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      This is a highly biased game and will not lead you anywhere. You will tend to fold pocket Aces and Kings if you play on Full Tilt.

      From my just over 5 hours of experience I lost 500 USD and within that short span of time I got K quads, Queens Full, K trips and all lost to better hands. I would not want our Indian crowd to loose money by playing on Full Tilt.

      Then I researched and found that 1000’s of people had views like me. Too bad for me I did not do that research before putting money in their accounts.

      Well its not too late …

      Please stay away from Full Tilt.


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      Jan Hlobil

      sorry to hear Saini….but when you are not practicing bankroll management a streak of bad luck will get you broke sooner or later…..

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      Saini…..excellent insight…..specially for newbies…..

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      hey saini,
      I can understand the frustration of running bad and how that can lead you to think the site is rigged. Let me assure that no online site is biased towards any player, actually every site is required to explain their rcg and security for fair play and are strictly regulated. this is the link for fulltilt’s rcg and complete explanation on how it works.
      Saini there is a lot of variance in poker, in a short sample you can run way away expectation or way below, but once you put in enough volume and sample the luck factor should even out (meaning you will get lucky about the same number of times as you got unlucky). You may ask what is a big sample, I have been playing on fulltilt for over 4 yrs and know a lot of other professionals who play there everyday and even though I might have played over 2000 tournaments and over 100,000 hands there, there I still feel even my sample size is pretty small. I have had over 50,000$ downswings on that site but at the same time I have had 50,000$ upswings too, its just part of the game and trust me fulltilt doesn’t gain anything from rigging its site for players form any country. Being the 2nd biggest player in a billion dollar industry there is just far too much for fulltilt to loose if they do anything remotely shady.
      If you go to the site and check you will see they have around 80,000 players playing at any given point of time, obviously some of them will be running real bad and some real good but that’s just how its going to be….

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      Full tilt is definitely rigged… some of the bad beats are unbelievable… people with just one or two outs constantly keep hitting their cards on the turn or river…. i mean if it happens once or twice its understandable…. its not as if I dont give bad beats… maybe eventually it all cancels out… but the POINT is Thats F***ed up…..

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      personally i dont believe in any of the sites having rigged RNG’s or anything like that… though some sites are very tardy with their pay outs and rules regarding pay outs… i believe best sites out there are pokerstars and full tilt… they have the most numbers and have the maximum to loose if they rig them up to favour their pros/players… btw pros play with their own money.. and these sites have no real stake in them… there was a hole card scandal at a site called UltimateBet where one of the software engineers was able to rig the system so he can see your hole cards… but he got caught… and that was the end of that… It would be very difficult to manipulate RNG’s to favour someone… BTW ur quad kings lost??… wow.. that must suck…. but see there is one live WSOP video… quad Aces lose to the Royal Flush… and I know a personal Live Game story where someone lost 1.5Lac INR with quad Kings to someone chasing a gutter ball straight flush… on the river… !!!!
      Thing is to keep jamming them in when u have the best of it … 😉

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      Jan Hlobil

      agree, there is simply no incentive for sites to favor one player above the other. In the case of Ultimate bet it was a company executive who had access to the hole cards and used this to cheat several high stakes players, but got caught and ultimate bet lost a big share of their player base and has invested millions in game security since.
      And bad beats happen all the time, your aces lose 1 out of 5 on average, the key is not to go on tilt and throw good money after bad….

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      Guys none of the major sites are rigged.. The business model of the site is to make money through rake what will they gain by setting you up. On FTP more than 100K ppl are playing at a time why will they target you.

      On FTP there are games that have 1500/3000 $ blinds it will be lucrative for the site to rig that game and leave me and you alone.

      What was your VPIP Sani over the period you lost 500$. The reason i am asking is i was making -1.5 BB/100 hands on FTP over 2 weeks only to realize that recently i had started to multi table and that caused me to sway away from 16 VPIP to 30 + and hence the -1.5BB/100.

      Hope this helps

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      lol nice topic name;]

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      varun soneja

      well u get bad beats everywhere don’t you? i mean, it cant be that from now on only the best hands win! its poker, i had KK, AA beat vs, 77 or 78, but big stacks can take a chance. its hard. but i think its hard on every site. good luck!

