Something wrong with Pokerstars?

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      Not able to log in, plus I see the no. of players playing keep decreasing and tables are filled with sit outs :s

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      PokerStars is currently experiencing some problems with players logging in.
      We are reviewing the situation and we hope to have this fixed shortly.

      We will be considering refunds for materially affected players. “Materially
      affected” means you missed a considerable number of hands and lost a
      significant portion of your chip stack due to blinds and antes. If you
      believe you were materially affected by this issue, please email us with the
      following subject line:

      “REFUND: T#_________, $X+Y, User ID”

      Where “________” is the Tournament ID, “X+Y” is the buy-in of the
      tournament, and “USERID” is your PokerStars User ID.

      For example, “REFUND: T#123456780, $20 + 2, KidJoker”

      For multiple tournament refund requests, please note additional tournaments
      in the text of your email. For example:

      T#123456780, $20 + 2
      T#123456781, $10 + 1,
      T#123456782, $50 + 5

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      damn 😡

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Damn PokerStars is not working 🙁

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      I am unable to login on stars….i hope its not hacked and this is just a temporary upgrade or something.

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      working now 🙂

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      Did Pokerstars crash?

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      its fine now phewww

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