QQ’s OOP on a wet board

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      Poker Stars $2.00+$0.20 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t50/t100 Blinds + t10 – 9 players

      UTG+2: t3806 M = 15.86
      MP1: t8218 M = 34.24
      MP2: t5703 M = 23.76
      CO: t5199 M = 21.66
      BTN: t1394 M = 5.81
      SB: t2380 M = 9.92
      BB: t9030 M = 37.62
      Hero (UTG): t19920 M = 83
      UTG+1: t5615 M = 23.40

      Pre Flop: (t240) Hero is UTG with Q Q
      Hero raises to t250, , MP1 raises to t450, , Hero calls t200

      Flop: (t1140) 8 8 J (2 players)

      Hero checks, MP1 bets t800, Hero: ???

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      in a 3b pot, I don’t consider this board to be skidish.. Anyway I m ck-raising and going bet bet unless A/K appears in which case I ll slow down..

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      Action: 3-bet to 2200, MP1 moves all-in, Hero: ???

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      If you plan to to play QQ post flop OOP, you are massively under-repping your hand, and so check raising flop is not so good, you are scaring away potential bluffs, and He will continue with hands that beat you/ or are flipping against you, like AKdd. Just check call all the way imo This will let him continue to bluff/ Value town himself with AJ/KJ or let us pot control if he has AA/KK.
      If a K/A falls on the turn, we can also betfold like 1/3rd PSB. and on blank turns, check shove.

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      Action: 3-bet to 2200, MP1 moves all-in, Hero: ???

      snap call imo.. as $$TRoll says you have under-repped your hand pre.. and now you have the perfect flop to get it in.. which most of the times we would have done pre (with 4b-get it in).. the thing is I dont think we should be finding folds pre (or way played on this flop) with QQ online .. if we run into AA/KK.. just chalk it up as a cooler..

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      As $$Troll says, c/c all the way is the right line.

      You are simply not using your brain in this hand. What was the idea behind this check-raise (I genuinely have no idea what you intended to achieve).

      In a $2 tournament you are probably doing ok against his range, so its a call. That said this is a pretty terrible way of playing the hand overall.

      The fact that you don’t know what to do when you get raised says all you need to know about how bad this hand is.

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      Vinay technically stacking off 82 BB with QQ is definitely -EV in general.

      In a $2 tournament though its probably optimal because there are any number of retards who will stack off with god knows what….

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      Vinay – I am def not stacking QQ pre this deep. Am am fine with so on this flop.

      Of all the options c/c I agree would have been the optimal. My reasoning for check-raising was mainly cuz there are so many bad turn/river cards for our hand, this thought process maybe flawed. Also didn’t want him to draw cheap.

      Prabhat – One posts hands on the forum, not always because they don’t what to do. Its also to get an opinion from better players & to understand their though process.

      Action: Call. Villain show AA’s.

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      Correct and often answering hands on here help me recognise my own leaks since I do not necessarily play as I preach ..

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