Spartan Poker Bankroll Challenge

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      Details will be announced soon!

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      Upto 30 lucky players can get an INR 25,000 bankroll on!

      Read all the details here >

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      Name: Prabharan S
      Contact: 9952262518
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: I started playing poker since 2013…Had decent live experience in the cash games for almost a year @poker rooms,Bangalore.. This year 2015 is pretty good for me in tournaments.. Finished 3rd in the IPC, June Main event and 11th in the IPC, Aug main event.. And even doing good at Spartan tournaments regularly and 5/10 & 10/20 cash games… Hope i will be doing good at cash games if i am get staked… thanks.. cheers…

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      Name : Ashok kumar
      Tel. : 8875564000
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker brief so far : been playing cash games on Indian sites and spent sometime playing live in Goa / Bangalore.

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      Anuj Grover

      Name: Anuj Grover
      Contact: +91-9650652295
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:
      Like many others, I started playing poker on Zyanga back in 2010. After that I quickly moved to the real cash tables on Pokerstars and on home games in Bangalore. For more than 2 years my poker winnings contributed to be a major portion of my monthly income. However, I stopped playing after I moved to New Delhi in late 2012, and fell in a trap of an online scam related to transfer of funds from PS account. (Could not figure out a way to deposit/ withdraw funds from PS).
      In between, I have also enjoyed a fair bit of success on cash tables at Germany in the short duration when I was there in 2013/14. And now (Aug, 2015), it has been only a month since I moved back to Bangalore, and I am really excited to see how much the game has matured here. Also really happy to see how Spartan poker has provided a great platform to the Indian players who usually struggle to deposit/withdraw money on PS. I seek your coaching/staking to quickly climb up the ladder in the Indian poker circuit.


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      Name : Sangeeth Mohan
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey : PGT, APT main event championship. Multiple FTs and wins. 2011 Cardplayer India POY.

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      Avadh Shah

      Name: Avadh Shah
      Contact: 09962043935
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:
      Started playing poker in 2011 mostly at campus. Did quite well in the home games there as well as the quarterly tourneys which we had there. Have been up and down on Pokerstars but live scene has been good. Have played in Goa, Gangtok, Berlin and Macau a lot. Finished 3-4 times on FT of Goa and Blore events and have been positive on cash in live scenes. Play mostly 50/100 and 100/200. Seeking the next level in my poker Journey with proper finetuning now.:)

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      vipul jain

      Name : Bishwanath Baheti
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey : Started playing poker with friends in my college days wayback in 2009 in MIT,Manipal with just Inr 100 buyins home games.Went up to 5k buyins there.Then had a good jorney for few months in Casino pride and casino royale in the year 2010-2011.After that i moved back to Kolkata and was not very regular at the poker scene in Goa.My poker journey online was not so good.I deposit 20-30 dollars and could not manage to make a decent bankroll and busted many times.
      Presently i am working on my game and trying hard to just get into ITM on PS.If spartan poker can help me improve my game and guide me.I would surely put in more volumes and would work hard with the team to make my dreams come true.

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      Name- Vishal Surana
      Contact – 9765059193
      Email – [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far : I have been playing mostly online on Indian sites, mostly Adda52, I was the winner of the PGOL champion 2014 title on Adda52, also I have won many tournaments on Adda52, one of the recent once being the 5 lahk PMT in june 2015 where I came 1st and got the prize money of Rs 160000 . Apart from that I have also played live tournaments the most recent one being the IPC August 2015.

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      Sandeep Narayanan-2

      Name : Sandeep Narayanan
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey : Early adopter of online poker in the US (around 2005), former full time cash game grinder on Stars and Full tilt , occasional MTT player – in the Indian context been a semi regular in Goa and ft’ed a couple of IPC events and a deep run in APT.Currently exploring Indian sites such as Adda52,Spartan,Thrill etc. and looking to get back in a more serious way. Good luck to all who are taking advantage of this opportunity.

