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      Full Tilt Poker Game #29556270835: $12 + $1 KO Sit & Go (229794425), Table 9 – 150/300 Ante 25 – No Limit Hold’em – 17:47:47 IST – 2011/04/02 [08:17:47 ET – 2011/04/02]
      Seat 1: Nidurr1 (7,120)
      Seat 2: vsavas (10,785)
      Seat 3: vaughanie89 (4,290)
      Seat 5: AmaRvet (4,873)
      Seat 6: cylovepoker (9,231)
      Seat 7: ID00091 (32,492)
      Seat 8: allmightyamd1 (6,000)
      Seat 9: foxhu (3,586)
      Nidurr1 antes 25
      vsavas antes 25
      vaughanie89 antes 25
      AmaRvet antes 25
      cylovepoker antes 25
      ID00091 antes 25
      allmightyamd1 antes 25
      foxhu antes 25
      vsavas posts the small blind of 150
      vaughanie89 posts the big blind of 300
      The button is in seat #1
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to Nidurr1 [Ad Jd]
      AmaRvet has 15 seconds left to act
      AmaRvet calls 300
      cylovepoker folds
      ID00091 raises to 666
      allmightyamd1 folds
      foxhu folds
      Nidurr1 has 15 seconds left to act
      Nidurr1 calls 666
      vsavas folds
      vaughanie89 folds
      AmaRvet calls 366
      *** FLOP *** [Jh Kd 6c]
      AmaRvet checks
      ID00091 bets 799
      Nidurr1 calls 799
      AmaRvet calls 799
      *** TURN *** [Jh Kd 6c] [9d]
      AmaRvet checks
      ID00091 checks
      Nidurr1 bets 5,630, and is all in
      AmaRvet has 15 seconds left to act
      AmaRvet folds
      ID00091 folds
      Uncalled bet of 5,630 returned to Nidurr1
      Nidurr1 mucks
      Nidurr1 wins the pot (5,045)

      AmaRvet had limp-called a lot of hands before this, so he shows up with a big hand pre very rarely. I’m not sure if this is the right play here, in terms of value extraction on a draw heavy turn. I was pretty sure I was ahead of both their ranges here. Feedback, please?

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      Reshove i might be horribly wrong here but if you are ahead make a callable bet….. having said that if he has limped a lot he can hit a miracle 2 pair kind of hand on the river so you should protect ur hand…. how was this donk playing was he chasing or seeing a lot of flops… if he was chasing then you could make the bet callable and hope to hit ur river draw….

      Having given all the gyan i think this hand needs review from the experts 🙂 really tricky to say what should have been done for value extraction…..

      Guys i was just thinking aloud dont take this as any advice….

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      Aditya Sushant

      Hmmm tough spot..ur left with a pretty awkward stack size. I like the shove actually…left to me I would either shove or check the flop and value bet a blank river and v bet if i improve. If u do decide to bet the turn, I think anything less than a shove wuld be bad cause u’d be left with next to nothing..pot is decent enough for u to shove imo

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      I fold on the flop or raise. think calling is the least best option on the turn.

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      I fold on the flop or raise. think calling is the least best option on the turn.

      He did not call on the turn ?

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      As DagNasty said .. prefer a small raise to see where you are on the flop and isolate rather than call specially with two players .. agree with him that if you are sure you were ahead it is poor play to allow two players a cheap card and I do not see how you can rule out one of them having a King.

      Your bet on the turn correct in my opinion regardless of whether you are ahead as it puts pressure on a weak King and you have plenty outs any J A or diamond. It also prevents them raising you and putting you to a difficult decision (which is the reason I believe you did it).

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