the BB defend.

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      We had discussed this..but in this case stacks get shallower.
      check it out.

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      Well lots of thoughts especially since I am one of the guys who does this more often than others. We’ll talk a bit more in Goa obv.

      1) With 14/15 BB pot odds are obviously a very compelling reason to call with hands that flop good. This is mainly because we are not deep enough that reverse implied odds is an issue any more esp. against the wide range many initial raisers are gonna have. To compound this its often even reversed because if we have something like 78ss for instance and the flop comes 743 and I donk out small, you wouldn’t be inclined to fold AK would you?

      2) People often become very confused by this and play just plain bad because they aren’t used to this situation and they aren’t really sure what your range might be.

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      Aditya Sushant

      Not recommended obv. Esp not against competent players and nits and against a tight opening range. But yea hands that flop well but u’re not gonna reship probably. Thing is I feel if ur gonna practice this ur gonna have to balance with ur top end ones. Unless, its against clueless, bad randoms everytime.

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      sunny sen

      sounds fundamentally bad, but would love to hear arguments for and against

      ill start:
      against: we dont often(rarely? ) flop good enough defending a wide range frm the blinds

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      well this Q should be broken down into two sub-categories actually..

      one would be against competent villains: where I think it would not be advisable to do this.
      other would be against randoms: where a wide range can be defended. POA post would be to do a stop and go or c/r boards where we hit.

      e.g. I did this with around 13 bb in APT hyperturbo with AJ against a random (who opened from MP) around the FT bubble. Avg stacks were around 12bb. Thought of doing a stop and go but hit the J on the flop and c/r shoved it. The villain folded after putting 60% of his stack in the c/b.

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