river shove, call or fold?

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      Madan Kumar


      River shove is a call or fold? Also comment on the flop and turn action.

      Poker Stars $100+$9 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t25/t50 Blinds – 9 players –

      Shamrock8877 (UTG+2): t5000 100 BBs
      CrocodileCHN (MP1): t5000 100 BBs
      adrrian1989 (MP2): t4850 97 BBs
      Hero (CO): t4925 98.50 BBs
      7Fast7 (BTN): t4925 98.50 BBs
      garbatoj (SB): t4950 99 BBs
      Vrensted61 (BB): t5350 107 BBs
      benislovas (UTG): t5000 100 BBs
      privir (UTG+1): t5000 100 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t75) Hero is CO with 4 4
      benislovas raises to t150, , Hero calls t150, 7Fast7 calls t150,

      Flop: (t525) 8 4 Q (3 players)
      benislovas bets t294, Hero raises to t625, 7Fast7 folds, benislovas calls t331

      Turn: (t1775) T (2 players)
      benislovas checks, Hero bets t650, benislovas raises to t1650, Hero calls t1000

      River: (t5075) 7 (2 players)
      benislovas bets t2575 all in, Hero??

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      dont like d turn flat …. guess u shud gii on d turn 3bet and if played dis way still river is a call …. dun think he shows u a flush here since hes repoped u ott ….. nor j9 since he was utg …. he may hv q10 …. or higher set but i guess no getting away …..

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      Madan Kumar

      thanks amit. yes given the action i ruled out AQ, KQ.. had no reads as this was very early at the table… but given the action i thought only a higher set can play this way, didn’t think of him making a play with a draw… i flatted the turn hoping the flush completed on the river and opponent checks (again sure he did not have a flush based on the action)..

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      Dont think u can fold with the pot odds you are getting, he cud def show up with some two pairs and sometimes spazzing with AQ and KQ AA KK etc, after I flat the turn I dont fold any rivers in this spot.

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      Madan Kumar

      Thanks for the inputs. I have a few questions, firstly is it too early in the tournament to set mine? should I have 3 bet his pre flop raise? if played as is is fine then folding on the river is +ve EV or -ve?

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      this is obv the right time to set mine…although you got the odds to call here, let’s evaluate the position on the river, you have the absolute bottom set, there are a zillion str8 and flushes out there, I know I am folding 😉

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