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      Hello Guys

      My main reason of join online forums is Bad Beats. Every time I m out of the tournament or Sng is that I get AA KK or AK premium hands like these and get cracked every time by rags. KK cracked to small Pocket pair or Ace rag AA get craked to small pocket pair or runner runner flush draw, str8 draw etc. When I get AA I get scared lol . Whenever I play a session AA KK QQ cracks almost every time. Then I look into my hand histories. Did I play this hand wrong no ofcourse not. Whenever I m out of game after losing with premium hands guess who K.O. me. Its a Russian guy 90% every f***ing time. Even hit 2 outer. Sometimes I think pokerstars did something to my account. Nobody can win like this. After losing 8-9 game regular with premium hands no confidence left to play more. Can’t even move up stakes. Many guys had this problem but they solved it like Antilog. I read his article about bad beats. I expect good suggestion advices from Pokerguru pros and good players. Well that’s it thumbs guys and please do reply any suggestion advice tips. Thanks

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      Hi krrishdk,

      Welcome to the PokerGuru community!

      There is no better advice on bad beats than to take them on your stride and move on. Remember AA and KK are not invincible and maybe you will have to re-work situations where you will be committing a shove regardless. Maybe you can avoid this in the early stages of a tournament against multiple all-ins. The strength of the hand decreases significantly against multiple opponents.

      Feel free to post about specific hands on the hand advice section.

      Good Luck!

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