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      gaurav yadav

      Name : Gaurav Yadav
      contact : 07875090752
      Email : [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far :
      I have been playing poker since 2010. Started playing small stakes sit n gos and cash games with friends . consistent success at these games gave me the bankroll and the confidence to jump stakes . I played regularly at poker clubs in Bangalore as well as online on various sites. I’ve been a consistent winning player for last 5 years . I have hosted a lot of poker games in Bangalore before joining The Poker Lounge as a Manager. currently pursuing my MBA from Symbiosis in Pune where I play online regularly in Indian sites like adda52 and noble aces. I am also starting a poker school of my own where I’ll be training beginners in all the formats of poker along with training them on how to host the games and deal cards, etc . The idea behind The Poker School is to promote this beautiful sport among the urban youth. Adda52 has showed their faith in us by sponsoring us. My future plans are to continue playing poker live and online while pursuing my education and simultaneously give something back to the poker community by educating more and more people about the game so that it is not a stigma anymore and poker as a sport gets the place it deserves in our country .

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      Varun Gulati

      Name: VARUN GULATI
      Contact: 9717666411
      E mail Id: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: I started playing poker couple of years ago with friends and soon started playing online as well. Have been in positive in all indian sites like adda, thrill poker, noble aces etc. On adda i play in the name of varungulati4u and on other Indian sites as vg007 and vg_007. Have won multiple tournaments on the Indian sites and have not played much cash due to non availability of cash game. I played my 1st live event in GOA in for April 2014 in the 25k Main even of Golden Aces tournament. I qualified in the ME through 2.5k satellite and FINAL TABLED my 1st live event finishing 6th Rs. 1 Lac prize money. I have been in profits on all Indian sites and live cash home games. On pokerstars my id is varungulati and have played mostly mtts but with mixed results. On spartan poker my id vg007 is and played very little .

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      Name: Suraj B U
      Contact: 8050322667
      email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: Started with playing Zynga four years back and played until 2013. Played cash at goa couple of times during that period. It was a break even scenario. In Sept 2014 I stared playing cash whenever i visited Bangalore (mostly once in 2 months). Had both ups and downs. Started to improve my game steadily, watched videos, read books etc. Been playing OL too now for quite a while.

      Live History: Tournaments played so far and finishes -> 1. Tilt Poker Series 5k event (Busted) 2. THOS mar 2015 6k event (12th Place) 3. THOS Chip Hop Hustle 9k event : (8th Place) 4. IPC aug 2015 10k event (Busted)

      Online: Have won few tourneys here and there. Yet to make a big mark at the felts.

      I do believe i have a flair for this game and would want to improve exponentially. Would be glad to receive guidance for the purpose.

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      Name: Soham Mukherjee
      Contact: 9999853399
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: Have been playing for quite some time, started playing for real cash 9 years ago, Rocky start , but after the first two years, have been consistently winning year after year, never had a losing year after that, pure cash game player, seldom play sunday storm on PS, started playing INR 1000 buyin, after the first two years went to playing 100/200 10k min in Goa then in Delhi. Currently work as a software dev and solutions architect for a fortune 200 company, playing poker is a passion which I do 2-4 times a week, live in Delhi, 100-200 20kmin/25kmin holdem/Omaha, would like this opportunity to proliferate into Online scene as well, currently play (sometimes) 50/100 or 100/200 holdem/Omaha on pokerbaazi as well.

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      Samay Modi

      Name : Samay Modi
      Contact No : 9769322994
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey – Started with a small bankroll and moved up stakes quickly in live games a few years back. Played a lot of micro and low stakes poker online in the past on Stars and Fulltilt where i have been up and down occasionally. I would like to think of myself as a Grinder and thats also why i am extremely keen on this opportunity.

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      Name: vaibhav lohia
      Contact: 9831186380
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: From the city of Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal..Have been playing since last 2 years..basically play live cash games of 100 200 blinds in Kolkata , bangalore and Goa. Have tried my hands into tournaments and have won a few. Also a regular player at Spartanpoker and adda52.

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      Name: Mukesh Jethwani
      Contact :9130609055
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: I started playing poker since 2011…Had decent online experience in the MTT games specialy. Played lot of cash games and HUSNG on on Pokerstars. Had 2012 and 2014 good year for poker with good profit. I have lot of cash outs since than and could not manage my BR. BR management is one of the my problem i guess. So i am now started strictly playing Micro SNG on PS to boost my BR. I am registered as “jetmukesh” on Pokerstars and Spartan. You can check out my stats on OPR or SharkScope.

