Rigged Against us ??

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      Sujith Raj

      India is at 196


      (wudnt be exhaustive though)

      rigged against us or we are such lousy bad players ? we are good in maths, we invented 0 for pete’s sake.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      I give India around 2 more years to become top 3 if not no.1 . Its just that the game has recently gained popularity here compared to other countries which have been playing Poker for much longer.Once our talent pool discovers the game I am sure we will be ruling the World of Poker as we are in Cricket! 😉

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      yes for sure 🙂

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      Jake Witcher

      This is one silly chart. lets look a bit more closely, this report is limited to tilt and party players, thats assuming people are claiming correct country of residence. (lets face it, Monaco is basically Gus hansens chart)

      Also it claims to be down by $3.8 million overall. now one might assume thats rake for the sites but i would suggest the numebrs arent quite right. 6.7c per hand according to that chart (roughly) that isnt a realistic rake number.

      now lets look at some of the high ranking countries. Belarus, Estonia and Ukraine all high ranking,, and also alot of ‘farms’ (players paid to grind and fill tables for liquidity purposes),, and shockingly enough they all have very marginal hourly rates also.

      Gibraltar and Malta you expect to see up there as the large gaming companies are based there and the people are all players.

      this chart bears little relation to true performance of a country, as the numbers are so clouded by not only the above clear examples but also more subtle and diverse ones that go down lower. i certainly dont trust this sites reporting methods or reality.. have a quick look at their high stakes tables reports,, they are showing a top game of $250/$500 NL and claiming the players are sitting with $2500 (5 x BB) yeah,, um,, nooooooo

      personally i woudl disregard that report till it was reliable and acurate and made sense,, at the moment,, just no

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      Interesting part is the countries where the playing mass is more are not making money.

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      Pakistan and Afghanistan in top 25…lol

      Only 864 players from India big Lol…

      No body has played Online poker in India Last Month.. Biggest LOL

      This is Totally inaccurate…

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      sneh parikh

      full tilt is not covered on pokertableratings now. its mainly pokerstars only.

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      how can no indian play in whole last month on any website… even on a small website atlest 1K hands will be played in a month by indian Poker players..

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