SuperStar Showdown: Viktor Blom wins action-filled match against "Terken89"

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      Last Sunday, another SuperStar Showdown was played at PokerStars. This time Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took on Terje “Terken89” Augdal from Norway, and it ended up being one of the most action-filled SuperStar Shodown matches so far. Already in the first hand both players went all-in – Blom with TT and Augdal with AK. Two aces fell on the board and Augdal took a $10,000 lead. However, about 100 hands later,

      Blom was suddenly in the lead with about $7,000. And after 250 hands had been played, his lead had increased with another $10,000, and 50 hands later another $5000.

      When they had played about 1000 hands, Blom was in the lead with almost $60,000. And it only took another 150 hands until he had doubled that lead. At this point, Augdal was running short on cash and needed to double up quickly to stay in the game. After 1400 had been played, Augdal had won back some of what he lost, but he was still $85k behind. But he didn’t get closer than that. After 1561 hands, the Norwegian poker pro only had $8100 left to gamble with. It didn’t take long before both players went all-in – Augdal with AJ offsuite and Blom with 99. The board ran blank and Viktor Blom won another SuperStar Showdown. This is Blom’s 9th win in the SuperStar Showdown. In total, he has now won about $650,000.

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