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      Name : prashant jain bhutoria
      email: [email protected]
      poker journey: Have been playing poker since 2001… started with cash games. Have played all kind of stakes from high to low and almost all over the world from london to macao to beirut to south east asia.. have been rediscovering myself by changing my styles ,playing online….have been enjoying playing a lot of tounaments lately..former full time online player….recently since a year started playing online again at adda52, khelo365, thrill, spartan , poker stars. This is what i like and im good at….for any further details feel free to contact…and good luck to the chosen one …good times !!!

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      Name: Abhishek Ghosh
      email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: I have been playing poker for over 5 years now. Started it all with some casual in-house cash games with friends. Slowly got into the trending cult of online poker a year later and since then it has been something that I have taken very seriously and always made efforts to develop my game.
      I have played both Live and online with more than decent returns.
      a) Regarding online play, some of the sites where I grind frequently are Nobleaces, aaapokerz, adda52, khelo365 and Spartan.
      b) Throwing light on my live journey, I have played numerous in-house games and tourneys primarily in Kolkata with decent returns.
      c) I was the winner of the ‘First Ever Adda52 Live tournament’ which was organised in Kolkata.
      Stakes I play: Anything between 2/4 to 25/50.
      Average Grind rate: 4-5 hours/Day
      Tournament Preference: Deepstack freezeout MTTs.
      d) Goals: Looking forward to make it big. Would love to get decent guidance from the pros and take things to the next level.

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      Name: Devvrat Himatsingka
      Contact: +919831109845
      Email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: Started playing cash games 9 years ago in 2007. Been mostly playing cash games in the US along with a couple of WSOP tournaments. Moved back to India last year. Wanting to start putting in some volume online. Figure this might be a good way to do so.

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      Name : Prathamesh Sawant
      Contact : +919619309595
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey : Started playing poker at some home games (10/20) with friends a little more than a year ago which later changed to 100-200. Success in the home games afforded me enough bankroll to play the IPC in Jan but did not get any success there. Then played some live poker at other home games in mumbai and online on thrill poker initially and now on spartan poker. Have had a successful stint on spartan where I won the 53k package for the June and August IPC. In August, I bagged 80k worth IPC tickets but still did not do well in the IPC. I did much better in the cash games during the IPC. Staking along with coaching would really help me improve my game and hopefully get some good tourney results so I look forward to the final list.

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      Name: Arindam Bandopadhyay
      Contact: +918981853207
      Email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: I have been playing cash games for more than 4 years now. Started it all from local home games with 2/4 and 5/10 blinds. It started as tool for timepass for me but gradually it became a part of my life. I have been trying to improve and assess my game with every passing day. Looking forward to make it big and learn from the Indian poker giants. Maybe the spartan bankroll booster is the kick I needed.
      I was the 2nd runner up of the adda52 live tournament and also have been successful on the online circuit.
      I am a regular on the websites such as adda52, nobleaces, spartan poker to name a few.

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      Rohit Bhalla

      Please provide your contact number.

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      mudit dayma

      Name: mudit dayma
      Email: [email protected]
      Journey so far: started my poker in my college days in pune. Later after returning back to my hometown in kolkata started playing live cash games n hvnt stopped from der yet. Usually play 50/100 n 100 /200 blinds. Recently played in ipc n got placed in my first live tournament action. So now i want to get used to online game n play my better games.

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      Husain Lakda

      Contact :9011797999
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: Played lots of Live Tournaments in Goa

      1.)1st Place in POKER GURU TOUR in MAIN Event
      2.)1st Place in ACES UNLIMITED in MAIn evenet
      3.)1st Place in DELTIN ROYALE 10k Freezeout
      and lots of Final TABLE.

