Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro’s fantastic comeback at PokerStars

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      Sami Kelopuro, better known at “LrsLzk” and “Larsluzak”, is a living legend when it comes to high stakes poker online. He started playing online poker at a very young age and it didn’t take long before he sat down at the highest NLH tables at PokerStars, different sites on the classic Prima Poker Network and Full Tilt and crushed most players who challenged him. Kelopuro’s career has been booming ever since then and he has also managed to stay quite active throughout the years. This year, however, the Finnish poker pro has been quite anonymous at PokerStars nosebleed tables. In fact, he didn’t start playing anything until April, and in the beginning of August he found himself down $177k and disappeared from the scene.

      Last Wednesday night, however, he was once again back at the poker tables and managed to eliminate most of the August losses thanks to an impressive $149k win against, for example, his fellow countryman Ilari Sahamies. Below you can see how the biggest pot of the night was played out.

      $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha

      Stinger 88 had the small blind, RealAndyBeal ($100) had the big blind ($200. Ilari FIN bet $940, and Lrslzk raised to 2,400. Stinger 88 and RealAndyBeal folded. Ilari FIN re-raised to $8,680, and LrsLzk called. Flop came Ks9d7h. Ilari FIN raised to $16,015, and Lrslzk raised to $64,060. Ilari FIN called with his remaining chips.

      Lrslzk Kh9cQd10d
      Ilari FIN 6d9hJh10s

      Js landed on the turn, and the 8c completed the board. Lrslzk took home the pot of $95,240 with a straight – king high.

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      mohit sharma

      Good comeback after a losing session

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