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      Germany beats Portugal by one nil courtesy Mario Gomez

      Tonight Spain will battle Italy, I’m supporting spain hope they crush the Italians 🙂

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      Italy FTW

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      England v/s France tonight whom are u supporting!!

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Go France

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      Two big matches coming up for me tonight & tomorrow, first Czech Republic vs Greece, which the Czechs have to win to make a chance to reach the next round, and tomorrow The Netherlands vs Germany, two rivals and Holland has to win this too otherwise they can pack their bags and go home, after they clowned it up against Denmark.

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      Germany beats Holland i guess Holland are done for the euro cup

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      Fernando Torres is back in sublime form as Spain beats Irelands 4-0

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      It went all real quick, time for the semis Spain v/s Portugal and Germany v/s Italy

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      Spain FTW

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Go Spain 🙂

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      No Italian fans in house

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      Spain Vs Italy Promo – Euro 2012 Final

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      Who will rule Europe for the next 4 years?

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      Simon Mint

      Would have said Germany but their defense sucked big time for the 2nd big tournament in a row. I would pick Italy only because if they can get the first strike they can defend like no one else.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Spain is going to be the Champions 2nd time in a row.. GO SPAIN

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      It was a great trip for Spain though a match by which they won with relative ease. I also liked the Italian team but I am not quite sure if they were able to give a competitive match considering how tired they all looked add to that the idea that they were really out of gas and seemed to be not in complete focus just like that. Would have preferred to watch the Portugal match instead.

Viewing 15 reply threads
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