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      Name : Vinay Suchede
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey: Started by playing ST SNGs on PokerStars. Moved to playing cash games on the same site. Got staked by Rajeev Kanjani for Goa Tournaments in 2012. Binked one PG main event during the stake. Was coached by Intervention in PGMP-1. (Have a few blogs on it during that period) Got staked to play MTTs on stars by Sachin Sinha but terminated it after covering MU as could not give requisite time to MTT’s. Started playing 6-max zoom NL on stars in 2013-14. Gradually moved from 5nl to 25nl (keeping 100bi as base BR and 10bi as shot to next level br). Took a 10bi shot at 50nl. Didnt work out, dropped back to 25nl. Grinded 25nl for most of last year as it is beatable without too much study/work. Got a bit lazy this year and am on an extended break from poker. Your offer is too good to not get up from poker hibernation. Applying herewith. Wish you best of luck in your venture!! cheers!!!

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      aman jain

      Name : Aman Jain
      Contact : +919833926933
      Email : [email protected]
      Poker Journey : Been playing cash games and online poker since 7-8 years. Cashed out in a few PMT tournaments offlate on . Hope to take advantage of this opportunity in the form of a challenge.

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      Name : Vikramaditya Chawla
      Email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey : Been on the business side for quite some time now and been a recreational player. About time to learn and play poker seriously.

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      Name: Siddhant Jain
      Email: [email protected]
      Mobile: 7569992220
      Poker journey: my poker journey like many others started with zynga poker. On my trip to goa with my family in 2011 I realized that I could play live poker and as I did well my trips to goa became quite frequent. Since then I have played cash games in bangalore hyderabad and goa. I always wanted to make a name in poker and my day came when I came 2nd at the IPC JUNE 2015 edition.
      I haven’t played a lot of online poker and I feel this will change soon in case I am selected as one of the top 30.
      Good luck to all

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      Name : K. Raja
      Contact : 9442350505
      E mail : [email protected]

      I am playing poker since 2011 through Poker stars and won Some MTT s in Pokerstars. An I have made money in all indian sites and won lot of MTTs aroud 1.4 Lakhs. I love to play in Omaha cash an MTT games. Already staked in indian site of Rs. 4500 2 months before and now it is 19K Even though lack players and Played max 5/10 tables and MTTs. Hope If I staked I can make atleast 25K during the month. Thanks

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      Phanindra Akkina

      Name: Phanindra . A
      Contact: 91679772327
      Email:[email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:I started playing texas holdem in 2010. Since then i got considerable success in MTTS and cash games(NLHE) on pokerstars, adda52, nobleaces…Achievements include 5th place in micromillions main event, recently finished 4th in micromillions 3.3 turbo 40k guaranteed, a lot of final tables. Coming to indian sites lot of final tables on adda52, noble aces including 1st place in 750 bi 1 lakh guranteed, and 1st place in 2000 rebuy 2 lakhs guranteed. In cash games i found good amount of success at PLO tables on adda 52 at stakes 10/20. I believe this initiative is challeging and would like to be part of it, THANKS!!!!!!

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      sunny sen

      name: sunny sen
      contact : 919433484752
      email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: Recreational (since 2014, high volume Supernova before that) online cash game player mainly on pokerstars and ipoker, reghunting and zoom games upto 400nl and plo, focussed on HU and short-handed games. Top 15 online winner at 100 and 200nl in 2011 and 2012 on stars (source: pokertracking, PTR). Hu-nl coach for TCfromUB stable for <200nl (two-plus-two, 2013-2015), currently run 10 player stable on PS and euro sites with 2 partners. Poor experience with indian sites regarding transparency , withdrawal/deposit etc.

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      Rohit Bhalla

      Great to see a positive response to this Challenge, especially the helpful Bio given by all.

      I have started the process of contacting applicants and framing the shortlist. The whole process should be completed in 3-4 days, and then hopefully we can look forward to the exciting 30 days of cash game action!

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      Contact : 998847959
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: Started playing online on stars starting with 1$ 45man SNG’s in 2012.Since then primarily played mostly on International sites only.With the action picking up on Indian sites was definitely gonna check it out and this competition comes in the perfect time.Shifted to bangalore last year and have been playing live here as well plus adding Goa during the IPC series.

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      Name: Rohit Mittal
      Email: [email protected]
      Playing decent volume online on stars under rohitm9. Played a lot of sng and average buy-in Mtts online. Have been doing fairly decent at live tourneys as well. Ready to put in good volume on spartan.

