Terken gets his revenge on socutiesf – up $305k since yesterday

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      Lately Terje “Terken89” Augdal has been getting the worst of it playing PLO against Team PokerStars online pro Ta-Chih ‘socutiesf’ Geeng but last night (and into the early hours of this morning) he really brought his “A” game to the tables and is currently over $300k in profit since yesterday lunchtime.

      Although the end of day results show Terken89 with a $94k profit, the action went on past midnight server time and when the games finally wrapped up for the evening Terken89 had added over $200k to his stacks.

      Augdal also had a decent result at the $50/$100 6 max tables, winning almost $40k but it was at the $100/$200 tables that the damage was done where he took over $265k, nearly $250k of which was won in an early hours four tabling session. The biggest loser in these sessions was the high flying socutiesf who logged a -$76k loss for yesterday – although he continued to lose late into the night, including some HU sessions vs Terken89, dropping a further $100k.

      It was from these HU games that the sessions biggest hand emerged. Terken89 is ahead all the way in the biggest pot of the day but socutiesf still had plenty of equity when the money went in on the turn – $124k pot

      These two were not the only players in the $100/$200 PLO games however with other winners including Benny “Toweliestar” Spindler, Ben “Ben86” Tollerene, calvin7v, mTw-DaviN and Lagerborg while GARFIELD25, Fake Love888, RealAndyBeal, nutsinho, Ville Wahlbeck and Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond were among those showing losses from the same games, which ran for around 8 hours in total.

      GARFIELD25 had a bit of a shocking day all around yesterday as he also lost a chunk playing $50/$100 earlier in the day and finished yesterday losing over $150k

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      mohit sharma

      What kind of br these players will have? grrr

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