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      Been playing for a few months online on FTP and PS.
      Now joining 888 makes me feel the cash games here are easier to beat.

      Was wondering
      1. The best site to start a poker bankroll building.
      2. The game to start with SNG or Cash games.
      3. How much to start with.

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      hey saby,
      smaller sites generally hv fishier players, while bigger sites will hv more grinders.
      888 poker is gr8 place to start ur online bankroll especially with all the pokerguru freerolls u can build one without ever depositing 🙂
      cash games are def better place to start building a roll and i wud suggest to play games where u hv atleast 10 buyins, so if u hv 50$ BR i wud not play any cash game more than 5$ max buyin, tht way u hv atleast 10buyin to sustain variance which is part of the game. I wud suggest starting as low as possible and moving up once u start beating games at each level and following the 10buyin rule, although once u get to higher levels (.25-.5NL) u might wanna hv atleast 20 buyins since when u play with better players variance increases and you wud wanna hv enough buyins to counter the variance.

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      Sourav Roy

      i wnt 2 withdrw some amount frm my account of wht is the proccedure and wht informations are reqrd bout my card??could any one pls hlp me out???

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      Jan Hlobil

      You need to make a small deposit first to verify your account before being able to withdraw.
      It’s best to use Neteller for withdrawing and depositing funds, check out Neteller guide to find out how to open an account.

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      Sanat kaikini

      any1 full tilt players here?

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      any goups playin in Mumbai???

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      FTP nd PS are little tough for beginners go for everest..lot of fish there..but the software sucks

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      any goups playin in Mumbai???

      In navi Mumbai… their is action every weekend..will PM u details soon..

Viewing 7 reply threads
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