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      Name: sreekumar n
      Email: [email protected]
      Poker journey: introduced to poker via IOPC – and secured a 10k ticket to IPC. A long wait till Jan ’15 when poker returned to goa, bubbled final table in 12k bounty tournament. Home cash games in Hyderabad and indian sites. 4/36 for ITM finish in the live satty for main event and a 5k ticket from Spartan satellite in Aug IPC. Just moved to Bangalore and looking forward to live tourneys.

      Mobile: 7799828000

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      Anuj Jalote

      Name – Anuj Jalote
      Email – [email protected]

      Story – I completed my studies from IIT Delhi and have worked in multinationals like P&G and GSK. As I gained multifaceted experience through my work-ex and travels, my belief in Poker being a world of great possibilities and opportunities strengthened. I played both online and live and continued to study and work on my game. I have now reached a point where I am confident as a winning player but am not sure if I can break the metaphorical glass ceiling and become a big winner in the years to come. Cash-games have been my focus.

      The Spartan Bankroll challenge is more about proving a point to myself and learning from the pros thereafter than it is about the 25K.

      Sometime back I was interviewed by OPN as an upcoming poker player. The interview can be found here:

      Looking forward to the challenge.
      Anuj Jalote
      +91 95822 89600

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      Gaurav Jee

      Name: Gaurav Jee
      Contact: 7097307525
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: Started playing poker in late 2011 when I was in college, we started with a Rs100 buyin and gradually progressed to 20/40 games. As Manipal was close to Goa, visited the old Royale a few times too, with mixed results. Online hit me in 2013 when I went back home after college, primarily pokerstars. There was a huge learning curve (id : jeegaurav1), lost a lot. But last 1/3rd of my graph makes me almost a breakeven player, although cash has almost always been breakeven have played upto .10/.25. I primarile play HUSNG and then cash, am comfortable with Holdem, Omaha, and Stud. Other sites where I have spent a good chunk of time is FTP(gpj2989) and 888(gauravjee). Coming to Indian sites, Adda52(brabbit337) and deccanpoker(brabbit337)(old khelo365). I have been staked before by fundoopoker and I came in 3rd in a month long staking league at deccanpoker and was awarded a stake.

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      Name: Anuj Arora
      Contact: Skype id – anuj2291
      Email: [email protected]

      Your brief journey so far:

      Have been playing on stars(anuj22) since 2011, have made decent money so far, mainly mtt player but now I mostly play NL 2-7sd and had quite good success in this game. My brag: haven’t gone broke since 2013 because I followed a very strict brm

      EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’ve never been staked before as I never played it professionally.

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      Name : Anand Vijaywargi
      Contact : 9701899917
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far : Accidentally came cross this game on in 2010 (found that link under and from there to zynga and later to PS and few Indian sites. Pretty decent results for me in home games and i mostly play MTT on PS (not much cash game on PS) and very much into live tourney, yet to make a FT in LIVE tourney. I have been a regular visitor to the IPC tour in goa (and other tourney too like Pride golden aces), made few ITM and many close to bubble. Like to take this challenge to get the ” personal one on one coaching and weekly reviews ” from the pros of the Indian poker community to improve my game and correct my mistakes. I feel every person in there life need a Guru or Mentor to guide them, teach them and show the right path and the rest of the things (like BR and Staking) would automatically fall into the right place. Im ready to become a student one more time and get kudos from my teachers.

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      Name : Ronak Agrawal
      Contact : 08383828265
      Email : [email protected]
      Your Brief poker Journey so far : As most of us got introduced to game on Zynga Poker in 2012. Have been playing Cash games almost since that times and also started playing MTTs, Sngs on PS. Looking to improve my game and work on leaks by joining your program as coaching is must to improve in this game. Working on my cash games currently by reading books and watching videos online.

      Would really like to join this challenge and work on improving more.


