Sweden: Thieves hijack mobiles to play poker online with your money!

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      In Sweden it’s getting more and more common that thieves hijack/steal mobile phones and use it, for example, to play poker for money online. One of the latest victims for this was a girl from Sweden who had her mobile stolen whilst she visited a nightclub with some friends. Half an hour after the mobile had been stolen, the thief (or thieves) had lost 5 000 sek (about 550 euro) on poker and paid it with her mobile.

      “I noticed that someone had unzipped my bag and though that mobile, wallet and everything else of value would be gone. But only the mobile was stolen,” the girl said in an interview with a local newspaper.

      She went to the police station and reported that her mobile had been stolen so she could block the sim card and get a new mobile with the same number. When she could use her old number again a man from Zong, a company that works with mobile bills, called and started asking questions.

      “I went quiet then asked him what had happened. He told me that money transactions had been made from my number to their company. I was in chock and asked him how much money. He answered that it was 5 000 sek.”

      Since the thieves had access to her mobile they didn’t need any account details or passwords to get the money. And according to the local police station where the girl lives, this is the second case in a very short time.

      “I never heard of it before and I don’t know anyone who has fell victim for it either. When I have told people about it they think it’s crazy that it’s possible to do so just with a mobile number. But people also realize how easy it is.

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