Tom "durrrr" Dwan answers questions about FullTilt!

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      Right after the breaking news yesterday, Tom “durrrr” Dwan has been answering questions about Full Tilt Poker on TwoPlusTwo poker forums.

      “About time the DOJ did this. I’ve been under NDA the whole time (friend’s $$, not my own and they have way more) so I couldn’t say anything about these kind’ve specifics… but I was constantly pissed that the DOJ didn’t make this public.”, Dwan told yesterday.

      Dwan says that he will keep his promise about paying $1M back if Full Tilt Poker is not paying all the money back to players.

      Dwan also thinks that sponsored pros should give back “as much as they can” for what they were paid, and he is going to pay all back:

      “I don’t think people should be profiting from a situation that involved tons of people being defrauded.

      I don’t think the people who were paid $50K/year and needed it to eat should give back much (although some peanuts would be nice and a good gesture), but I do think the sponsored pros should be giving back as much as they can for what they were paid since the company was insolvent.

      If I had been with Full Tilt Poker for 5 years I wouldn’t be giving back all I was paid, only for the last year or so, but since I have only been there 20ish months, it seemed right and easier to just give it all back”, Dwan tells.

      In addition to these, Dwan has answered much more question about Full Tilt Poker, and you can view them here

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      vishal nayak

      This is called sportsmanship…what a gesture

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Poker is more than just money!!

      Great jesture but on a diff note the brand of these players is valuable and more than what they are paying back.IMO its a smart choice!

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