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      vivek karwa

      Name Vivek Karwa
      Email [email protected]
      Mobile 9920362825

      Hi I have played a lot of cash games from 25/50 to 100/200 in Goa & mumbai I have also cashed the 8th place of PGT event in 7k bounty I had eliminated 8 players looking forward for the mentor & help from the pros thank you

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      Name : Mitul Mehta
      Contact: 9879556088
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:
      Started playing poker in 2010 Did quite well in the home games , final table world gaming festival ,

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      Gurpal Singh

      name gurpal singh
      contact 9811777111
      e mail [email protected]

      i have been playing poker mostly online on poker stars past 3 to 4 years have have few tourney win and lots of ft and few live tournament in the ipc

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      Alok Ranjan

      Name: Alok Ranjan
      Contact: 7045629089
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: I play under the alias of ‘1darkmatter1’ on Spartan and on every major site including PS. Been playing Poker since late 2013, have really picked up steam in the recent months. Very successful in cash games and moderately successful and always improving in MTTs. Was with Pocarr for 3 months so that experience and work ethic gives me a huge edge in MTTs especially on the Indian terrain. Would love to take advantage of this opportunity and move to 100/200 under staking deal. Thanks

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      Rajat Sharma

      Name : Rajat Sharma
      Contact : 9999711234
      Email : [email protected]
      Brief: Playing poker for last couple of years. Notable wins : Tilt ME Dec, Bigger 44 on Stars
      FT: Tilt 10k Dec and Feb, Thos 6 max 3rd Place, Min cash at IPC Jan Bounty event & FT IPC ME June 6th place

    • #38210

      Name: Sriharsha D
      Contact: 9717457858
      Email: [email protected]
      Brief: I have been playing as ‘Indiandurr’ on stars fro and majorly a MTT player. Have around $70K of cashes and chopped many big field tournies. I have played cash games on Indian sites and had reasonable success. Been considering switching to cash games because of my day job and tiresome MTT grinds, would be happy to make money for others as well.

    • #38211

      Name: Sumit Sapra
      Email: [email protected]
      Poker Journey: I have been playing live and online MTTs and cash games for over 7 years now, multiple MTT wins in PGT, IPC, GA across tournament series in Goa and cashes in Macau.

    • #38212
      mayank jaggi

      Name: Mayank Jaggi
      Contact: 9999383231
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far: I started playing poker since 2013…Had decent live experience in the cash games for almost a year @poker rooms,Bangalore.. Have had success at few MTTs in Bangalore and finished 9th in goa Golden Aces tourney 10K buy in in 2014. This year 2015 finished 13th in the IPC, August Main event.. Also had a decent run on cash tables in goa during August IPC….. Won 45K bankroll for IPC August through Spartan poker.

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      Rohit Singh

      Name-rohit singh
      Email- [email protected]
      poker life- started playing this game back in 2007 in bangalore during my college days. In 07 there were limited number of players in bangalore but with in a year the entire group were know to each other than went to goa and as usual had few up and downs. Won tonys etc.
      but i started sailing in 2013, as in i am in merchant navy the game started drifting away but the game was always there. started playing in canada. But due to my work i was able to play like max. 5 hours in a week.
      now again i have time and i am focused, i think this is the best platfrom for me to start all over again.

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      “Newbreeze” on spartan poker
      Name:-Vishal Sarma
      Conatct:- +919986290733
      Email:- [email protected]

      Playing professionally for almost a year now. Based out of goa since a year, major volume being put in Deltin Royale.
      Keen to take this challenge up, as building a bankroll is a major turning point in a professional’s journey.
      Believe that such challenges are essential in instilling discipline and fortitude in the player’s psyche, and go a long way in helping any player’s growth.
      Excellent opportunity to share and discuss with one of the most consistent players in cash games across all stakes.


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      Name: Jayant Alagawadi
      Contact: +91 809592**2*
      Email: [email protected]
      Brief poker journey so far: I rediscovered poker through a month or so back. I used to play weekend poker games with my friends during my engineering days and had forgotten about it ever since. But I never stopped following WSOP through Youtube and used keep myself updated about all the latest happenings. A month or so back I stumbled upon these short documentaries made by on their youtube channel about guys like Ike Haxton, Nanonoko (Randy lew) and Felix Schneiders. I did my part of research and found out that these guys actually make a living off of playing online poker. So I set out to find the best poker site available in the country and enrolled myself in I also came across this documentary named Nosebleed (starring Alex Lanue I guess) and it further strengthen my intuition about giving Poker a serious try. So right now I have decided to give 6-8 months of my life for online poker and then take a call on whether or not to pursue it full time. I have won the daily re-entry (3kGTD) @ quite a few times and it is one of my favourite tournaments. W.R.T cash games you can usually find me grinding at .5/1 or 2/4 No limit holdem tables. I have already made a withdrawl from spartanpoker (quite happy with it) within a month and am steadily building my bankroll. My immediate goal is to utilise the satellite structure at to win myself few tickets for IPC OCT and get some live poker experience!

