Sunday Million Hand – What should be my move?

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      Priyank Soni

      Hi Guys,

      This is my first post here and I don’t have hand history with me. However, I am trying best to give complete details as expected in this section.

      Sunday million hand

      Blinds: 400/800

      CO: t22300
      BTN: t34040
      SB (HERO): t24800 (30BBs)
      BB: t6800
      UTG: t26340
      UTG+1: t15900
      UTG+2: t48350
      MP1 (Villain): t35200 (44BBs)
      MP2 : t54060

      Pre Flop: (24800) Hero is SB with A :diamond Q :diamond

      4 Folds, Villain bets 1600, 2 folds, Hero raises to 4800, BB folds, Villain calls

      Flop – A: Heart 7: Diamond 3: Spades

      Hero bets 4200, Villain raises to 8800, Hero Calls 4600

      Turn – 4: Spades

      Villain shoves

      Now what?

      Reads on Villain:

      1. He is a total maniac. From 5/2340 position with stack of 110k he is down to 35k within 3 hands calling all-ins of other with hands like 9 10s, A 9o and such

      2. Raising a lot of pots

      3. I discarded hands like AK, 66+. Because he is always shoving pre-flop against my raise. (As seen in his previous hands)

      Tell me how I played this hand till now and what should be my move to his shove. Tourney life (Million dollars dream) is on line here…


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      if you are up against the agroo- player and catch something like big pair on the flop you should have to bet atleast 3.5x bb preflop, 45% of the pot on flop and if he is still active on the streets then be carefull by just making a continuation bet by betting 70% to 90% of the pot , i am sure id he had card like ax,kx or any two pairs then he will fold to you at this situation as you ahve AQs with flop A73 AND IN turn 4, you are giving him enough space to get his hands on over the streets so try to act differently in every situation. try to represent that you have got a straight on turn that will make an impact on him by going allin on turn

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