduk (UTG+2): t7585 M = 7.22
      veltnerjunge (MP1): t9340 M = 8.90
      dj_Xeraan (MP2): t14563 M = 13.87

      Pre Flop: (t1050) Hero is BB with 5 :spade: 5 :club:
      , zackmorris99 raises to t800,

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      it would normally be the other way around but because of sb stack hes calling off 8bb with this hand so hes got a bit of something. so its prob between fold and call but since im a donk who likes to set mine and we already got 400 hundo in there call it and lets see it. also c/r any non ace flop.

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      lol, I am more inclined towards, fold>3bet
      Fold , because as mentioned he is an aggro american etc and he definitely has a light 4 bet jamming range here a lot and we cant really call off. Hence no 3 bet so fold..
      3bet, If we were a lil deeper, I dont mind a 3bet to 5bet shove here in this spot.( Never had an oppurtunity to 5 bet fold in the Big 109 ever)
      call, 32 bigs deep, I probably wouldnt call this.

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      I am confused …when did Americans restarted playing on stars? anyways i would fold here… calling here with those stack sizes is incorrect…only shove or fold…cannot shove with anything less than 99 here

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      not calling.. is 3b/f an option? .. if it is.. then I would let gameflow decide between outright folding and 3b/f..

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      Too tricky without a personal read on his habits ….
      No shock I’d happily pass without any info/read …

      However …

      If I think he is just ‘at it’, stealing the blinds, then on the basis I don’t want him just raising me willy nilly.

      I’d prefer:

      a) Decent sized pre-flop reraise (fold if he comes over the top but I would think he is either doing that or folding … ) If he does make the call then it really depends on the flop that comes down.

      b) FOLD

      I don’t like a call as it gives me no information on the true strength of his hand and it’s not the odds for set-mining plus you have a harder job repping a bigger hand on the flop if you want to c-bet it.

      So either RAISE IT or FOLD both equally acceptable .. IMO for what’s it worth.

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      Fold… if he opening under 20% and calling with 10%

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      call, on 32bbs folding to m/r from bb seems real bad

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      Calling with 1BB with 4.5BB in the pot. odds f flopping set 7.5/1 and with the implied odds… CALL imo

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      Aditya Sushant

      Yea I think call>fold>3b here. Ez to play based on board texture too

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      Arjun Parmar

      call 55’s for sure…

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