    • #38216
      Vignesh G

      G vignesh
      Been playing poker for over 5 years now. Although have started taking the game more seriously for about a year and a ahalf and primarily been focusing on cash games.
      I see this as a good opportunity to learn from one of the best and also since having played a professional sport for over 15 years I understand the importance of mentoring and accountability…

    • #38218
      Vineet Kumar

      Name: Vineet Kumar
      Contact: 7696070809
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:

      It has been around 2 years since I started playing poker. Now I have a good experience playing on pokersites like pokerstars, 888poker, adda52, and now spartanpoker. I have won tournaments at 1st, 2nd and 3rd places along with winning in cash from time to time. My latest winning at 888poker are : My id at is “888pokerAKQ”

      Tournament Site Date* Prize*Pool Buy-In Place Won
      $3,000 Guaranteed Turbo R&A 888 Poker Jul 23rd, 2015 1:00 AM $3,900.00 $22 1st Prize – $1,170.00
      The $5,000 Lightning 6-Max 888 Poker Jul 21st, 2015 1:00 PM $5,800.00 $109 2nd Prize – $1,160.00
      The $6,000 Cyclone 888 Poker Jul 20th, 2015 1:20 AM $6,120.00 $66 1st Prize – $1,530.00
      The $5,000 Typhoon – 2nd Chance 888 Poker Jul 13th, 2015 8:00 AM $4,023.74 $55 2nd Prize – $1,026.75

      Started playing on spartanpoker in just a week before IPC August and won 2 satellites for the main event at GOA.

      Need to mention that I was “SHARK CAGE QUALIFIER (SEASON 2)” from INDIA. My video audtion can be seen at the youtube link

      Hope will have a good time at spartanpoker if given an opportunity.

      Cheers !!!


    • #38219

      Name : Martin L Gangte
      Email : [email protected]
      Contact: 8527933626
      Poker Journey: Profit of over $4000 on pokerstars and $1000 on fulltilt. Used to blog for Won the 2013 World Bloggers Championship Main event on pokerstars. Passionate Poker Player.

    • #38220

      Name-amit chopra
      email [email protected]
      contact-91 8904076566
      poker journey-
      1.regular cash game player from 50/100 to 200/500 stakes. tabled few local events like thos,adda52 series,napm in srilanka.

    • #38221
      Toyaz Kumar

      Name-Toyaz Kumar
      [email protected]
      Poker journey- A gambler at heart, poker player by choice 🙂 A regular cash player in Banglore.

    • #38222
      Vineet Kumar

      Name: Vineet Kumar
      Contact: 7696070809
      Email: [email protected]
      Your brief poker journey so far:

      It has been around 2 years since I started playing poker. Now I have a good experience playing on pokersites like pokerstars, 888poker, adda52, and now spartanpoker. I have won tournaments at 1st, 2nd and 3rd places along with winning in cash from time to time. My latest winning at 888poker are : My id at is “888pokerAKQ”

      Tournament Site Date* Prize*Pool Buy-In Place Won
      $3,000 Guaranteed Turbo R&A 888 Poker Jul 23rd, 2015 1:00 AM $3,900.00 $22 1st Prize – $1,170.00
      The $5,000 Lightning 6-Max 888 Poker Jul 21st, 2015 1:00 PM $5,800.00 $109 2nd Prize – $1,160.00
      The $6,000 Cyclone 888 Poker Jul 20th, 2015 1:20 AM $6,120.00 $66 1st Prize – $1,530.00
      The $5,000 Typhoon – 2nd Chance 888 Poker Jul 13th, 2015 8:00 AM $4,023.74 $55 2nd Prize – $1,026.75

      Started playing on spartanpoker in just a week before IPC August and won 2 satellites for the main event at GOA.

      Need to mention that I was “SHARK CAGE QUALIFIER (SEASON 2)” from INDIA. My video audtion can be seen at the youtube link

      Hope will have a good time at spartanpoker if given an opportunity.

