Spartan Poker Bankroll Challenge: Hands Played

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      Poker Guru

      Official discussion thread for discussing hands from the Spartan Poker Bankroll Challenge.

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      Rohit Bhalla

      Hi Guys,

      If you’d like some feedback on hands played at (cash games), post here alongwith hand history screenshot.


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      This is a hand which I played as a part of the Bankroll challenge ( 5/10 blinds). I had pocket kings and was the small blind. The action gets folded to the this guy on the button, who raises it to 50 bucks. Now I had witnessed him call the turn and river with a J4(not suited) the previous hand when there were A, Q, 10 on the board, so I thought this guy would raise with a wide range (like any over card with a small kicker or also an A10). I re-raised him to 130, hoping that he would fold, but he calls. The flop comes AQ7d, and I bet 3/4th of the pot(199)…he doubles it and raises me to 398. Now I had a decision at hand. I had a flush draw as I was holding the Kd and Ad was out on the table and also I had a rare chance of another K showing up on the turn or river. It was also quite obvious that he had the top pair (but i assumed with a small kicker) but still I decided to shove and he calls. He shows AhJs…which means he also has a backdoor straight draw. Bad shove from me, I thought. The turn is a Kc, and the river is a 5h. I had a three of a kind, kings and took the pot down. But should I have shoved all in when he raised me? or Should I have just called his raise at the flop and made my decision to shove after witnessing the turn? Or should I have gone all in pre-flop? Were the odds favouring me (with a flush draw and a pair) or him (with a backdoor straight draw and top pair)? what would have been my best play in this situation both pre flop and post?
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      Rohit Bhalla

      1. Why would you want him to fold pre flop when u re-raise with kings??
      2. 3-bet sizing needs to be bigger, not to get a fold, but to get more value as he’s most likely calling pre
      3. In the hand history link, it says u just called the flop raise and then shoved turn (unlike what u mention here)
      4. After putting half your stack, its an easy get it in situation on flop. No second thoughts
      5. Standard play: Pre-flop – 3bet bigger. Post flop – small cbet to induce and get it in when he raises

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      oh bad, I did call the raise and then shoved all in on the turn. But my dilemma here is should I still call raise and shove when am pretty sure he has the A pair (the best hand on the flop)? As you mentioned in this particular hand I had committed half my stack so shoving is pretty much the standard play, but what if I was still deep and not pot committed? Shoving is still recommended? And whether chasing the flush was the right move (since I knew he had my KK beat)?

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      Rohit Bhalla

      You’ve at least 44% equity on the flop if the best possible he can have there is an ace. Re-raise jamming flop can never be -EV in that case. However if the stacks are much deeper than considerations of pot odds and implied odds also come in picture, but most importantly the actual action and hand ranges will not be the same anymore.

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      Vineet Kumar

      Hand Advice

      I want to seek some general advise from you Mr Rohit.

      How to bet if you have pockets in your hand pre-flop ?

      Pockets also can be categorized into 4 categories : 1) Pocket 2s to Pocket 6s 2) Pocket 7s to Pocket 10s 3) Pocket Js to Pocket Ks 4) Pocket As

      Each of these categories at various position – 1) if you are at Early positions 2) If you are at middle positions 3) If you are at Late positions – Button, Small blind and Big Blind. And in late position if some one had already bet before you and if someone in early position did not bet before you.

      How to deal them to earn the maximum value and not to loose on pockets ? What should be the right strategical bets for each case ?

      id – Dr. NO

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      Rohit Bhalla

      Hi Vineet. If you want to succeed in cash games, you need to think about details specific to a hand or a situation. You should not be going into a session with pre decided generalistic approach. It would be better if you could post a hand history screenshot to provide meaningful inputs. Cheers!

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      Hi Rohit, this hand played out a couple of days back on a 5/10 table. It’s pretty unreal, just wanted to know if I made all the right moves and just got overdrawn or was there a better way to play this?

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      Rohit Bhalla

      Hardly unreal Jayant, you will come across many such all-in situations on a regular basis where one player has FD++ and the other has a made hand. Play seems pretty standard other than the flat call on flop with just 120 behind when he re-raises, you should be shoving there.
      Also might consider 4-betting pre flop with AK more often, especially when playing online. All of this might not have changed the outcome of this hand, but are still important to note to keep making +EV decisions.

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      Will keep that in mind next time, thank you!

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