The Poker Player’s Championship (50k buy-in): 29 players through to Day 4

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      Day 3 of the $50k buy-in tournament has come to an end. There are plenty of big names left in the remaining field of 29 players – Phil Hellmuth (picture)

      Gus Hansen, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Berry Greenstein – just to mention a few. Chip leader is Josh Arieh with a 1,819,000 stack, and in second place is Brian Rast with 1,633,000.

      Play will resume tomorrow at 3 p.m. PDT, and be played down to a final table where some serious cash is up for grabs. Below are the Day 4 Table and Seat Draw.

      Table, Seat, Player, Chips
      284 1 Matt Glantz 259,000
      284 2 Phil Galfond 47,000
      284 3 Barry Greenstein 440,000
      284 4 David Baker 277,000
      284 5 –empty– —
      284 6 Phil Hellmuth 1,174,000
      284 7 Michael Binger 274,000
      284 8 Josh Arieh 1,819,000

      286 1 Scott Seiver 1,137,000
      286 2 Jon Turner 948,000
      286 3 Brian Rast 1,633,000
      286 4 Doug Booth 158.000
      286 5 Yan Chen 887,000
      286 6 Shaun Deeb 876,000
      286 7 Owais Ahmed 156,000
      286 8 Alexandre Luneau 251,000

      296 1 Jeffrey Lisandro 330000
      296 2 George Lind 1,304,000
      296 3 Gus Hansen 774,000
      296 4 –empty– —
      296 5 Robert Mizrachi 500,000
      296 6 Marco Johnson 570,000
      296 7 David Oppenheim 159,000
      296 8 Minh Ly 715,000

      298 1 Sebastien Sabic 550,000
      298 2 Ben Lamb 582,000
      298 3 Jason Lester 948,000
      298 4 Rami Boukai 208,000
      298 5 Sebastian Ruthenberg 625,000
      298 6 –empty– —
      298 7 Roman Yitzhaki 429,000
      298 8 Vladimir Shchemelev 1,181,000

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      The Poker Player’s Championship: 13 players left

      Day 4 of Event #55: The Poker Player’s Championship is being played at the moment. The tournament is on a 15-min break right now and there are only 13 players left. Chip leader is Brian Rast with 3,3 million chips, and in second place is Owais Ahmed with 2.2 million, closely followed by Minh Ly.

      Ben Lamb, Phil Hellmuth and Jeffrey Lisandro (picture) are the biggest names left in the remaining field of players. We will return with an update as soon as the tournament is down to a final table. Stay tuned, folks!

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      The Poker Player’s Championship: 3 players left – Hellmuth in 2nd place!

      The Event #55: The Poker Player’s Championship final table is running at the moment. There are 3 players left: 11-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, 2011 WSOP bracelet winner Brian Rast, and Minh Ly. Brian Rast is in the lead with 9,5 million chips, Phil Hellmuth is in second place with 6,8 million, and Minh Ly has about 2,8 million.

      Ladies and gentlemen, it’s getting extremely exciting! All players are guaranteed at least $665,763 each. The winner will get $1,720,328 and the coveted gold bracelet, and the runner-up will get $1,063,034. Personally,

      I hope that Phil Hellmuth will win his 12th bracelet and take home the biggest cash in his career.

      We will return with an update as soon as a winner has been crowned! Stay tuned!

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      Its Heads-up between Brian Rast V/S Phil Helmuth

      Chip Counts

      Phil Hellmuth – 14,360,000
      Brian Rast – 4,840,000

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      Phil Hellmuth had the button, and raised to 400,000. Brian Rast called, and the dealer fanned jd9d10s . Rast led for 500,000, and Hellmuth moved all in.
      Rast stood up. “I’m sorry Phil, I have the nuts. I call.”
      Rast: kcqc
      Hellmuth: 8d2d
      “One more fade!” Rast’s rail chanted. “One more fade!”
      The turn was red 5h, but the changed nothing. Hellmuth couldn’t look, Rast had his head in his hands, and the room fell silent.
      The 8s completed the board, and ended the tournament.
      Rast’s friends jumped over the wall and onto the stage, jumping up and down in celebration. After things calmed down, Rast and Hellmuth shook hands.
      “If I were you, I’d tip that dealer a million,” Hellmuth told Rast.

      Hellmuth will have to settle with a third runner-up finish at the 2011 World Series of Poker, and of course his $1,063,034 in prize money.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Come on Phil even with a 4-1 chip lead how can u let the bracelet go again…………

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