      Cheers !!!


      As I want to be selected among 30 players – Spartan Poker Bankroll challenge, I would like to mention that I have taken voluntary retirement from Government Job in my young age of 42 years – just as I am passionate for POKER….and now I have required time to play poker and accept the “Spartan Poker Bankroll challenge” and meet all requirements and stand out among TOP 3 players in the stipulated time period. I am confident to make profit for myself and also to SPARTAN POKER and the sponsor.

    • #38224

      i missed to post my no. Rohit Mittal – 9509077777

    • #38225

      CONTACT: 9910019799
      EMAIL ID: [email protected]
      MY POKER JOURNEY SO FAR: Hey thereÂ…Ive been around the poker circles in Delhi, since early 2011.
      Initially, i was more into playing offline cash games but off late, i’ve ventured into online gaming as well!! I’ve been playing with spartan poker with the phantom name of HUSTLER, since a while now and I can say this with pleasure that I’ve maintained more than a humble bank roll with them!! It makes me extremely proud to talk about my experiences so far!! I started from scratch and its been not just sheer hard work but a decent streak of good luck!! I can gladly declare that POKER is what I’m meant to do and so shall it be!! Its me, my luck, will and the force of habit to WIN that i bring if you stake me to strike gold!!! love & peace!! cheers!

    • #38226

      Yogesh madnani
      From Mumbai
      Have been playing poker for about two years cash games in Mumbai and goa also on spartan poker as rivered007
      Tight aggressive player Believe in making profit so a win win deal for both

    • #38227
      Vineet Kumar

      Dear Rohit ji,
      When you will be finalising the same, please let us know. We thought we will come to know by today evening.. please reply

    • #38228
      Rohit Bhalla

      Hi All,

      We have 59 applicants for this challenge. I’ve already spoken to majority of them and the remaining people I’ll be getting in touch by tomorrow. We will finalize and release the list of 30 participants by tomorrow night or Friday morning.

      Thank you for an enthusiastic response to this unique poker competition and best of luck to all!
      The thread is now closed for new applicants.

    • #38229
      Vineet Kumar

      Thanks Mr Bhalla for the information….

    • #38241
      Poker Guru

      Spartan Bankroll Challenge Begins With 30 Challengers

    • #38250
      Poker Guru

      Spartan Bankroll Challenge: ‘mangesh’ Leads Week #1 Leaderboard, ‘boronyx’ and ‘godfather’ Round Off Top 3 Positions With 23 Contenders Remaining

    • #38251
      Ankit Bajaj

      Name : Ankit Bajaj
      email : [email protected]
      poker Journey : learned the game 5 yrs ago in college & fell in love instantly ! have been playing online on stars ..have about 90k in cashes but not much profits 🙁 hence some guidance and a challenge like this to prove myself and become better at the game would be great, was only part of the last IPC series in goa and other than that participated once in macau for hkd 25k buy in ! thanks to Spartan Poker for this great opportunity, i know i am late by 2 weeks but hopefully i can get a chance now.thanks. Ankit

    • #38257
      Poker Guru

      Spartan Bankroll Challenge: ‘mangesh’ Continues to Lead Week #2, ‘boronyx’ and ‘joka240’ Make Surprise Exit,-boronyx-joka240

    • #38259
      Poker Guru

      Spartan Bankroll Challenge: ‘mangesh’ still at No. 1 after Week #3; Spartan Bankroll Challenge 2 – PLO Announced, IPC Online High Roller on Oct 2

    • #38269
      Poker Guru

      ‘mangesh’, ‘doobmaro’ & ‘godfather’ Lay Their Claim on the Staking Deal by Topping the Spartan Bankroll Challenge,-%E2%80%98doobmaro%E2%80%99-%E2%80%98godfather%E2%80%99-Lay-Their-Claim-on-the-Staking-Deal

    • #38287

      SBC II PLO Week #2: Vidwath ‘Ph03NiX’ Shetty Leading With Profits of INR 80,000,000-

    • #28109
      Poker Guru

      Vidwath ‘Ph03NiX’ Shetty Emerges Victorious in the Spartan Bankroll Challenge – PLO, Makes Over INR 2 Lakhs in Profits

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