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      FTP is far better for grinders…

      Dont put all ur money on one table….
      multitable players allways win in long term…

      If u r thinking only american players are winning then u r absolutely wrong…
      there are far more loosers their… ;D 😀

      Best Regards

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      No site is rigged..although i have never won money on full-tilt ….it is definatelt tough then other sites

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      I have won money in full tilt, but I have noticed that its extremely unpredictable at times

      yesterday I lost a hand where I was a fullhouse 10s full of 7’s to someone who had quads of 7.. lol.

      But one techinique I use is that – in the early stages, I do fold big hands.. I folded suited AK when a player put me all in in the first 5 minutes of a tournament. It’s better to avoid bad beats initially – easier pots to be won :).


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      Simon Mint

      Hi Guys!

      I have been playing online poker on Pokertars and Fulltilt(occasionally) for over a year now and needless to say I am yet to make a profit inspite of spending thousands of hours online. The reasons for my downswing are various and most of them are unrelated to poker. Believe me when I say my offline difficulties that have nothing to do with poker have played a huge part in my poker results.
      I have read the RNG related articles on both their sites and I’m convinced that rigging the game in favor of a few players doesn’t make any sense(even if my cousin thinks otherwise :)). For market leaders like PS and FTP it would be akin to killing the golden goose and I’m sure they are not that stupid.

      Make no mistake it is exceedingly difficult making a living playing poker.
      But what really drives me on to continue playing and trying to improve my game is when I see results from good online players and of special mention is Aditya Intervntion Aggarwal. I have been folllowing him and a lot of pros playing the 2010 WCOOP online and I have a lot of respect for these pros.

      What we need is a good support system to help us achieve our objectives while also enjoying the game. We need a community here in India that can get together and help each other improve our games and become better players.
      As far as I understand there is no shortcut even in a semi-luck based game like HE.
      So here’s to us all winning a million online!!!

      See you at the tables…

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      Anoop Thomas

      well am sorry to head about your bad experience. i have been playing online poker with poker stars and full tilt but u need to understand that its not playing with the best hand but playing the person and the strategy involved. A A is the best hand in poker but never the best hand after the flop while playing . u need to make the opponent into playing his hand and trapping him and the only way u can win is by reading his hand.
      wht you had was a bad streak which many of the people have suffered am sure. am down in poker stars by 5k but i know its my mistake and i didnt manage my bank roll well but i am doing well in full tilt so next time you start playing i would suggest you to learn bank roll management before you go further and frustrate youself. i understand how you feel as i have felt the same.

      hope you have a better experience in the future.

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      OMG.. these guys sucks big time.. Pathetic Customer services. They dont let me add a new card because I’ve already have 3 cards uploaded there. I called them up and they clearly said they can’t help .. Even sent an email and it has been over a week

      Those guys who use VCC (netsafe cards from Banks) stay away from these stupid guys

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      Well i`m sorry to hear that. But sometimes you got some downswing period in poker.. You shouldn played so much money if you saw ,you lose constantly . I bet you got tilted. Anyway hope you will recover your bankroll soon. GL

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      I also have the same experience, I too have lost $300 so far by playing online (with my style play) though I manage to win when I play with my friends.

      I guess the most important part is to manage your bankroll, thats the key

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      Akshat K

      Never had such problem on Full Tilt but then again i quited some ago with it
      I only play at VC and 888 sometimes

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      I have won money in full tilt, but I have noticed that its extremely unpredictable at times

      yesterday I lost a hand where I was a fullhouse 10s full of 7’s to someone who had quads of 7.. lol.

      But one techinique I use is that – in the early stages, I do fold big hands.. I folded suited AK when a player put me all in in the first 5 minutes of a tournament. It’s better to avoid bad beats initially – easier pots to be won :).


      Sound advice Ash …. ideally you should not risk your stack on a preflop race, especially when there is plenty of play left in it .. why would you put your tournament life on the line on a hand which is a coin-flip at best.

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